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@ycyuksel: This same question about WP version has been asked for almost 1 year now and TitanicThemes answer is: check support tab. That’s all you will get from them :( Maybe in next year we will receive the answer at least!

Great design guys! Would you be willing for some commission work to get the search feature working?

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A tip. Do the research field as the User type. In search of hotel eg an image if it appears enter a city representing the city, if you enter a hotel, that an image that represents a hotel. Example http://www.booking.com/



Don’t quite understand tip… but i think you want a city page.

are you going to update this theme so we can use it with the last version of bootstrap? (Currently v3.2.0)



Yes i will but don’t have a date.

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Hello Support,

i have problems to make work the carousel in details.html, 1) with many elements the pager is not in sync with the carousel 2) the carousel in details can not display portrait pictures, only landscape there is way to fix this ?




Hello Fabio,

1.Use same picture in the thmbnail as the preview. 2.Make a landscape picture with white background in witch you can resize your portrait image.

Be sure to check our forum. http://titanicthemes.com/forum/forums/topic/detail-gallery/

Open a ticket there if you don’t manage to solve this.


Bought your template and made a real estate template … but now I need an interface to manage properties, search, client login, favourites, etc…

You know someone who can help me with that part?


I am not sure if it’s ok to answer you here, please send me an email here http://titanicthemes.com/contact.php with your requirements and i will recommend you someone.


I posted a question about the “Last minute’ part o the homepage via your forum but NO ANSWER…. could you have a look and give an answer.

Thanks a lot


I would like to change the height of the “Last minute: ….” which is located on the Home page. I added an image in place of the stars, and now I can not see the end of my text. So I want to change the height of the part to be able to put some more information. thank you

Best Regards Gaspar




I would like to know how the class”countpriceflights” works, it appears all the same number.

Great theme, thank you



Awnsered you on the forum

Hi, I will buy your template but want to know this. When You will make new update? Because nearly 8 months passed and not added any thing to this template. :s


Hi, we will release updates starting January next year.

I just bought this site but had not the slightest idea that this was just html page.

is there a version for joomla / wp?


Well Themeforest is not just a WordPress themes market. So you must be careful what you search for. The wordpress is under development.

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Where is contact form in psd inside? :)


I don’t remember making a contact page psd file,only html, but there are plenty of elements for you to build a contact form.For example this one.

Just about to buy… but is there going to be future updates to the template? Last update was in march 2014.


Yes we will start updating it starting january next year.

Which font is used in the Logo? I need to change.


Open Sans

this theme absolutely awesome, but you don’t upgrade version from 2014 March. We need update on this theme. Thanks


We will start working on updates starting january. Stay tunned.

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Could you send me the PSD files of Blog and Blog details (cause we cant find them in the zip file)?

Thank you!


Hi Gchatzop, Unfortunately there are no psd files for the pages you mentioned, only html files.

When you going to finish the dashboard page?

Thank you!


Starting January next year we will start work on the updates, that means also the dashboar, but can’t say a release date.

Downloaded the theme a few days ago and I was planning to start on working on it today and it seems the images don’t seem to load up. The images don’t show up on any of the pages.

I looked the console and I seem to be getting a javascript error in masonry.pkgd.js


Is this a known issue ?


Hello vishalsethia, On the items page it says that “All stock images are just for demo purpose only and NOT included in the final purchase files”.I can provide you links from where you can purchase them if this helps.

I will look o into that error, thank you.


Can you please pass on the links ?

Hello. i am intrested in your theme for WP but i have only one question. My customer wants similar booking system but with ability to create tour packages. Also from where will be the flight data grabbed from? Because they are trying to make someting like expedia / makemytrip etc. Also they want another small feature for hotels etc which will allow merchants / other hotel owners to come and advertise their hotels etc. And do revenue share with them directly.

We are willing to pay for developement costs if your team can do a work like this.


This is an HTML template only. What you see is what you get so it doesn’t have functionality, just design. If you want custom features you will have to hire someone to develop it for you.

Currently we are focused on releasing a WordPress version witch is what you need but it will take some time. The first releases, they will not have all the features like flight tickets for example (to answer your question this will have an api implementations with one of the giants out there that already provide this info), but in time we will release all kind of features like the ones you are speaking, just that it take time and money of course.

Before i buy does this work….! Hey can i edit the booking slots and will this booking form work to send me an email with the customers information..

thank you, speedy reply if you can im on a dead line and this was just thrown on my plate.

Im making a airline website and need the ability to edit this form and have it working.. lmk thank you


Hi, didn’t quite understood what your question was but i am pretty sure the answer is no you can’t do this because it is not a CMS.

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I need to use a calendar of 2 fields: From date and To Date Selecting an End date that is always after the start date. please advise.


Hi, you must read the jQuery calendar documentation http://jqueryui.com/datepicker/#date-range

Or maybe this helps you https://github.com/dangrossman/bootstrap-daterangepicker