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Nice design bro! Congrats!!!!! GLWS :P

Nice design :) Any plans on making a Html/Wordpress theme? Thanks and GLWS.

Nice Design !!!!

Nice design. Are you going to release an html version of it?

Sign me up for the html version

hello , for wordpress or html version is coming soon ??

Could you please do an html 5 version!

already has an HTML 5 version and Wordpress?

Make a HTML5 version of it and I’m your client.

Nice design! But how I can to use original web site?

Make an html version and im your client as welll

can we use this with http://www.phptravels.com script ?

Beautiful design, but always interested me as the hotels are connected, the airline and car rentals, you could give me an idea of how the issue is resolved?


Wait please