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Hello again, another question… is it possible to center blog posts?

Yes, please navigate to Theme Options > Style > Custom CSS, and add this code:

#journal-classic img {max-width:100%}

Kind regards Ivo

It works flawlessly. Thank you for your support!

You are welcome :)

Hi im looking to buy a theme with private galleries. does this theme allow me to have a private gallery for each of my clients?

If these private galleries can be password protected, can they all be consolidated into a single page? I would like my clients to enter a page named client area, then click on their gallery (defined by their cover photo and title), and then entering a password before having access to their gallery.

unfortunately I don’t have an example at hand unfortunately but I am trying to understand how many levels you have for your theme pages. I will have clients for different event types and I would like to categorise password protected galleries in their own categories. Below are several examples of what I would like to achieve:

home page > clients page > weddings > dave and jodie wedding (password protected) > images displayed in chosen format

home page > clients page > commercial > movement evolution outdoor session photoshoot (password Protected) > images displayed in chosen format

I will also have open galleries, but these will be different to the protected ones e.g.

Home page > gallery> weddings > jamies wedding > images displayed in chosen format

Home page > gallery> travel & Culture > Africa > images displayed in chosen format

Home Page > portfolio > portraits > images displayed in chosen format

Home Page > portfolio > Creative > images displayed in chosen format

I Hope that makes it clear.

Unfortunately this is not possible with Trend theme.

Do you mean like a live chat? This functionality could be added with some 3rd party plugin.

Could you confirm what is not possible on the trend theme.. . The grouping of protected galleries like Panama, or the chat function?

The chat function I am after is like this themeforest chat. This is to discuss pictures on the gallery e.g client may comment that certain pictures be edited in a certain way, and I can reply at a later stage or immediately.

both: grouping and chat function is not possible without the use of any 3rd party plugins.

You can have the standard Wordpress comments (like here) on the posts and pages.

Nice theme. I have two questions. 1) Is it possible to turn of those little thumbnails in the “next/previous buttons” which are in the full page gallery (or keep the original aspect ratio of the photos in them)? As a photographer I am very sensitive about keeping the original aspect ratio of my photos, I dont like when the thumbnails are cropping my photos :) 2) Is it possible to create a video gallery too? Thanks for the reply :)

Hi AlanKov

Thank you for the interest to Trend theme.

1. I understand. The thumbnail can’t display the original size of the photo, but you can remove the thumbnail with some basic css that I can send you.

2. Yes, you can have videos when editing the inner view of the image, like here:

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Hi I was leaving comments with you ticket system but its been 6 days with no reply :(

Please help!!! My name is Benjamin

My apologies for the late answer Benjamin?

I just replied to your ticket. Will handle this ticket with first priority.


olephb Purchased

Hi. I just bought this awesome theme.. But it looks like I dont get all the demo data? Ex: I cant get any text on the frontpage-picture when choose “Custom Homepage” ... Can u help me? Se:

Hi Olephb

I am not able to see the theme here:

If you send me admin access and the url of the page I could have a better look. Please open a new private ticket in our support system here: