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Hi is there a way to display the featured trips without wrapping them in a carousel? I’d like it to show just as it does in a grid format but allow for multiple rows for eg – 4 rows of 3 to show the 12 last featured tours.

Please let me know what I can do to customize the theme to effect this option


*featured tours sry

You can edit admin/shortcodes/featured_tours/feeaturedtour-carousel.php and remove the carousel code. – Cheers

Hi I purchased the theme and am working with the demo content which makes things way easier – so thanks for providing that. The only issue I am having so far is that when I upload the header image under customize/pages it is only showing the sky portion of my photo when I go to the site. Is there a function to drag the photo to what you want visible or masked? If not, what are the dimensions of the header image so that I can edit the original in photoshop or illustrator to make the part of the image I want seen visible. I know you have mentioned on here previously the width is 1900px but when I add an image with that width and a height of 400 px it still only shows a small portion of the picture. Or, can I make the header size smaller so that I can just add a colour swatch instead? With the current dimensions a colour swatch is just too much colour on the page before you get to any text.

Thanks in advance for any help.

You are incredible. Thanks for the fix and quick reply :)

One more item. I purposely removed the heading, subheading, and button from the homepage and replaced it with a text box. However, on my other pages the page/posts titles are not displaying over the header image. When I look at the parallex header in style.css there is nothing changing the visibility, but it also looks like there isn’t any command to pull the page/post titles to each page. Is there something I can add in for the H3 and H2 so that the titles show up on the pages?

Can you PM me a link? Thanks


I have one special tour category. Is there a way to exclude the category “special” from latest tours and all tours pages?


It requires editing a few files. Send me a PM and I’ll give you some help. – Cheers

Hi, Just have sent . Thank you!

Hi, We have 3 different currencies for tours Eur, USD and RUB. Can we select decide which currency to show for that tour? Which files should I modify?


Are you using the payment feature? Do you need different currencies in the PayPal form? Or just different currency symbols on the tour pages?

Hi, Thank you for your reply. We are using different currencies for different tours. We would like to be able to choose the currency for an individual tour from the backend and the visitor will see that symbol.

Dear PixelGrapes,

Which files should I modify? Can you please help me to solve the issue?

hi, im getting an error -

“Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias not found

maybe you mean slider 2 or slider 3”

and that message appears where the slider should appear and the slider is actually showing up beneath that – ive also got some vertical dotted lines appearing on the right hand side of where the slider should be.

see screenshot to see whats going on

The dots are the menu. You need to go into appearance/menus and assign the main menu.

If you have a slider setup, go into appearance/customize and select the ‘pages’ tab. Enter your slider ‘slug’ (alias) and hit save. You don’t need to add the slider short code to your page if you’re using the homepage template. You can view more in the theme docs http://pixelgrapes.com/docs/trek/ – Cheers

Does this theme have a great integration for social media sharing?

I’d recommend using a social sharing plug into add easily more sharing options.

The theme looks great , and i want to purchase it but i have two questions .

1. When this theme will get updated.

2. can we use any other payment gateway because in India using paypal is banned for business purpose .. can i use other payment gateways like CC Avenue or any other of our choice.



One more thing do your theme provides SEO support.

Hi. The theme is updated periodically as needed. Currently only PayPal is supported. You would need to add a payment plugin to support other payment gateways. The theme is optimized for SEO – Cheers

one more thing , if i will buy this this theme , will u help me to integrate other payment gateway.


Hi, when i create a new article and open it, i have got 2 links under my actual article to switch to an other article . But with these links it switches also to an other category. Is is possible to stay with these links in the category who i had chosen before? Thanks a lot :)

It can be done with a minor edit. You need to edit single.php. Just change

<?php next_post_link(); ?>
 <?php next_post_link('%link', 'Next post in category', TRUE); ?>
Same thing for the previous link. You can read more about it here: https://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/next_post_link

Hi; can I use WooCommerce with this theme?

You can use WooCommerce within the theme but it won’t link the current payment button.

Hi , I want to Show only few words in testimonial and add Read more Link . Can you give shortcode for that?

You will need to edit a file to add this. Send me a PM and I can show you what to do. – Cheers

In the theme customisation drop down menu, I’ve changed the currency symbol to £ (British symbol).

I know it’s worked because when making a test payment Im taken to paypal aand the £ symbol is displayed there when Im about to make a payment, but on the website page under the heading ‘Deposit / Payment’ the symbol still shows as $’s (US dollars).

I have deleted my cache to ensure everything is ok, but still the $ symbol shows on the web page.

any ideas?

That is currently changed via translation. You can edit it directly by changing the symbol in admin/shortcodes/featured_tours/recentours.php

SEPARATELY to the currency symbol question, I’d like your help with the zoom in / zoom out effect on a slide.

Specifically the x / y settings within the KEN BURNS EFFECT – do you have further documentation or videos please as it isnt covered in the slider documentation that comes with the theme?

I want to be able to have the zoom finish on a specific part of the slide image which is why I prefer to go with the x / y settings rather than choose from one of the 9 predefined areas on the image.

Hi. That is something the slider plugin author can probably better answer http://goo.gl/1KNcoz – Cheers

hello, almost finished with formatting our tour site. I cannot get our boutique accommodations menus to just show the hotels. It also shows the tours. I did what you said but this is what I get.


As you will see, I also get tours. How can I make it so that this menu item only shows hotels. As soon as I figure this out this site is done and I can go on to the next one. I plan to purchase the same theme for like 3 other sites. Looking forward to your handy tips and I really wish to figure it out.


hello, almost finished with formatting our tour site. I cannot get our boutique accommodations menus to just show the hotels. It also shows the tours. I did what you said but this is what I get.


As you will see, I also get tours. How can I make it so that this menu item only shows hotels. As soon as I figure this out this site is done and I can go on to the next one. I plan to purchase the same theme for like 3 other sites. Looking forward to your handy tips and I really wish to figure it out.


Hi. Have you tried using the short code in your page like this:
[tours category="hotel-slug"] 
Site looks good ;)

oh and I also get the lodging at the end of the tours


How can I separate the two, keep the format for each menu except have one menu with just tours and the other one with just hotels????

There is a few ways. But try the short code [tours category=”category-slug”]

ok. Where do I plug in the short code? On a page, menu, category? Sorry not so saavy but getting there. Cheers!

Create a new page and enter the shortcode in the content. See if it gives you what you’re looking for.

Hi there What is the appropriate size for the featured image on tour pages, so that all filters work well As you can see on this page the layout is not optimal


when do you expect next release?

In a couple weeks. I have some other updates to work into it. – Cheers

Hi there on the homepage blog roll how can i remove the posted by?

Sorry and also to remove the comments?

.home .post-meta span {display:none;}

Hi, I was wondering if you have an HTML template version of this theme? Thanks!

Hi. No sorry, just the WordPress version.

Hi there Is there any custom css to have justified text throughout?

Not one custom css snippet. You could open style.css in an editor and do a ‘find and replace’. Replace all instances of ‘text-align:center’ with ‘text-align:left’

would it be ‘text-align:justify’

Sorry, I thought you meant justify left. If you just want to justify the type newspaper style I would start with this:
p {text-align:justify;}
That will capture most text and then you can tweak sections from there.

hi Turkish character (ç,?,?,ö) problem I’m having is only sent in e-mail

Please help me

yes i only use turkish characters..when i send an e-mail from contact form7, it appears properly.. also turkish characters appears properly all other parts in the site.. but i could not integrate contact form7 in to contact page and tour page. I would like to use template’s contact form instead of contact form7. I did all what u said but it did not work. Could you please fix “mailer.php” and “mailer-contact.php” according to turkish characters and send me back ? By the way thanks a lot for ur help..

Can you PM me an email with turkish characters. I will try it if you don’t mind me temporarily changing your admin email to test. – Cheers

Thank you for your help.I solved the problem.

i haven’t yet received update from my reply after you email .. “style.php file is missing, which is not good, i’m not even sure how the website works without it… You might want to re-upload it, do you need any help with that?”

I am also writing here cause it’s urgent. I don’t know where i can find the style.php file . If you refer to load-styles.php i do have it..

Thank you in advance.

Hi. I don’t see any response. Make sure when you reply you type above the line. The file is there but here is a server error reading that file.

If you’re sure file permissions are correct and you’re not on a Windows server, do the following.

If you have access, but check your php.ini file for the output_buffering setting. If it’s not set to “off” then PHP is automatically doing output buffering for you. Set that to off. You may need your host to do it if you don’t have access. – Cheers

It is already set to off but nothing happened. I also tried to turn it on but still nothing. Any other ideas?

Solved . Thank you . bannerpic.jpg missing from the folder.. i must have deleted by mistake during the first tries. Much Love.