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Hi Alex, how to create an a href=”#” menu item using categories menu? Basically a parent menu item with no content, but useful to open children content… Thank you


You should customize /app/design/frontend/default/trego/template/page/html/topmenu.phtml file.


Just curious could i change the language to English (UK) and could I have the GBP (Great British Pound) Currency

I would just like to check these two things before I purchase.

Thank You, Kristian


It will be very easy to set them. If you want to set them, I can install the theme and set those configurations.

Hi! I recently purchased the Trego theme but when I try to install the theme into Wordpress is says ” The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”. Please advise . Thanks!


Sorry, it seems you purchased magento version, not wordpress.

wamhub Purchased

Hello, Nice theme and thank you. We have a problem for the translation :( For exemple for the page “contact us” we want to translate “Enter your Name *” to “Votre Nom” (in french). We tried to change the file Mage_Contacts.csv (we add : Enter Your Name *,”Votre nom” and “Enter Your Name *”,”Votre nom” ) and we changed the file ‘form.phtml’ from /www/app/design/frontend/default/trego/template/contacts : we changed this : <?php echo $this->->?> to this : <?php echo Mage::helper(‘contacts’)->(‘Your Comment *‘)?>

It doesnt, can you help us for the translate? we have lot of word to translate on contact page, ajaxcart and in the cart.

Thank you,


Please email me your site access(ftp and magento admin), let me check.


I am trying to translate text that is shown when adding product to the cart: “Processing… Please wait…”

I was able to translate most other things in /app/design/frontend/default/trego/locale/sl_SI/translate.csv, but this one doesn’t want to translate! What am I doing wrong?

(the line I added is “Processing… Please wait…”,”Obdelujem… Prosim po?akajte…”)


Please email me your site access(ftp and magento admin) in my profile page, let me check.

hello, bxslider 1 seems to have an issue loading on mobile. the slider does not load. any ideas why and how to fix?


I just tested it on mobile, but it works well, could you let me know how it doesn’t work with the screenshots?

hi as my clients programmer bought this template originally and is not longer working for this client and is no where to be found, can you please let me know if the below is possible to do the before I purchase another copy.

Can the tablet menu be turned off so the tablet looks like the desktop version. The exceptions code on magento won’t override this?


Sorry, you should contact us using purchased account to get a support.

I have explained many times, surely you could just answer my question, otherwise I am blowing $100 for nothing. I have trying to help my client out, its not as though I am getting any money out of this, she has your theme, it was bought for her by her other developer and no he has done a runner and left her high and dry.

I am attempting to add a new store view. using magento When I click on the save store view name I get the following error

Failed generating CSS file: in /home/public_html/skin/frontend/default/trego/css/configed/

I have checked folder permissions and set to 777, but still getting same error.

Is there anything else I can try?


Please email me your site access in my profile page, let me check.

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Hello, I want to use the Demo II on my site, how can y change my home page to that demo? Thank You!


Please email me your site access in my profile page, let me try.

Hi, I want to import dummy content into this theme. Is it possible?



We will reply to you asap.


Hi, I am sorry whether it was magento version.

So, may I know how to import dummy content to trego themes?

Thanks for your attention. :)


Hi, so how is the progress?


Using Trego theme on a new store. Loaded products, created categories and working out the design. One issue came up when I made a group of products as “featured” and also created a category “Featured”. These particular products show up in search, show in category page, but when I click on them, the page shows empty. I enabled logging and the error is:

app/design/frontend/default/trego/template/ajaxcart/head.phtml on line 6

Which is:

$imageSize = getimagesize($loaderSrc);

I can see two other instances on this or another theme comments where a similar error occurs. Commenting out this line did not help.

Any suggestions?

It is only the products that featured that product page shows blank with this error. I tried to remove featured attribute and remove them from featured category, but it does not help.


Can I check your site?