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Hello! Beautiful travel theme. I love all the “extras” the site has to offer!

I have some questions before I purchase.

As a travel agent, I receive daily emails with travel discounts, tours, etc and up-to-date flight information… will I be able to load the content and put the updates into the template every day to show my customers the most recent offers for them to appear on my website? This is important to be able to do.

Does this template have the ability to add unique coding (CSS Coding)?

If I choose to go with the QuickStart and have the theme uploaded exactly like the demo, will I be able to go in and make changes to any wording, the tabs of the menu names, pictures, and will I be able to change the names of the countries to the correct spelling on the icons on the home page of “WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO”? In the demo they are spelled incorrectly.

Do I have the ability to load a music plug on any of the pages?

And lastly, how many photos can be loaded onto the home page slider screen?

Thank you for responding to everything. I currently have a theme that I purchased through ThemeForest that has delayed my site from being published by 4 weeks now and I’m going to start fresh with another theme (hopefully yours!) as the one I had purchased has too many bugs and issues.

I look forward to hearing from you! :)

Hi cinderrose,

You can surely customize our template in color, font, language.

Noo Travel template was designed to have full-width slideshow as in demo. You can look for full-screen slideshow concept in our other templates at



Hello again!

I’m confused… did you mean to say Noo Travel WAS or WAS NOT designed to have a full-width slideshow??

I saw a couple of themes in the link you provided that have the full-screen slideshow on their particular theme, however they are not TRAVEL themes.

What I need to know is if the Noo Travel has the ability in the ADMIN function of the theme to set the home screen to a full-screen slideshow rather than the partial screen slideshow in the demo? The demo does not show a full-screen slideshow. As an example, this is what I mean by full-screen slideshow….

However, this is not a travel theme, but I like the home page look of the full-screen slideshow. Can this be done on the Noo Travel theme?

Is the Noo Travel theme fairly easy to use and build?

I have never used Joomla before but find it much more appealing than the WP themes, so I’m hoping this theme is easy to use.

I look forward to hearing from you again so I can make my decision relatively quickly.

Thank you :)

Hi cinderrose,

Noo Travel was design to have full-width slider but not full-screen. It will involve lots of extra work to customize it to have full-screen slider.

If you are new to Joomla, we provide Quickstart that you can easily install and customize, with documentation included and our thorough technical support.

Hope you enjoy our theme.

Regards, NooTheme

Hi, This is a presale question.

I run a small website which manages a number of hotels, B&B and camping sites, etc, which allows users to look for the perfect place to stay while on holiday. This is not over the world, only a section of the country….

Would this theme be able to do this?


Hi HayLou1,

Thanks for your post.

If you are looking for a template that supports hotel/tour booking, events, tour information, Noo Travel can be your choice.

Hope you enjoy it.

Regards, NooTheme

Unfortunately still are very many, especially older people with IE8 on the road, there is an adjustment to?

Hi Noxxi,

Thanks for your comment. Noo Travel still can be view on IE8 but not fully compatible. This template can be fully compatible with at least IE9.



Currently the template is not usable under IE8, there is at least an adjustment that you can use it, for example. the menu is totally deferred, the rest fits so slightly.

Hi Noxxi, Noo Travel is not compatible with IE8 due to the use of CSS3. We can fix this but with some extra fee.

Regards, NooTheme

Tengo problemas desde la actualización nueva de Joomla 3.3 con el slider. Tampoco puedo colocar el menú en ingles con sitio en dos idiomas. Al pulsar Ingles la barra del menú no aparece con el menú.

Hi demonrbm, Thanks for your comment. I cannot understand Spanish, so I just catch that you got problem with the menu of Noo Travel. Please create a topic with link of your site at our Support Forum for technical support.



I want to use custom images in slideshow without the book now button and without the texts h1, h2, h3 etc . But I can not link to an image slideshow to an article because the link does not work, how to solve this?

No, you don’t need to pay, just register a free account and post your question here

Regards, NooTheme

By clicking this link, then click create account goes to this page with payment options not found the free account option ! The following screen appears

You just need click on “Login” button in homepage and click on “Register” link to register a free account.

Did you fix Theme Magic to be accessible and working for Noo Travel theme?

We are working on travel template and upgrade it to new version with Bootstrap 3. So please follow us on facebook to get update information soon.

