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Looks great! The rollover on the main menu seems to be a plain white, like the background behind it – is this right?

Might be worth considering adding a differnt tone to the rollover as it looks like a missing graphic file.

I also think this theme would sell really well with the implementation of a non ecommernce version – a porfilio sytle side or version. I would buy it!

Best of luck with it all the same!

No offence, but why all ur themes looks similar? I mean, the only thing changed is background image/color navi, and that’s all?


Liked this one. Just miss some white/cleaner background color schemes :)

It would be great if at some point you can start adding the ecommerce part to your templates.

In Defence of the “same-same” suggestion on your themes earlier by Deagle – I think this is an unfair statement. It isn’t so much about innovation as providing a very polished store front to display products. In my opinion, you achieve this effortlessly with the themes I have seen to date.

Keep doing what you’re doing!

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i was looking for the php file. please send the php file

work with magento?

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PSD file “01Home” is not working. Msg: Some layer sets were found corrupted and repaired. Can you please fix this?


Hello , I just test it again works fine to me. can you please download it again if you still face problem please send us email we will try to solve it as soon as we can…

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Do you have a guide on how to add shopping cart to your theme?

Hi Chimpstudio Love this theme and is spot on what I have been looking for.

I’ve been having a few issue with the menu though, I can put two multi-column dropdows in the first two menu items but anything after that appear as just one column and also loose the li arrows on any of the menus after the first two. I tried changing things arround but still the same. It also seems to be the same on your demo site (no arrows on the later menu drop downs).

Any idea how I can have more than two multicolumn dropdowns and restore the arrows for the rest of the items?

Many thanks Tim


Hi @ timbonnett, Thanks for contacting us, could you please kindly send us the screen shot or a live demo of where you having this problem and we will try our best to help you.


Hi Chimpstudio Tried to email you but got bounced back as undeliverable.

Could you send me a mail to timbonnett at vikingoptical.co.uk

Hi, Is it working for prestashop, os commerce or any ecommerce solution?



Hi @ phyber, This is just an HTML and CSS template it will need to be customised for ecommerece. If you would like us to do it please send us an email with your requirements and we can discuss it further.

Hi there, really snazzy loking template. I am just thinking that for most estores the prroduct categories would be lanced forward right from the landing page. Meaning the side bar navigation of product categories and products would be a great idea to add to the home page up front as users need to get as easy as possible to the goods within the first 5 seconds and seeing the side navigation menu on the home page would do that perfectly. Other than that an excellent trendy template for tech estores. The detail up to the proceed to checkout for the products is also wonderful. Great job!

Hi, great template, can i use this with paypal?


Hi @ 7air, This is just an HTML and CSS template. It can certainly be used with paypal provided you will need to get it customise to make it work with paypal.

I’d like to recommend your responsive templete to my clients… can I post a few screen shots on my website? And then purchase from you… meaning through envato… if I need? Thanks –


Hi @ enaya_g, Sorry to say that because of copy right issues you can not put the screen shot on your site to sell it to your clients.Thanks

Was hoping to show case your theme and then purchase directly from you at theme forest. I’m basically bringing business to you by recommending your theme and then installing it for my clients. Just thought I would do a final clarification but no worries.

Looks great, is this product still alive? And is this work with wordpress?


Thank you, but its template and will not work with word press. Yes, its still live.