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Lovely! ;) Great job.

Awesome I love this! I really hope you make a wordpress version! I will buy the wordpress version if so!

Yeah, great job! Will wait for the WP version as well :)

Excellent job! Very clean.

pretty nicely done, good job. :)

I love this template:) one question, which font is being used for the logo? I love it :D

The font is Pacifico, available for download at google fonts.

Thanks for the comments everyone, glad you all like it. :)

Beautiful template :)

Otlichno, zemlyak! Excellent, buddy!

Thanks! :)

Wow… great job, very beautiful!

Great template! Long shot but will the WP version be available soon?

Yes, there will be a WP version.

Nice man, very clean that’s how I like. Good luck with sales.

I love this theme. It is so simple and stunning – makes a great first impression for customers. I think I may wait for the Wordpress version though… can’t wait!

Close to purchasing, however I notice there’s no single portfolio page to explain the projects in greater detail, just the option of a lightbox.

Will you be adding a portfolio page in due time or will we be expected to code up a page seperately?

Beautiful template, by the way, great work.


I’m afraid I won’t be adding that option, but it shouldn’t be hard to create that page on your own.

Hi, the contact form doesn’t seem to work, can you please explain why its using a .php.html rather than .php?


If you purchased the template, can you post with the correct account? Thanks.

Hello, where can I modify the white opacity transition effect on the img please ? I would like to enhance it.

That would be in the all-in-one.js file located in the scripts folder. The code is on line 129.

Is this theme localizable?

Hi, any update for twitter api v1.1? thanks Anoush

Very beautiful!;