Regards, NooTheme

I’m waiting on a response from there forum topic see:

Would appreciate if there was response that

Hi iphitus,

Thanks for your comment. We will reply back to you soon.




jwduim Purchased

Hi, I cannot install the quickstart. it gave a Akeba Backup.. and an error Database fout bij verwerken regel 0 Database server fout antwoord:

ErrNo #0 SQL=t_id`) ) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8 Raw query tekst:



jwduim Purchased

Ow, snap. I also can skip this. Excues


jwduim Purchased

Oe… when I skip this I get a next error; PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function getCharset() on a non-object in E:\\wwwroot\3\installation\framework\application\application.php on line 297

Hi. Can you post a topic on forum?

Regards, NooTheme

Is it possible to turn off the responsive feature?

Hi. Yes, you can turn off the responsive feature in the template configuration.

Regards, NooTheme

Hello! Is it possible to buy only the html version?

Hi Lelya,

Thanks for your message. We don’t have the html version of Noo Travel at this moment.


hi, I bought the tempalte , I came to set a good Research and Where you want to go ?

Hi Stiflerdoc,

Please follow our documentation or post a new topic in our TF support forum for technical support.

Regards, NooTheme

Hi Dears, As I saw this article I loved your theme. I think its worth the money. I am not about the money, rather bugs affraid of. So some question before purchasinng. Can the theme be we switched to mostly yellow. Another language than english can be used with this template (ÖÜ ?ú letters etc)? We have an exeisting page, with full data so we do not want to rebuild it. Altough I built a several pages the reconfiguration this is seemed to be pretty difficult. Is there any possibility to give you an admin acoount so you reconfigurate all the fetures? And how much would be it? Thank you for your answer.

Hi sinhoboc,

Thanks for your comment. Yes, you can change template color and language of Noo Travel as you want. For the reconfiguration, it is up to your data so we cannot give an exact answer.

Regards, NooTheme

Hi there! I have purchased this template and can’t figure out how to switch on the travel search module and and those nice blocks Events, Discover, Flights you have on your sample page here:

Thank you for help!

Hi legarcon,

Thanks for purchasing! For technical support, please post a new topic in our Themeforest Support Forum Our supporters will assist you soon.

Regards, NooTheme

I’m creating a city tour site that centers around a new baseball team in the town. Can I configure the main search feature to data I can input for the teams schedule?

Hi. Thank you for your comment.

Currently, the search form in the homepage is a HTML form only. So you can use any booking component to find a matched module with you. (you can look at

Hope it makes sense.

Regards, JUX Team


Spekny Purchased

Hello,please can You help me with my problem. I allready posted in Thanks

Hi Spekny, Thank you for feedback us. Yes, today my dev will help you fix this problem asap. Best regards. JUX team.

Hi there,

I’m looking to change my existing travel agency website to a better one. Currently, our website is fully bookable and we are looking to expand our portfolio from 200 luxury villas to 8000 accommodation units by liaising with our new partner. We are based in UK. Can you tell me if this template would be suitable for XML integration and B2B frame? Also, how about payment gateway? We are using WorldPay and is that something we could integrate in this template? Also, is there an option for affiliates and partners?

Looking forward to your reply


Thank you for your concerning in our Travel Template and sorry for our late response.

Our template do not build-in booking component but you can install any travel booking component in this template. This is just the theme only. Hope you can find a good booking component that suit your need and work well with our template.

Best regards, JoomlaUX Team.

Hi u just downloaded your template.I wanted to ask if it is compatible with Joomla 3.4.1 version co i can proceed with installation of Joomla package and your template.

Best regards Agathon

Hi Agathonmar, Thank you for feedback us. Yes our product compatible with Joomla 3.4.1, then you can upgrade latest version of Joomla to your site. Regards. JUX Team.

it is possible to change the color of the background?

Hi Leaserweb, Thank you for feedback us. Yes, you can change color of background color, by change this css ”.t3-wrapper { background: #ffffff;}”. Regards. JUX Team.

Hi, this is just a template or quick installation package?

Hi Brentlin, Thank you for contact us. This template contain template and quickstart package for download. Regards. JUX Team.

Hi, i just purchased this template but after downloading, extracting and tempting to upload it i am getting [Unable to find install package]

Dear Bushmediatt,

Here is our document so you can read it and try to install again. In case it still not working, please provide us your site url and your backend to the email: We will check for you again.

Best regards.