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Hi, keep me update for WP version. Thanks.. :)


When is approximate release date for WP version?


Hello, amazing theme, I want to do some kind of travel directory like the http://havana.rentals, is it possible to do something like this with this one? Thank you and great work!

Hi all,

Just wondering can I connect affiliates hotel search engine website to this template. So the search result will be base on that search engine result.

Hi, I’ve just bought the Travel HTML theme and I must admit it’s pretty cool.

I was wondering if it would possible for you to send me the CSS sources files too (I assume you must have used LESS or SASS).


Salut Lucian. Didn’t used preprocessors when started this project. But i definitely will release a .scss file.

Hi, Does it support RTL?


Unfortunately it doesn’t have Right to Left version.

but is easy to convert it

Add this class to custom.css

.reversed { direction: rtl; unicode-bidi: bidi-override; text-align:right!important; }

and add class reversed to your paragraphs.

ex: <p class=”reversed”>sample text here</p>

and will show up like this: ereh txet elpmas

Hi! The template is perfect!. I need to know how i add an aditional dropdown level in the menu. Please, see this img: http://oi61.tinypic.com/2ekq7eu.jpg How I can do?



Hi Daniela, To put it simply, you can’t. You can make something from css to display it on desktop devices, but when it comes to make it responsive..there are lots of conditions you should take in consideration.

martinok Purchased

Hi. how i can optimize for mobile phone slider in home page? www.cbpspb.ru ? Thank you


I am guessing that you want to change the font size ? If so.. Try using media queries.

Like for example where you have

<span class="lato size65 slim caps black">???????</span>

you can add a style like this

<span class="lato martinok-style slim caps black">???????</span>
And add this to your css style
.martinok-style{ font-size: 40px;} @media screen and (max-width: 992px) { .martinok-style{font-size: 65px;} }
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Hi, i need to know how in which file you use toogle for show text in the details page because i need to edit it: - When i press on the link with toogle i want the page open the text and the page autoscroll up where i have an anchor or where i press link.

Can you help me?


I’m afraid that there is no easy way to do this. You will need to write some custom jQuery.

Hello! Are you planing any updates on this theme? If yes, when? btw, AWESOME TEMPLATE!!!


Hi, We are preparing to release a new big theme the updates for travel will come soon after that.

dirweb Purchased

Hello can you explane me how i can change date format (from datepicker) from mm/dd/yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy?

I don’t found this option… Thank you


Hi, Edit jquery-ui.js and search for function Datepicker() {

Please, fix some bugs in CSS.

http://c2n.me/3ilcVeZ http://c2n.me/3ilcXa5

Ipad, Safari browser.

elmerce Purchased

Hi I have just bought the theme but i am getting error installing on wp