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Great work!

Good luck with sales :)


Thanks! I appreciate the support.

h4wkmoon Purchased

i tryed today on my server and no problem and this theme works fine with Wordpress 3.0.1


Thanks. Yes it works with WP 3 .0.1. That’s the same version the demo site is running on.

Quick question, does the Wordpress version contain the HTML template as well?

Amazing theme!! Awesome support!

hi there

would it be possible to have a video play on the Home Page Feature Slider area? thanks.


It’s possible. The slide show code is built to allow any HTML , but the theme options for setting up the slide show are only designed to show images. You would have to do some code modification or manually create your slide show.

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Hey, Love the theme and love the work you have put into it. I do have one question that I was hoping you could help me out on. I for some reason cannot get my slideshow to work right. I am trying to get images to appear, when I use the default cycle, so I can have the overlaying title and description. However I can only get the images to appear if I use the gallery view or the nivo setting. I have tried going through all the read-me files but everything from there I have tried and not been successful. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I feel like I am missing some detail somewhere.


Glad to hear you were able to get it working.

mkkenya Purchased

I seem to have solved my problem. Thanks again for the great theme

2 Questions.

Does this theme use the timthimb script? I hope it doesnt.

Secong thing. I cant preview the theme

I get this


You don’t have permission to access /themes/traject-wp/ on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. Apache mod_fcgid/2.3.5 mod_auth_passthrough/2.1 mod_bwlimited/1.4 FrontPage/ Server at para.llel.us Port 80


It does use timthumb. Not sure about the error accessing the demo.

Virtually perfect!



Awesome theme, Good luck for sales :)


Thank you.


You know if user clicks logout wp-login.php?loggedout=true will it jumps to the default WP logout page or this theme will show up?

regards, Will


For me, font styling is one of the best visual things in the theme. Unfortunately I must “Enable the use of font replacement to allow custom fonts for headings and titles” because I’m using some not supported characters (catalan Ç, È,À,Ò, mainly)

So now I’m having a very common and not so interesting font styling website

Will be an update solving this ? Any workaround if not ?

regards, tomeu


You can try updating the Cufon file to include these characters. The links to the Cufon website and the fonts are in the help document. I try not to include a lot of special characters in the default Cufon file because the more glyphs it uses the slower it loads.


I will try Thanks Parallelus for the fast response

Is there any better service than yours ? I’m sure there is not

Regards, Tomeu

Hello Parallelus.

was wonder if you could email me a screen shot on how you build the mega menu system having some trouble also a screen shot with the drop down showing images,,




running into a little bug.. kinda figured out the meniu system but running into another issues.. when i make 5 sub menu’s they freeze and i can no longer move them.. I’ve tried logging out, tried safari, Chrome and my PC and my MAC once it’s frozen i have to delete the whole menu and do it over again…



Yes, that’s been fixed. I uploaded the new files and they were approved last night so you can download the update with the fix from the downloads section now.

You’ll need to replace the entire “theme_admin” folder or just replace the entire theme folder if you like.



thanks…. going to reload the theme… One more request could you please add tabs and galleries to your next update i really need tabs within pages or can you recommend a good plugin..

again thanks for the great support will definaltley buy from you again ..

I added this theme to my blog and it made my blog stop working! Now im just getting an internal error! austinbarton.me/blog

please help!


The public site seems to be working (http://austinbarton.me/blog/). Where is the error?

Putte Purchased

I’m having “little” difficulties with the font you have chosen to the Cufon fonts. It is not containing any of the nordic characters. It means that you cannot creat the font with the Cufon fontgenerator either, due to lack of character support in the font itself.

I´ve tried to use some other fonts that I’ve used in som other websites, bit they don´t work either bacause of the “hardcoded” fontassignment.

Any Ideas What to do?

Othervice the template is really nice :-)


If you have already added the JavaScript reference to your new Cufon file, and removed the 2 references to the font included from “header.php” you just need to update the Cufon call to remove the font specific call. The code beginning on line 80 of “header.php” needs to be changed to:

    Cufon.replace('h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, #fancybox-title-main');
    Cufon.replace('.pageTitle, #Showcase h1, #Showcase h2, #Showcase h3, #Showcase h4, #Showcase h5, #Showcase h6');
    function modalStart() {

Hi, Outstanding theme!!! I will likely buy in next few days.

Firefox is perfect, but, on IE, the right side slider arrow is off the screen; theme is too wide? Is this my settings?

Firefox is perfect, but, the smoothness in Firefox is slow and jumpy on IE vista? BTW -all the themes behave like this-not just yours. Why is this?

Thank you, j

Hi, I tested your nivo home slider, on two IE computers it was blank. My previous post spoke to the behavior of IE, not AD’s WP themes. j


just getting into the them and running into issues with mega menu again .. when you hover over the menu nothing happen i nee to click the heading and then the menu pulls down wondering if there a bug in the update…


also i think there’s issue with row break … I cant get the same spacing you have in your demo.. www.anoplus.com



If adding extra headings in the same row, place a break tag

<br />

Add it just before the title text to give the spacing. There isn’t a way to get the look just right with margin or padding pre-sets for the titles without a big gap at the top in some browsers. The break tag does the trick.


thanks but still having issues with hovering over the menu”s


It looks like you don’t have any images in the slide show. That can be a problem sometimes.

Also, I’m not sure if that is causing this problem or not but you have some javascript errors happening on your home page. Looks like you may have made some modifications to “header.php” or “index.php”. The menus are only having issues for me on the home page where the javascript errors are occurring on your site, but not on the internal pages.