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I want to change the background&font of parallax h3 and some other stuff but when I check my style.css file on server it has very few lines and I cannot find parallax entry. WHen I check the code with firebug or on downloaded file style.css, it has plenty of lines and I see parallax.

Sound like you may not be in the themes/trek folder. You can view style.css for the theme from the WP editor. In appearance/editor.

7 – How to insert the background picture on pages like: Contact page, FAQ ,...(Located at the header) like shown on the demo.

Where can i open support ticket

In appearance/customize under the ‘pages’ tab you can upload a header image. You can open support tickets at http://support.pixelgrapes.com – Cheers

I created twitter app and filled out 4 fields with keys and tokens but there is no sign from tweets and the bird image is still half! thanks

Hi. Have you entered your Twitter username in appearance/customize under the social tab?

Is there any way I could use a [one_fifth] shortcode? My client has five items that would fit perfect on the homepage, but [one_fifth] isn’t working.


Hi. Unfortunately, there is no one/fifth shortcode, just one/fourth. It would require customization.

Hello, is there a way to make a sidebar appear on the main blog page? I can only seem to get it on the individual blog pages not the main one.

If you create a page using the ‘blog classic’ template it should have a sidebar.

Hi there

Is there a recommended height to set images up so that they position nicely on widescreen. I have an issue with http://nomads.phillipohren.com It seems the ratio doesnt perform well when the screen is very wide. What is it best to set up images to, so they look good on a widescreen

Is this for the slider? The width should be 1900px+ to maintain the aspect ratio. Otherwise the image (height & width) will be stretched to fill the space.

Hi There, Im trying to find an instagram plugin that works with this theme. I cant seem to get any of them to work. Please can you help :)

What is the issue. Your not getting the feed or the formatting is off. Can you send me a link and example? – Thanks

Hi there Can you please send me a screen shot of the settings for the homepage slider, mine has become distorted. Is it responsive 1130×600


Hi, How can I add &subset=latin-ext to google fonts. Because it does not show turkish specific characters nice! Or any other solution?

Hi PM you? Did you check it ? Thanks

Hi. It didn’t come through. Seems I’m not getting some of the TF messages. Can you open a ticket here http://support.pixelgrapes.com attn: jeff – Thanks

Hi, i sent it but forgot to mention your name.

Hello, I’m looking to buy this Template. I need to know if is possible: 1: The outputs of the travel will be from different cities (the bus will go to different cities to fill the bus seats). 2: Add form fields to write the names of assistant (because you can buy a single trip for two people but we need to know the full name of these people) 3: Limit stock. On a bus there are only 55 seats. 4: The day before the departure of the bus, at 12:00 AM the web must automatically close the booking. 5: A promotional code to apply discounts


Hi. Form fields can be added relatively easily. But the registration form is simple and doesn’t currently track stock or accept promo codes. – You would need to add a booking plugin. – Cheers

hi guys new to business want to get first steps right….should I go for the trek as a start off….also how does the license work…I pay them $45 a year and I get access to this template and ask someone to help load the content for me…could I do it myself given I am very with technical skills…thanks again Sam

Hi Sam. Its a $45 one time payment to download the theme. This theme includes the demo content. So you can import it so it looks like the demo version. Then it is straight forward to replace content with your own. Here are the illustrated docs: http://goo.gl/Io5Keb You can get post-sales support here: http://support.pixelgrapes.com – Cheers

Good day, Is there anyway to push the tour prices / details etc to the homepage slider kinda like how it shows here?


In this case it will use the images etc from the actual tour in place of static slider images as shown in the demo

Please let me know


You could customize it to show like that. We have partnered with werkpress.com – If you would like a customization quote you can submit it here: http://pixelgrapes.com/customization-request – Cheers

Hi there. I’m thinking of purchasing this theme. Questions: 1.) will it integrate well with MapifyPro plugin? Thanks!

Hi. As long as the plugin is well written it should work fine. – Cheers

Hi there. Also, I am wondering if this theme is woo commerce compatible?

The registration form only uses PayPal directly. WooCommerce is otherwise compatible with the theme. – Cheers

I am trying to simply get the homepage to show. period. I imported the demo content and by default it goes to recent posts page. when I go to Settings > Reading to change it to Homapage the page shows up blank.

If I create a page and use the slug


[recent_posts number=”8”]



same thing. the page is blank

Can you please let me know what I need to do to get it to show as the demo does.

Pulling out the little hair I have here


Ticket number is 1863

I’ve resent a ticket request. Ticket request number is now 2038. Thanks

I am trying to simply get the homepage to show. period. I imported the demo content and by default it goes to recent posts page. when I go to Settings > Reading to change it to Homapage the page shows up blank.

If I create a page and use the slug


[recent_posts number=”8”]



same thing. the page is blank

Can you please let me know what I need to do to get it to show as the demo does.

Pulling out the little hair I have here


There is no reply on the ticket? When you reply to the ticket you have to hit reply and type above the ‘reply’ line. It is not a direct email. – Thanks

Nvm I figured it out myself. The issue was that the template on homepage was set to homepage by default so when set in Settings > Reading it showed up blank. Just had to switch it to Default Template and it loaded normally. The theme however seems to have some parts to be tweaked though but I will work through them and check the support and comments to see if they’ve already been sorted.

Hi there, im trying to install Instapress to my Trek theme on wordpress but this is what it is showing when i try to activate the plugin (below), i have also tried to add various other instagram plugins but for some reason my feed wont show, im not sure if thats an instagram issue or if its related to the error below???:

Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error. Warning: require_once(Instagram_XAuth.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/eastcoas/public_html/wp-content/plugins/instapress/instagram.php on line 46

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘Instagram_XAuth.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php:/home/eastcoas/public_html/wp-content/plugins/instapress/instagram-php-api/:/home/eastcoas/public_html/wp-content/plugins/instapress/classes/:/home/eastcoas/public_html/wp-content/plugins/instapress/PowerHour_Geocoder/’) in /home/eastcoas/public_html/wp-content/plugins/instapress/instagram.php on line 46

The plugin actually says in the description that it ‘does not work’. http://wordpress.org/plugins/instapress/

Hi there I have set up to insert a tour filtered on category as per your shortcode however all my tours are coming up, any ideas why? http://nomads.phillipohren.com/crafted-boutique-experiences

Did u send a login?

yes via your contact form

The TF contact form seems a little hit and miss lately. Can you open a ticket http://support.pixelgrapes.com attn:Jeff and I’ll check it out right away. – Cheers

i see that the THEMEPUNCH slider which comes with TREK has been updated to v.4.3.4 by the authors but our download only includes v4.1.4, could you please update and provide us with relevant documentation (trek theme purchased from themeforest 2 days ago)

polite reminder that this request hasnt yet been addressed….

It has been updated. Just waiting for TF to approve it. I’ll send you a note when it’s ready for download. – Cheers

It’s avail. for download now. – Cheers

Hi, thinking of purchasing this, one question: is it possible to display the tours in “grid” view? I see it’s possible with posts. Filterable grid view would be best.

Hi. Currently tour grid view is not supported. It would require a customization. – Cheers