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Hi there.

I posted some questions to the support page last week but haven’t heard back. Is there a day of the week or month when your team responds to queries so I can plan ahead?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Nick, which support page did you lodge a request on? I don’t see any other comments from you and the comment thread is our only support page. What can we help you with?


I just purchased the theme, followed the documentation to the “T” and I am not getting a site that looks even remotely close to your demo. I believe it is because there is no page builder templates that come with the theme.

Is that correct?

Thank you,


Hi Zack, Pagebuilder templates do come with the theme. There should have been a content folder that contained an XML file, a settings file and slider files. All of these demo content files are included to create the demo site from.

Jump onto our profile page and use the contact author to send through your URL and login if needed.

I am planning to purchase either the Trade or Selfy template. Can you tell me if the “Read More’ button in the sliders can connect to a page. Clicking on both of them in your demo either does not work or takes me to the blog section (Trades). I really like the design and simplicity of these themes because they work well for my financial consulting business. Darrell


Hi Darrell, the button in the slider can take you where ever desired, you can manually insert any URL.

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Hi, does the theme support youtube videos also. as when i am trying to integrate my Youtube videos they are not playing but the vimeo videos are playing smoothly. Please help


Yes, the theme does support youtube videos. How are you integrating youtube into the post?

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Hi, is there a problem with wordpress 3.9.2? Since i updated my Version, for example the slider is no longer shown.



Hi, we have tested Trades with WordPress 3.9.2 and it is running without any problems. I have also replied to your support mail :)


could i add boxes or sections that list a category of the blog instead all the news… i want to build a homepage with, beside the rest o the info, two or more sections with different post categories… in case i could do it, do you have a screenshot of how it could be seen?




Hi Peteer, you can create a category page that displays posts from a single category instead of all the news categories: http://themecanon.com/themes/trades/blog/category/timeline/

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Hi, Which of the available widgets is the one who allows user to get the latest news by email?


Hi, we use a free plugin called Mailchimp for WordPress

What is the code for a featured video template in Pagebuilder using youtube?


answered your question above and via email

Have no idea what is so difficult to understand. So I try it once again:

What I mean: There is a predefined template in Pagebuilder called “Featured Video”.

The created embeddable media code is: <iframe src=”//player.vimeo.com/video/64742893” width=”500” height=”281” webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>

I want now to embed a video hosted by youtube: The regular link is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blbXSnmzxrg

No comes my simple question: What is the embeddable media code for this youtube video?


Unfortunately your answer did not work again.. So for all your future clients that will not loose their patience thanks to your great designers: here is the solution that worked for me at the end: Don’t check share like mentioned above but check embed that’s all

anyway as a team your do a great job just let’s hope for your company that the designers won’t find a better job…

all the best Gerry from Austria


It is now – at least here in Austria/Graz around midnight (SUNDAY) .- but TeamCanon saved my A.. So I really can recommend this theme. Support is defentely guaranted by this team. For sure not everthing is perfect so far, but which theme is really perfect – the topic is just too complicated.

So, ThemeCanon Thanks for your marvelous work Gerry


Thanks Gerry, Sorry if we weren’t clear on our advice, we did say “Check share, then embed”. For others the process Youtube requires is to “Check share, then embed” you can not access embed without first clicking share.

Hi, there again!

Well, I learned, that to set up a simple Photo Gallery is pretty tricky. I have to create for each photo an idividual post with a featured image. these posts have to be added to a category that will then be used as “the photo gallery”’s category. Then I can use the Gallery Template of the PageBuilder …

Ok I went this strange way. But where can I configure the Gallery now. I mean where can I change the effect, the thumbnail size etc.

When I go the other way and create a simple wordpress gallery your theme makes it impossible to see the caption of the pics.

When I install just another lightbox plugin, each click on a thumbnails produces 2 different modal windows.

So please, any kind of help would be highly appreciated. Gerry


Hi ma-topalliance2014, on your gallery page you will have page settings for the gallery in which you can configure your gallery, gallery style, open in a lightbox or got to posts, what categories to display etc. See this screenshot: http://monosnap.com/image/zruydAS0B755572EjzMktOl1FWukn2

Hi there!

Is there anyway to make the site not as wide? I would like my content to be in a smaller width.

Thank you!


Yes, add the following to your Final Call CSS in the advanced tab:

.wrapper {
    max-width: 1020px;

Hi, on my website I have a news section: http://www.verkeersonderzoeken.nl/nieuws/.

When you click “Load more posts” some posts that aren’t in the checked category “news” are displayed.

Is this a bug? Because only the category “news” is checked for this page.


Hi, yes this is a known bug – we have already worked out a fix and will include it in an upcoming update. If you need the fix fast please send us an email through the email form on our profile page and we can walk you through it :)


This theme loads very slow on my site! http://www.vvs-dagene.no/

Do you have any suggestions to fix this problem?


I notice you have a bunch of javascript errors/notices alerting you that some of the theme resources can’t be loaded (fonts). You need to determine why that is and fix it. That could be part of the problem. :)

On Pagebuilder my blocks all show but I can’t add any… they’re greyed out.

Any ideas?


Hi chunkyfrog,

This is the first we have heard of an issue like this. Can you use the contact author form on our profile page to email us your web address and temp login details please.

Regards, Theme Canon
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I have messaged


thanks, we have replied ;)

Hi, there! How can I deactivate the default lighbox plugin installation created by your theme? The issue: When I install for example the SimpleLightBox plugin, both Lightbox-Plugins pop up clicking on a thumbnail that is part of a image gallery created by the wordpress core functionality not by at least for me strange approach of creation a post for each simple pic of a gallery…

a prompt reply would be great Gerry


Hi, if you open up the file trades/scripts.js on line 156 you will see a section called Fancybox init – try and delete this section. This solution has not been tested in depth however so it is “use at own risk”. :)

Regards, Theme Canon
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