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Hello, I purchased this theme and applied to one of my projects. However, we’ve got a 10 px margin in the right when we browse the site from an iPad. This issue is not occurring in desktop browsers.

Can you help us to solve the problem, if possible? Here is the site:

We provide support via our forums. Go ahead and post your question in our support forums and we will help you out:

thanks for the great theme! 1 question, how can i change the “ticket” to “n/a” in tour section? your tutorial vid doesn’t play…


If the video doesn’t play, try another browser. We can confirm the videos work. If you want N/A, just type “true” into the “Concert Not Available Field”.

If you have any other questions, feel free to post them in our support forums:

I would love this theme, but can you at something like this rich snippets that show tour dates, images etc in google, that would make this theme the best and maybe a splash page like the one from red fang bands love it

Those features can be added via a plugin as you have pointed out. I recommend using that or another rich snippets plugin if you want to modify the google search results.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

I really like your theme and I am considering purchasing it. Can I use widgets to connect the website to a related bandcamp site? How about to a Facebook page? And to iTunes to download our music? Thanks.

Yeah, you can add those to any WordPress site. There are plugins to add-in Facebook Like boxes. Also, you can easily link to iTunes and Facebook pages as well.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Do you have a HTML version of this site or can this be used as a regular HTML/PHP website? Thanks!

Thanks for the fast response. I don’t have much experience with wordpress. I do all website builds through the back end code. I guess my question is can I manually edit the php and html through the backend with a text editor and publish it as a stand alone website or does it have to be edited through wordpress? Or will I only be able to do that with the sample HTML files that you mentioned?

You can definitely edit files via a text editor but that would only be to modify things like styling and layouts. The actual content would mostly need to be added via WordPress. Again, you could manually create page templates (very easily) and manually add-in the HTML. This isn’t common but if you felt more comfortable, you could do this. Note: The audio player would need to be added via WordPress. Most other content could be manually added in via PHP code.

Let me know if that helps or if you have any additional questions.

Cool. Thanks for the help.

Hi !

Is this theme compatible with WPML ?


Yeah, this theme will work with WPML.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hello, I am using your theme, but I got many spam-problems. Now the second time I got hacked, and the hackers installed a spam-sending script.

First time they created heev.php, second time they created a theme rfx/mail.php. So I got hacked from two different persons/bots.

Is there any known issue to prevent?

Best Regards

Make sure you are using our theme(It doesn’t show a purchased badge on this account). We can confirm our themes have 0 vulnerabilities. This is almost always a hosting provider issue. I recommend contacting your hosting provider as they will be able to help you out. It sounds like a folder permissions issue in the hosting or some other hosting setting if this happened twice.

Hello, I’m having some problems accessing the support forums to post question there. I have been using Trio theme for clients website for a year or so. I was just informed that for about a month the images stopped showing up as the featured header image on top of each page as well as on his home page (static image).

I’ve reviewed your documentation, read all the discussions, watched the setup vids. Everything seems to be ok. Still no images are appearing. Please advise!

Thanks for the quick response. Just posted my question in the discussion forums.

Appreciate the help.

We will answer your question as soon as possible. It is the end of the day here. If you do not receive an answer tonight, we will answer first thing in the morning.

Ok, thanks!