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I’d like to change the footer from 4 columns to 3 columns instead. What is the best way to do this? Can you help?

Thanks Laura


Please disregard the comment above, as I have figured out the solution to converting the footer into a 3 column footer.

I do have a few more questions:

1. I would like to disable ‘Project Details’ link in the portfolio section. (I am using 3 columns.)

2. How can I use a customize thumbnail and switch the image with clicked (that shows up in the light box.) Like it is currently on the demo website.

3. And I may figure this out, but if not, how can I add customized icons to the services section?

4. And also I may figure this out, but I use gravity forms, paid good money to use gravity forms, but they are not working very well in this theme. I added to the contact page, and the form is all right aligned. Is there something I need to do with the CSS ?

Also, let me just say this is a AWESOME theme. It’s perfect for what I need. Not to big or flashy, has a nice clean minimal feel, but not clean either. I love it.

Hi yes,

I came across a issue on the portfolio section. It seems if I limit the amount of posts on the portfolio page (i.e 6 posts to a page), the sortable portfolio feature (the categories) doesn't work.

I really don’t want to leave this up, so if you email me, I will set it up to show you what I mean.


I replied to your email.

I just managed to install it, but now I am getting this error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare admin_menu() (previously declared in /data/18/2/82/13/2571991/user/2819794/htdocs/BergLarsen/wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/wpsc-widgets/admin_menu_widget.php:103) in /data/18/2/82/13/2571991/user/2819794/htdocs/BergLarsen/wp-content/themes/triumph/slidermanager/loader.php on line 338

I think WPSC is the WP e-Commerce plugin. Can I use this theme with the WP e-commerce plugin?


I’ve replied to your email.

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Hello! I am very new to this process and I am having trouble getting the sliders to work at all. I have information loaded in but they are not appearing on the homepage. Can someone help me troubleshoot/


Can you email me the website so that I can take a look at it?

I would like the theme in orange color… can that be done using CSS and image replacements at few places… or the standard set of colors can only be used?


Creating custom color schemes is possible, but you would also need to be able to add that color option to the admin panel.

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hey there, sent you an email – I got the slider to work – but it displays funny. plz halp! :)

where do i change the time elapsed for slider? i need it to scroll slower? thx


You can add a ‘timeout’ property in the .cycle() call in the header.php file. See this page to find out how to add it: http://jquery.malsup.com/cycle/options.html

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how do i get the portfolio items to display on the portfolio page?

ilka Purchased

Resolved previous post with upgrading WP & server to php v5. but now I get this on my portfolio page:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in myurlhere…..../wp-content/themes/triumph/template-portfolio-3.php on line 86

Is it possible to create a custom header with a strait line? I plan to use the blog pafe as the home page. Thanks.


Yes it is possible. You would need to be able to open and edit the included .psd file.


I’m also having a problem with the slider. The image placement doesn’t go to the right, it overlaps the text. I’ve tried altering the css, but that doesn’t work either.

Can someone please help?

Thanks, Michele


I am using this theme on my business website… but somehow I am unable to see bullets on the site… here are some pages for example.

http://theprojecthunt.com/about-us/our-consultants http://theprojecthunt.com/our-strength

Regards, jitu

@ 5starrebel:

Please provide a link to your site.


Add this to your css file: http://pastie.org/2408128 :)

Hello, is this theme affected by the latest security issue with Timthumb? You can read about this here: http://www.woothemes.com/2011/08/timthumb-security-flaw-patch/

Just want to know if the theme is safe from this?


Hello, please can you test the contact form as this appears to have stopped working. It says that it sends an email but it doesn’t.

If you can test your latest version of the theme and let me know if it is working?


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I’ve made customizations to the theme, but I am unable to determine what php template the blog is pulling from so that I can add my own HTML to match the other pages. It says it is using the “default” template, but I see no default.php. I tried editing page.php to no avail. URL is http://kateawilliamson.com. As you can see, I need to remove the page name that is being pulled and also extend my background div down the page.


It does appear there is been some issues with the TimThumb.php script. My images are not appearing in the slider any longer. Please help.


@ andrewrozell, there does not seem to be any support at the mo so thought I would try and help you out:

With regards to the timthumb, the only issue with this is that the older versions of this can be hacked so you should update this to make your site secure. To do this use this plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/timthumb-vulnerability-scanner/

The plugin will search the theme and then you just click fix and it will update the old timthumb file to the new secure version.

With regards to your images. I just used images only and added them through the slider manger. The images I uploaded were 760 pixels wide and 348 pixels high and these worked nicely.

Hope that helps.