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I want it in HTML too! :)

Awesome design :) but I have no experience with PSD … I need it HTML or Wordpress!!! Please let me know first when you got HTML ! Thanks

Come on dude! Hurry up! I’m waiting for the HTML ! or Wordpress!

Any feedback on this? Please keep patiently waiting potential customers informed as if I knew it wasn’t going to be available for a while I could move on!! I really do want to purchase this template and would really appreciate a solid date when this will be ready. Thanks.

Still no html?


Great design :) I couldn’t stop myself coding it all night with my friend!

Will I be able to use this template if I have PsD CS3 and not CS4 ?


You should be able to open it fine, but if for some reason you can’t, I can send you over a CS3 version.

Can you PM me when the html version is ready please plase

Has anyone made this for WP? If so I would be a buyer. I like this design… please code it for WordPress.

I’d love this in HTML or WordPress. Can somebody let me know when?