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d_arias Purchased

Hi Tantan,

My last PS version is and my last transformer version is v 3.2.1. I would like to change several things.

1) Update to PS 2) Update to Transformer 3,2.8 3) Update to Theme 14 (Olive , creative). I was loking for a video for this theme but I can’t find it. 4) Product image bigger , is it possible?

Thank you very much.



Backup your existing site files and database before starting any upgrade.

1. Use the “1-Click Upgrade” module. Turn off these options “Disable non-native modules” and ”Upgrade and swith to the major version default theme” before starting the upgrade.

2. Follow this video guide to upgrade your theme http://youtu.be/gSFBM3Bya70

3. I will create a video soon.

4. Yes, go to BO > Modules > Theme editor > “Product pages” tab > Turn on the “Enable big image” option.

Good Morning, my query is about sticky menu where you change color I can ?? This transparent and wanted something that was of black color … parameters are well ?? because I can not any change I am looking forward to your response Thank you



It seems that the /themes/transformer/header.tpl file you are using is not from the latest version. Can you please send me the file via email so I can check what’s wrong.

You send an email, thanks for the help.

you send an email. You can check it urgently please. Thank you for your assistance.

hello , before buying wanted to know if the theme is translated into Italian side front-end and back-end ? thank you


Yes, the theme comes with a Italian translation pack which was provide by a customer.

Hi, I am working on my blog & I wish to use the ‘Gallery’ format for most of my posts, I like the slider on the blog post pages but I find it annoying when viewing the blog categories. Is there a way to have the gallery on the blog post, but have a static image showing on the categories?


You got to edit one theme file. If you are display posts in grid view, then you need to edit the \modules\stblog\views\templates\front\blogs-list-grid.tpl file. Replace this code
{if $blog.type==2 && isset($blog['galleries']) && $blog['galleries']|count}
{if 0 && $blog.type==2 && isset($blog['galleries']) && $blog['galleries']|count}

This worked perfectly, thanks for you help & quick reply.


TeaHaus Purchased

Hi, I was wondering what information is being pulled into the ‘top seller slider’? I tried to find the info without success. Is it possible to select various categories to pull the info from and where would I do that?


The “Top sellers slider” module gets products from orders which were marked as “Shipped”. Unfortunately, you can not manually pull products into the module.

Hello. Really LIKE the look of this theme… 1. it will be the first time I will be setting up an shop with prestashop, and am looking for a theme that will be relatively straightforward to set up. 2. Would it be possible to see active examples of this theme as set up by other buyers (especially if they are fashion & or jewelry oriented sites with more than 1 option in product pages [colours, sizes, materials] )? 3. Am wanting a page that will have a mixture of options between Light Blue, Left Menu & Gray 2 columns. Can I mix 7 match modules… eg. on Product page want to keep the Light Blue Left Menu style but with a tabbed section beneath the product info with more information…

Would very much appreciate your feedback.


1. You might need to spend a little bit of time to learn how to use prestashop. You can take a look on videos here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDr-xjcVBjE2BNdMC-ppElnrd-UUop6Xl to know how the theme works.

2. No, I can not put other cutomer’s sit urls here without permission. I do have plans to create a showcase page.

3. Yes, features from different sites can be combined!

Thanks for the prompt response… Yeah I can understand not being able to publish urls. The showcase would be great…


foxeverfox Purchased

Hi , Mr Tan , i want to change the background warning class of NewProduct slider from yellow to black

I change on global.css but still no luck . where i should change the color ?


Please put the following code to the “Custom CSS Code” on Theme editor > Custom code:


Hi there,

Does your Theme control the Bank Wire icon /image usually I just change the bankwire.jpg to my desired image and it works but now I already changed it and it still the same image. take a look at the image below