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Good Day Support, Is there also a wordpress version for this theme? thanks..

Hi, currently there is no WordPress available.


index7.html for responsive;

search button and slider text are position problem,

pls, check ?

Thanks for pointing this. We will fix them in the next release.


contact page and the other using google map gives error ;

Uncaught ReferenceError: google is not defined

you can see the error from browser console, pls check?

hello, how i can edit datepicker calendar? I need to have like first day of week monday but i have sunday… Can you help me? Thank you

Hi, You can search the answer on our forum. Most of the common issues are already answered there including this one

You must change the jquery-ui.js, search for function Datepicker() {

You can find more details here http://jqueryui.com/datepicker

sense long there is no update on this theme why?

Hello clickurtrip, Sorry for the late answer, we were working on our new theme Avision. And it took us some time, we will now focus on Travel’s update.

Hi, I would like to know if is possible to easy integrate the search options with an Agency Travel API like i.e. [GET] http://api.despegar.com/v3/packages/availability/{packages_availability_id}?cluster_id={cluster_id} ???

Unfortunately nothing is easy. You must ask someone who has already worked with despegar

could u able to create a fine admin for this template, how does it cost & time ?

Why there is no update at all when there are so many issues and bug by customer? Last update for this theme was 11 March 2014. Is it worthful to have this theme when support are not good enough and update is not upto date.

Also, in which platform this suppport like wordpress, magneto or something?

Team I couldn’t understand the admin panel. We have seperate admin panel for admin or we have 2 panel like one is set for magento or wordpress and next is this? Please suggest.

Hi Emacme,

1.If the theme is not up to date that doesn’t mean that support is not good enough. I answer all questions that i think they need an answer to. If you ask me about “time and money” on the forum then surely i will not answer, because these things are more private. And i also said i don’t know how many times that we are working on the WP version also.

I’ working on the 2.0 update as we speak. There was no update till now because of my new avision theme.. It took a while to finish it. Now i am focused on travel.

2. This template is HTML only. If you want it to work with wordpress or magento that means you will have to implement it yourself. If you don’t know how then you must pay a developer around $2000 to make it for you.

3.There are lots of people that don’t know what they are purchasing. If they knew what HTML is they would not ask questions like yours. Those panels are just an example of what your WP admin could look like or Travel profile admin could look like. Again they are just the HTML files, they have no functionality.

Hope that answers all of your questions.


is there a interface for as sample the galileo travel booking system, where the prices from hotels an flight can sync?

Hi unfortunately it doesn’t have this feature.

Hi when will the 2.0 update be available? I’m waiting for the update to download. I see a lot of bugs when viewing the demo