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Hi, I love this theme. Do you have WordPress version of this theme? I Search but there has no WordPress version, so do you have plan to make WordPress version?

Hi, I got this template…first i think its absolutely awesome. however the listings page seems to have a problem on iphone any idea how i can fix this that

Thank you. There are some fixes for this issue if you check our forum. Or you can open a ticket with more details about the errors and i will guide you trough.

May i know this is’t include CMS? And can easily do customise?

No it’s not a cms.

Some pre- sales questions

1) – Do you have a weather widget for this theme? For our site, a city portal site, we would have weather on every page somewhere in the navigation header area.

2) We would likely put a mini reservation widget on EVERY page, do you offer a mini version? (perhaps to replace a guest comment on the activities or blog pages)

3) SEO – I noticed only a brief mention about H1, what about H2, H3 tags, and any additional rich text mark up tags?


1) we don’t have a weather widget
2) Depends what a mini reservations means for you. You can change the homepage reservation according to your needs and put it wherever you want.

Personally i don’t think this is really necessary. If you want to book you will directly do that from the homepage. If you want a mini reservation than it means that you are on a page that has nothing to do with booking and it has informational purposes only, so why a mini reservation? You can always select the homepage from the menu that will show your reservation widget.

3)The wordpress version will be SEO ready. As for the html we will make an update to the code and solve this issue after we release the wordpress.

Hi I purchased the Temple, but I do not see all the screens for the airline. I found only hotel screen not like a live copy filed on ThemsForcet. Wondrous I download again and the same thing what is the reason

What do you mean by “I do not see all the screens for the airline”? You don’t see the pictures or the flights page ?


Im interesting to buy it, how i can use it as CMS..??? my web design knowledge is not that good, please tell us what we need more to connect it to database and create admin and user panels.


Hi, since this is not a CMS you can’t use it as a cms. You must hire someone to develope it for you. If you want a CMS version of this template you must wait the wordpress version.

Great piece of work!

When there are Elements available ?

hi this is kind urgent would you be so kind to send to me all IE supporting css and js to this email bigmaoniu@gmail.com And is there any tag I shout add to my <head></head>? I am using this theme for my probation project, and it is not working on IE thanks

like font-awesome-ie8.css

Hello maoniu, As you can see on the item details page Travel Agency works better in browsers above IE9. ex: IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome.

We don’t do support for IE8 because the browser thesn’t support lots of the animations that travel uses.

Font awesome doesn’t work with bootstrap glyphs you need to replaced all the “icon-” with “fw-icon-” in the font-awesome.css file. and use the icon like this <i class="fw-icon-flag" />

hello!! i have bought travel responsive = 6070517 theme few days back, but unable to activate the search option in “New Homepage”.

can u pls help.


Hello gurpreetchahal, unfortunately you can’t this is an HTML Template not a CMS.

ok!! so, why have you given an option??

Dear Can I convert this template to cms joomla template



I have already checked the support tab. I am keeping an eye on this template for a while now.

I understand you can’t communicate any release date for the WP version! Could please you at least mention if its matter of a few weeks or few months?

I dont need any booking system or tool, I just want to use the look and feel.


Hello! I’m building a new website for a travel agency and I have a few knowledge so I want you to answer some questions, please :)

Can I only depend on this theme in working “no other items”? Can I make it a multi-language website? How? Is there a control panel for the owner and administration? How can I get the databases of my clients? Finally, Can they pay to me online?

Sorry for wasting the time and I tried to make most of them yes/no questions.


This is an html template so you can’t do any of these things. You must wait for the wordpress version.

Thank you, but when will it be available?

I recently purchased this theme and wanted to if there is any demonstration of how to use the Bootstrap Modal already available in the files?

Thank you.

Thank you

Hi TitanicThemes

Will the Wordpress theme have the same look and feel? Will it look the same? Or will it be different form the html version.

Same look.

I could say hello to breads administration would be your template. panel because you do not? or if

Hi, sorry i don’t understand the question.

I podria say how to run this site

You must hire a developer to make it a CMS for you.

hi how can i make the contact form work to send emails and show “message sent successfully” message.

can you please send us the required file .?

also how we can add CC to contact form? or how we make the contact form to send messages to multiple email addresses?

the slideshow on mobile doesn’t work, the images and texts doesn’t fit if you view from mobile like iphone. is there any way that we can disable the slideshow for mobiles?

Please understand that i can not learn you html/css or php. You cando almost anything but you must have some basic knowledge.

This is how you can add more emails
$recipients = array(
  // more emails
$email_to = implode(',', $recipients); // your email address
$email_subject = "Contact Form Message"; // email subject line

The slideshow works, be sure you have a good connection so that it can load properly. You can disable it from css with @media.

ex: .fullscreen-container{display:none;} @media (min-width: 480px) { .fullscreen-container{display:visible;} }
If the screen is bigger than 480px than the slider is visible if is smaller than 480 than it stays hidden. You can make the same thing for text if it’s to big.. for smaller screens you can change the text size.

I don’t use to send files to people the contact page was an exception and a must have for the template.

I hope you understand.
Nicola Mihaita


I liked this theme. I am planning to purchase this. But i want some modification 1. I dont have logo currently 2. I want to highlight contact no as i dont have payment gateway right now.

Is there any solutions for me ???

Thanks, Vj


I have few suggestion for you,

1) After clicking on the Add room button, user get confused about the display of the second room.

2) After selecting the no of child – then the child age selection will also display, coz in hotel, air, train booking child age is mandatory.

3) Blog detail page is not working.

Your theme is gr8 and have nearly all the features, and in case if I found anything then I will let you know.


1) I know about this. I will try to find a way to automatically scroll down after click.
2) I will take this in consideration. Thanks.
3) Fixed.

Hi, Cool Template! Before I buy this can I know if there is there a registration page before people can login?

Hello albert, no there isn’t.