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Hi, Now Demo is perfectly working, Thanks

sorry but it doesnt work your demo !!!

It is working perfectly,

pls can u install

What you want me to install?

Very hood work , Good sales;

Sorry, but when you click on the light homepage, it dosnĀ“t works.

I wonder when it will be published wp themes email: ezancepte@gmail.com

I sent files to developer, now when they will upload i will let you know. Thanks

psd in the following addresses had

http://themeforest.net/item/trips-booking-html5-template/5391816 I want to return to it I did not pay any more for PSD http://themeforest.net/item/trips-booking-template/3331302

I sent you email with files.

When WP version will be sold ?

Hi WabDesigner,

I have been waiting for the WP for nearly 3 months now. You said you have sold your WP rights to someone else and would let us know when it was ready. Just would like to get a sincere answer, is the WP really coming out? If not just say it.

Thank you.


As I said I sold rights to someone, they bought it from me to release WP, and they said to me they will launch it soon. When they will launch it I don’t know about it.


Ok. Can you then share the contact of the person you sold your rights to? Thank you.

Yes you can find him on TF ( Konnessa )

Hello ! I want to ask you if it is possible that each hotel can self-administer their own availability. Can you check the availability of each day? A screenshot would be great. Thanks!

Hi, This is only HTML site template and it doesn’t have such functions. Thanks

HI, Your demo is not working

it is working now

Will never be responsive?

No Sorry about that

Is this compatible with OpenCart?

this is just an html template

Hello! demo is not working

Your demo is not working

Demo is not working

Hi Guys

Awesome template!

A lot of work has been done on this template and I was wondering if it was developed for a specific booking engine that you could recommend?

We would like to plug it into a online booking engine to make it dynamic.


demo is not working

demo is not working

Demo is not working

Demo is not working