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Hello again, another question… is it possible to center blog posts?

Yes, please navigate to Theme Options > Style > Custom CSS, and add this code:

#journal-classic img {max-width:100%}

Kind regards Ivo

It works flawlessly. Thank you for your support!

You are welcome :)

Hi im looking to buy a theme with private galleries. does this theme allow me to have a private gallery for each of my clients?

If these private galleries can be password protected, can they all be consolidated into a single page? I would like my clients to enter a page named client area, then click on their gallery (defined by their cover photo and title), and then entering a password before having access to their gallery.

unfortunately I don’t have an example at hand unfortunately but I am trying to understand how many levels you have for your theme pages. I will have clients for different event types and I would like to categorise password protected galleries in their own categories. Below are several examples of what I would like to achieve:

home page > clients page > weddings > dave and jodie wedding (password protected) > images displayed in chosen format

home page > clients page > commercial > movement evolution outdoor session photoshoot (password Protected) > images displayed in chosen format

I will also have open galleries, but these will be different to the protected ones e.g.

Home page > gallery> weddings > jamies wedding > images displayed in chosen format

Home page > gallery> travel & Culture > Africa > images displayed in chosen format

Home Page > portfolio > portraits > images displayed in chosen format

Home Page > portfolio > Creative > images displayed in chosen format

I Hope that makes it clear.

Unfortunately this is not possible with Trend theme.

Do you mean like a live chat? This functionality could be added with some 3rd party plugin.

Could you confirm what is not possible on the trend theme.. . The grouping of protected galleries like Panama, or the chat function?

The chat function I am after is like this themeforest chat. This is to discuss pictures on the gallery e.g client may comment that certain pictures be edited in a certain way, and I can reply at a later stage or immediately.

both: grouping and chat function is not possible without the use of any 3rd party plugins.

You can have the standard Wordpress comments (like here) on the posts and pages.

Nice theme. I have two questions. 1) Is it possible to turn of those little thumbnails in the “next/previous buttons” which are in the full page gallery (or keep the original aspect ratio of the photos in them)? As a photographer I am very sensitive about keeping the original aspect ratio of my photos, I dont like when the thumbnails are cropping my photos :) 2) Is it possible to create a video gallery too? Thanks for the reply :)

Hi AlanKov

Thank you for the interest to Trend theme.

1. I understand. The thumbnail can’t display the original size of the photo, but you can remove the thumbnail with some basic css that I can send you.

2. Yes, you can have videos when editing the inner view of the image, like here:

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Hi I was leaving comments with you ticket system but its been 6 days with no reply :(

Please help!!! My name is Benjamin

My apologies for the late answer Benjamin?

I just replied to your ticket. Will handle this ticket with first priority.


olephb Purchased

Hi. I just bought this awesome theme.. But it looks like I dont get all the demo data? Ex: I cant get any text on the frontpage-picture when choose “Custom Homepage” ... Can u help me? Se:

Hi Olephb

I am not able to see the theme here:

If you send me admin access and the url of the page I could have a better look. Please open a new private ticket in our support system here:


I really love this theme, but many things doesnt work in mobile version (at least on my HTC, Android, Chrome). For example: You cant scroll through the menu. Rail galleries are not visible in horizontal mode. You cant go to the next photo in full screen mode (the social icons on the right side are blocking the “next” button, they are also blocking the full screen button in videos).

Hi AlanKov

Thank you, so glad you like it :)

Sorry about this issues. We have this in our change list, so we will try to improve the mobile version as soon as possible :)

Please let me know if you have any other questions.



in the single image view of a gallery, how can i set the image information text showing by default and not with the need of clicking in the (i) icon?

Thank you for your great theme and for your support

Hi Epiplogazeta

Thank you, glad you like it :)

Unfortunately this is not possible by the theme options. It was important to first focus the attention on the images.

ok, it is not possible by theme options, can you show me the way to change this in code?

tell me what, where and with what i must change.

it is important to my needs to show image and desciption in the page load and not on click on the icon.

in my situation the text is critical and must always showing. i dont think it is so hard but i dont know to fix ti by my self. i need your help.

thank you for your support!

Please note that theme customizations / changes are not handled by the support. You need to find your own code to do it. You can try editing the file /templates/content/content-attachment.php and add the class bw-visible to the element:

<div class="single-additional-info">

so it should look like this:

<div class="single-additional-info bw-visible">

I hope this works :)



mikill Purchased

I am using the latest version of your theme but it seems that Facebook sharing still does not work? When I enter the URL of an image into Facebook, it does not fetch a thumbnail image or even a link to the correct page, just a link (without image) to the gallery.

Do you ever plan to correct this? Searching the comments I see that this is an old issue.

You can also try this plugin to upload your own image for facebook:


mikill Purchased

Using that plugin the correct image is now displayed when sharing a image-link on Facebook, however it does not solve the main problem of Facebook linking to the gallery page and not the url of the image.

