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I paid for this theme and installation since last week. No one has contacted me whatsoever. I emailed several times but no response. Can someone get back on this.


Oh sorry CHRISTOPHER, really sorry, I didn’t see that you have sent money. I see your email, Theme will be installed in next 24 hours.

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I would very much appriciate if you can get in touch to look at the issue where the product total price on the configurable products doens not work with your theme.

Nixdanish Hello, I downloaded and installed Trend Responsive theme, but it did not come with the setup page header slider, just stating the error: There Has Been an error processing your request.

I request your help as I need this theme in my 100% ecommerce.

I downloaded and installed the theme, as far as I can see I set it up following the instructions in the guide, but it generates this error?

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method ‘replace’ of undefined jquery.kwicks-1.5.1.js:29

I’ve sent you a private message with the URL – any pointers would be appreciated.

Hey there, I still need help, there’s a problem with the layout of the shopping cart, the delete button is placed in the wrong column, due to that every other value is placed wrong. I already wrote you a mail (including a screenshot) and asked sometime ago, we really need help there, I was able to fix almost every other error by myself, but I am not able to fix this. There’s probably something wrong with the tables, but we can’t go live with the shop with such an error.

Hi, I’m thinking of buying this theme and would I just have a question. I’m worried that people with small resolutions don’t understand that they have to scroll down to see the content so I’d like to know if it’s possible to easily put the menubar over the big frontpage image?

still no real help, the bug was reported, but that’s it, I would not recommed to use this theme if you want to show price without tax and including tax. It won’t show correct on any of the widgets (both prices are the same), you have to edit the grid and the list view by yourself. Besides that we still have the error with our shopping cart, the different views don’t change anything (actually nothing happens at all, doesn’t matter if standard or accordion view is choosen), the table structure isn’t correct, the responsive view doesn’t look like it should.

If you put two slider widgets on the same page, only the second one works, the controls buttons of the first one work for the second one, too.

All these errors wouldn’t be that bad if we got good support, but I wrote this here before (two times in the comments, two times as a direct message) and wrote an e-mail. I got one answer after quite some time, but a reporting a bug doesn’t help me – I need solutions, at least for the shopping cart because we can’t go live with such an important thing not working correct. Still waiting for actual support for over 4 weeks now!


Hello. Sorry for very late reply, I’ve sent you email with the fix. Let me know if you have any problems after that. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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hi, i’ve a question, how can i use the font of the template also in the static page? thanks



<div class=”page-title”>
<h2>Some text</h2>

for example

Grifone Purchased

i’d want to make a change in the css, how can i enable the template font for all the website section where is not active

Grifone Purchased

don’t worry…made it! thanks the theme is awesome

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Hello Nixdanish. I bought this theme and it looks great. However, I was expecting it to fully work in most devices since it is responsive. I’ve just tested it in an iPad and I’ve noticed that the 1st level items on the menu go straight to a link instead of applying the hover effect(which mobile devices don’t have) where the sub menu items are found .

I was expecting it to open the menu instead of going straight to the parent category. I hope this makes sense and I will be waiting for your response since this functionality is really important for my business.

Thanks and have a terrific day.

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Really disappointed for the lack of support by this developer.

I was a bit skeptical before buying this theme since I noticed that many people would ask questions and answers from the developer would take days to be responded, if answered at all. I still decided to give it a shot anyways.

The reason most customers by a template is to have something that is fully functional with the hope that minimal support will be provided in case of need.


Hello. You just had to wait 3 days for answer on your question, not bug reporting. I’ve just tested it on other magento themes here and notice that they have the same “bug”. Theme is fully working by the way.


Anyway, I’ll try to help you on Monday. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Thank you sir. I appreciate your help.

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I am having issues with the products on the homepage. The slider and the products above it are completely running together when viewing in chrome or on a mobile phone browser. in ie they look like they should. Can I get some help? I have screenshots avaiable to show what i mean.


Hello. Yes, screenshots will be appreciated.

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Is it possible to let the slider fade? I took a look at the jquery.iosslider.min.js file but it isn’t really readable. Also, when I hover on the slider it stops, I would like to disable this.



Hello. Unfortunately fading effect isn’t available in this slider. You can find full list of features there

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Any help with updating the price with custom options and configurable products? It is not working. Are you releasing an update for this?


Hello. New version will be released in a few days. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi, Nick. Did you have solutions for the bugs on the Product page?

I mean, about the increases the amount of 2 in 2 and the value that does not update automatically.

In time, I would like to view the products like in your ‘livepreview’. How should I proceed? I mean, like in the div called ”.grid_12 col-main”.

I hope you answer me.

Hugs, TH.


How do I upgrade?

There is .diff files in the package with all changes I made. You can implement all changes by yourself or just use new version. It’s totally free.

The template was not acquired through my login. It was purchased last year by a person who worked with me, but I have no more contact.

I can send you .diff files but not full package. Please contact to envato support to resolve your problem with account, I can’t send you updated files without license code.


Ok, Nice. I think I understand. So, you can send me that ’.diff’ file by email? Upon receipt, how do I implement it to the theme that is already installed?


Yes, I can. Send me an email through the contact form on my profile page. There is description of all changes I made in theme files so you can implement them by reading that file.

Just downloaded 1.4 and have installed v1.3 already. what is best way to update??


Hello. There is .diff files in the folder “changes” where are described all changes I made, just implement theme into your copy of the theme.

one minor question.

I have version 1.3 installed.

and client wants to remove the header border on the “top-header” ... that is automatically set to the secondary color of the theme.

any suggestions on how to suppress that border completely?

(p.s. I already modified css to change top logo margin from -4px to 0px)


Hello. Just add follwoing css rule into the class top-header-block>

border: none;


I agree… but I was having trouble finding this… since it seemed this style block was being overwritten by Magento from the Meigee config interface.

which file/line number is this defined? it might be right in front of me… but I keep missing the right location to change.

One more question about version 1.4 of template.

there is indication about custom top menu static blocks.

the existing ones from version 1.3 seem to no longer work.

yet, I cannot find any information in the documentation for version 1.4 explaining how to now use it correctly.

I saw some blurb about “as many custom top menu tabs as necessary” in the marketing info for the new version.

how is this accomplished now?

is the info available somewhere?

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Hello nice theme I trying to use a custom sidebar, but is not working, when i test the xlm with default layout works perfect bot no with yours .

Layout Update XML

<reference name=”right”> <block type=”cms/block” name=”contact-sidebar”> <action method=”setBlockId”><block_id>contact-sidebar</block_id></action> </block> </reference>

Thanks in advance


Hello. Sidebar in this theme called “sidebar” so just try to use <reference name=”sidebar”>

Hi, is disabling the cart to use it as a catalog for now easy enough? We’ll revisit activating cart later.



Hello. It is not very hard to get it done but may take some code changes

Hi, I get this when I click on a product.
Fatal error: Cannot redeclare HexToRGB() (previously declared in /home/bill/public_html/main/app/design/frontend/meigeetheme/default/template/page/html/head.phtml:60) in /home/bill/public_html/main/app/design/frontend/meigeetheme/default/template/page/html/head.phtml on line 60

It’s on spankitsports.ca/main


Hello. Send me an email via contact form on my profile page to get the fix.