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seh1970 Purchased

hi, how can i insert/edit the google map? shortcode? next i have problem with the transforms-contact widget. after filling out field2/description2 it doesnt work and the content failed


I already explain in the help file Please use the shortcode manager to put the shortcode in the post editor

when you select contact from the list of shortcode manager it will show you the two field to put the latitude and longitude of your location

and field2/description 2 working well Please Pm login detail of your wp , let me check any other problem Pm me

seh1970 Purchased

sorry but i have to finish my website and i choose another template. for me there a too much failures and shortcode problems, in some cases too complex too change something. 3 stars for the temp and the good looking if it works…

Hi … i have been slowly getting your theme up and working for me. A lot of the issues I am running into I have figured after reading through the comments here.

However, I have run into one issue so far I have not been able to get working. I am using map short code on my contact page but it won’t load when I go to the page (you can view here http://drtvproductioncompany.com/contact-us/).

Any suggestion on what might be happening wrong. So far here is the code on my contact page:

[map lat=”34” long=”-80”/]

[contactform sendto=”info@canvasfilms.com” /]

thanks for your help.

put them int the raw shortcode
[map lat=”34” long=”-80” width="560" height="200"/]
[contactform sendto=”info@canvasfilms.com” /]

Please Pm me your detail i will fix in next 24 hours

Well the raw shortcode worked in fixing the size of the box and alignment … however … i still just get the loading screen for where the google map should be:

jstreet Purchased

Can we get the theme version updated whenever the theme is updates/uploaded here. I never have any idea if I’m on the latest version or not. It would be nice to not have to download and install the latest file here (without a changelog or list of what has been changed) and possibility introducing issues that aren’t currently an issue.

momay Purchased

Hi, I purchased the transform theme from you and have this question. I don’t see any recent projects thumbnails? How did I get the thumbnail photos to show up? I have the slider, and when I click I see the video. But there is no thumbnails pic there?



Please check the permission of your cache folder(present in js folder ) it should be 755 , i already mention it in the help help

otherwise also try to empty the cache folder

Hi … running into one more issue. I am trying to do sub menu on my services page like you have but I can get any of the pages to load. (http://drtvproductioncompany.com/services/)

Here is my shortcode code:

[service_tab heading =”Canvas Films Services”]

[li name=”Pre-Production”/]

[li name=”Production”/]

[li name=”Post-Production”/]



[tab] enter the content for tab one [/tab]

[tab] enter the content for tab two [/tab]

[tab] enter the content for tab three [/tab]


Any advice would be appreciated.

thanks in advance.


the content not put in the tab shortcode put it into the [service_content]

like this

[service_content] enter the content tab1 [/service_content]

and so on

Hi, I love the Transform template you designed, it’s very modern and clean, but there’s two problems I can’t seem to fix. I can’t get the Facebook social icon to work. The Facebook ID is “gorden.cheng” but the hyperlink goes to http://www.facebook.com/pages/enter%20your%20facebook%20id

Also, is there an easy way to make the tiny social profile icons in the header area larger?

Thank you!


Put your id like this ( it is url after the http://www.facebook.com/pages) in the fields Gorden-Cheng/685279472

it will work and for the social icons you can replace the images from the images/social folder and edit the

right_info ul li img { width : somepx ; height : somepx; }

udirect Purchased

On the 4 column portfolio page when a post has more text than the excerpt size it is supposed to add a ”...” so that people know there is more and it doesn’t cut off in the middle of a sentence.

Anyone know how to get that working? I saw that there is code in the fuctions that should do it but I don’t know how to fix it.


Last question … I promise … :-) Under portfolio I have added may pages to that but can’t figure out how to change the sub heading. It says Portfolio and then next to that is the gibberish Lorem ipsum dolor set atsonic (see example at http://www.drtvproductioncompany.com/portfolio/lifestyle-lift-naturalyn/)

How do I change the gibberish part … I see where to do that on main pages, but portfolio pages I can’t figure out where to change that text.

thanks for all your assistance.

please ignore above question … i found where that is :-)


ok , any way the filed was available in theme options panel

pessetti Purchased

Hello! I´m bought your theme. Congratulations! But, I’m having problems related to the thumbnails. :stress:

See the test address:

Here are my settings in Slider Manager: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/33914139/001.png

And here are my settings Tumbnails in the pages of Project: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/33914139/002.png

The paste /js/cache is CHMOD 755 and I’ve done tests cleaning, but still the error…

Please. Help me!

Tks Pessetti


i reply please check your mail

I’m surprised that the theme buttons do not use sprites!

question before buying – is is possible to have the top level menu change background color while hovering?



You can do it with help of css , my theme not provide this type of options

Hi, I have an issue with this theme. Surely ‘projects’ is the same as ‘portfolio’, the only difference being that ‘projects’ can be pulled into a sider using a shortcode. Adding items to ‘projects’ and ‘portfolio’ would surely cause duplicate content and a major SEO issue… Is there a way to have the ‘recent projects’ shortcode pull in the information from the ‘Portfolio’ instead of the ‘Projects’. Adding the items twice does not make sense.

EDIT : I have resolved this by changing the post type to ‘portfolio’ in the myshortcodes.php file. The recent projects slider will now pull its posts from the ‘portfolio’ instead of the ‘projects’

upon uploading the .zip file Wordpress asks me if I’m sure I want to do this and tells me to try again, I went into the file and uploaded an inner .zip file and it failed for it not having a style.css file.

Anyone deal with this?

Never mind my last comment, after the 30th time of doing the same thing Wordpress liked it.


Is there help if the shortcode generator does not show up in the blog post section?

graphus Purchased


Thanks for your great theme. However I have some urgent issues. I couldn’t find xml file in zip file. I can’t see any images on help.html

I tried to use services, tabs and projects, testimonials shortcodes but none of them are not working.

Please help me. I definetely need to see the site same as your demo and then I can edit contents by myself. Could I email my admin details to you?

Thanks. Muge

graphus Purchased


Thanks for xml file. but I still have an issue. Please have a look at the site: http://www.lordswoodconstruction.co.uk/


its look ok i think the problem has been solved ?

Hi, tabs shortcode is not working to insert tabbed content into a content area (page content or post). Please advise on correct implementation, currently I am using: start_tabset.../tab.../tab. This is urgent, website is going live.


Please don’t forget to install the plugin for tabs which is available in the theme package