Unfortunately there is no fix for this as the attachment page uses data parameter and facebook doesn’t accept it. It is not possible to tell facebook that it is an attachment page.

Hi Peenapo,

I have two problems. 1. The photos in the rail gallery are blurred ( 2. At a resolution of more than 1920px the date overlaps the text (

Thank you in advance for your effort and feedback! Best Regards, Mathias

Hi Mathias

1. I don’t see the images blurred here: The image size is about 915×515 px. You can send a screenshot to have a better look, using our support system here:

2. You can navigate to Theme Options > Style > Custom CSS, and add something like this for larger resolutions:

@media only screen and (min-width: 1920px) {
    #journal-list li .item {height:650px;}

Kind regards



vineeta Purchased

Hello :) I purchased this theme last year and want to make some changes to the navigation on tablet and mobile. Is there a way to allow it to slide/flick from left to right as opposed to using the arrows?

Hi Vineeta

Do you mean the navigation between single image previews? You can just change the place of the arrows with some custom css, but this would affect all devices and desktop.


vineeta Purchased

Yes, but instead of the use of arrows, I would like the interaction to be with the flick of a finger – to push the gallery in the direction the viewer wants without using buttons. Is that possible?

Also, Is there a way to customise the layout of the ‘About Me’ page for mobile? for example, on mobile, the image on the left is always large at the top, but I would instead like it to be below the text that follows. Thanks in advance!

Yes, both are possible, but it would require some code modifications, like some custom css to affect the mobile version.

If you have any other questions, please use our support system:

I have just bought the theme “Trend”, but I’m struggling quite a lot to make the theme work as I would like it to. I have seen another site using this theme in a way that I very much like, but it will presumable require changes to the current .css files. If I give you the reference site, can you modify my configuration to match this – I’m willing to pay for it? Regards, Philip

Hi Philip

Thank you for the purchase! Unfortunately we do not offer customization services. If you have some problems with the functionality or the theme usage, just let me know and I will try to help.

Please use our support system:


Good morning,

First of all, I am using your theme with great satisfaction for 2 years now. At the moment I am trying to create a new page dedicated to photographic series, so I would like to insert galleries using the “Add Media” button. At this step there is no problem : Neither when I put the gallery in my page with the good settings (one column per picture to obtain one line of pictures) : But when I create the page, online the gallery is made of only one column, and is not centered contrary to the precedent step :

Could you tell me how to fix that, I don’t want to use an other plug-in to create galleries.

Thanks a lot


Pierre-Louis Ferrer

Thank you for your answer, the ticket is now closed and this problem solved. I have an other issue concerning the display of pictures and I have not found any answer in ohter tickets opened for Trend, but when I want to create a new ticket this message appears : “Sorry, that purchase code doesn’t seem to be valid”. I have at the moment paid for one year support, so I do not understand why my purchase code is invalid. Could you please see how to fix this?

Many thanks.

Strange.. I am not sure why you get this message. I just re-opened our previous ticket, please try to reply in there:

Seems that I can post a new ticket now, Thank you for your quick answer, I have created a new ticket finally.

is there a way to get the “normal” scroll bar on an “enable left part image” page? I don’t like the scrollbar, when it’s enabled. if not, how can you adjust the speed of this scroll bar? it’s too fast on some chrome versions. thanks for the support


Please open a new ticket in our support system:


This looks fantastic! I’ve a few questions, though, please. 1. When using the Single-Full Page Gallery, when browsing for the next page, can the upper left corner title be turned off or left blank? 2. On the same Single-Full Page Gallery, when browsing for the next page, can the arrows be kept and not turn to thumb nails of the next image? 3. On the Categories-Slider Home page, can the links go directly to the Single-Full Page gallery—not images? 4. When hovering over the menu, can the black arrow at the top be removed? 5. Can the images be shown full frame? 6. How can I see how this looks on a smartphone?

Sorry for so many questions, but it looks great! Best, Steve

Hi Ivo, Thanks again. Sorry, just to be clear: can I remove the slight pause that occurs between clicking on the next image in a Portfolio? Thanks! Steve

When you click the next image, it needs to load the photo, so the pause can not be removed.


I’m having the same problem that another user had -

‘need to know how to completely disable ajax, not just in the theme options – I’m getting a weird ”flash” of all my images when the page loads.’

I’m having a brutal time digging through the JS and theme files for a solution.


Please open a new ticket in our support system and i will be happy to help. I am currently out of the office and will be back in a week.


Kind regards


Hello, Can I use page navigation to gallery I saw this Page is too big. If it’s possible please let me know. Thanks


Please open a new ticket in our support system:

Kind regards



suetan Purchased

how to set the full width homepage image like your Live preview website? I had uploaded the image at the size of 1920×1080 as advise.

Where can I send you private message to share the URL with you?


Please use our support system and send the url of the page:

Kind regards