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leugs Purchased

Also, the product images do not change when you choose a product variation. I have images in the correct placeholders, but on front end if I choose Pink, the product image does not update to pink version. Can you check this too please. Many thanks

leugs Purchased

And the star rating doesn’t work well, shows only half the star and cannot click on ‘5’.


Please try to downgrade WC to the version included in the recommended plugins. Thanks.

How difficult would it be for a user to sign in and upload a post? I notice that 3 or 4 of your other themes have this ability. is this something custom?


Unfortunately Tripod was not designed for front posting, therefore the customization would be quite expensing in time and money. Thanks.

nadezhdaa Purchased

hello i just purchased this theme and have no clue how to install it into my wordpress… any help would be greatly appreciated.




please see this article https://cosmothemes.zendesk.com/entries/24047718-How-to-install-the-theme-Can-not-install-the-theme-missing-style-css . Then, you can import our demo settings. Just go in “XML import” folder from theme’s archive, and copy the content from 01_import.Colored.txt file (or 01_import.Fixed.txt file) and paste it here: http://i.imgur.com/SCbDoPq.png Then go in: Tools > Import > Wordpress > import the 02_wordpress.Colored.xml file (or 02_wordpress.Fixed.xml file). And you’ll have an almost exact copy of our demo site.

More video tutorials you can see here: https://cosmothemes.zendesk.com/forums/22153596-Tips-Tricks

Let me know if you have any more questions by opening a ticket at https://cosmothemes.zendesk.com/home .

Best wishes, Nick

Hi. Is possibile to translate contact form ? Words: “Name(required), Email, Phone” and button SEND MESSAGE ? Please help.

Hey there, I’m new to the theme. I’m currently on the default settings and on the sample layout. How do I get my main posts up on the main page. I want to delete all the older sample posts but I’m not sure how to place my posts on the main page. Can you please help me. Can I actually choose where I can place specific posts or will they be in order? Thanks for that. The website is www.missvalentine.com.au

I would want to purchase the tripod photography theme for my portfolio. On the tripod photography theme home page I would like to put a video or explainer video in one of the boxes at the top of the page. I am interested in using the colored theme format. is this possible? thx

I’m having trouble seeing updates I make on the backend. It takes a long time for the changes to be seen on the front page. Is this a common thing? Any idea why this is? Thanks!

Danaputra Purchased

Hi i have version 1.0 tripod theme, and i have a problem with #modal-menu, so when i open from mobile, i click button to show the menu, but menu didn’t show. how to fix this?

or should i upgarade to new version? is that many steps?

my website is baliredphotography.com

Maier2309 Purchased

Hello there. Is there a css code which I can use for hiding all the keywords at the bottom of a post ?

Thanks for help.

Maier2309 Purchased

Hello again. I have got a second question. How can I customize letter size. I want to have bigger top menu letters. And also bigger text in posts.

Thanks again.

I’m having an issue with the shortcodes generator. Namely, it won’t generate shortcodes. I select my options, and click “insert.” A little green box appears that says “shortcode was inserted” but there is no shortcode in to be seen. This happens on multiple pages, and attempting different kinds of shortcodes.

Hi Nick, I have two things I’d like to ask you – first one piggy backs on Maier2309’s question “I have got a second question. How can I customize letter size. I want to have bigger top menu letters. And also bigger text in posts.” I’d like to know the same thing.

Also – I’m trying to add a new gallery and for some reason whatever I make the last image to be, it shows up blank when I preview the gallery. I changed the image files several times just to see and it just ends up happening to the last image. Help please? www.alelaphotography.com You have the user and pass for my site from the old tickets I submitted.

And one more :) Previously I had an issue with a texture overlay being present over my images – something I never turned on and then you guys did your magic and it’s now gone – this option used to exist in Tripod -> Settings and now it’s not there anymore. Is there still a way to do that if I choose to have a texture overlay present in my galleries?


Nm I just found it. It’s the “enable stripes effect” – though my question now is – are there other options for the texture used in stripes effect? Also – up until now even without the stripes effect the images used in the galleries weren’t possible to be ‘saved as’ jpegs and now they are?? Only when the stripes effect is enabled, when an image is right-clicked you only have the option to ‘save as’ a webpage. This is a little unsettling..

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I have a new question. I would like to know how resize images on an article Ex : http://www.photographe-nord.eu/decouverte-parc-puy-du-fou/

But I don’t find where i can modify this in the “IMAGE SIZES” of the admin of the theme ? Thank.