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Hi,friend: you use ‘',' in the template,i want to know if I can replace this two files in one specified jquery version and download the jquery file to local ?if not ,I want to know why you used the second file?

migrate version helps to prevent bugs if some scripts do not support new jQuery. You can use instead of these two files: jquery 2.1.3 version

Has anything changed in the last update? I downloaded the theme in December last year, but doing a file compare on the latest one (Last Update 1 April 15) doesn’t return anything different.

In update there was minor css/js fixes as I remember

I am reviewing this template for purchase. Do have a list (not grid) layout for your category and product pages? And, how easy it is to add in new Bootstrap/HTML/JQuery items, and combine various features from different pages. Thank you very much for responding!

Hello. I ran into an issue preventing me from updating any button URL. I click edit button and then click on Select URL, a new window opens and I can input the URL and button name in there. However when I click on Set Link, it closes the window but does not save the data, the button stays blank without any links. Thanks a lot for your help on the matter. Rgds

Hi, questions regarding WordPress release please post there

Which file do I open in Kompozer in order to edit and publish?

Sorry, I have never used Kompozer. Most people edit HTML templates via advanced text editor or Adobe Dreamweaver.

Ok, then can I have any other format, which I could use ? or you would help me to upload this one, somehow. Because for me it doesn’t work.

I’d suggest to use Adobe Dreamweaver. KompoZer rather is not “high-end” software.

Or just buy WordPress release of Trizzy so you can easily edit and manage it.


I have bought the WooCommerce Extra Product Options plugin and am very pleased with it but have a small problem. I’m trying to use the conditional logic function on a product option but when I save the option it gives a error. ( red circle with a white triangle with a red exclamation mark ). What would cause this problem?

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hi, please contact us on

Can I include SSL Certificate

Could you clarify?

I would like to make the logo in the header bigger. When i do so, there is some shifting of the carousel arrows(they disappear).

What is the solution if I would like to increase the logo size?

I opened it with Dreamweaver… Anything I should be aware of?

I don’t use dreamweaver so can’t say anything. Just open style.css with utf-8 in any editor, then save

It’s working. Thanks for the support.

My eCommerce application needs navigation to support three levels of depth. On the Trizzy demo page, three levels of depth seems to be demonstrated under the navigation section as “Features” > “Featured Pages” > “Business Home” where Featured Pages (level 2) uses the mega-headline class.

My problem is that when we view the page in mobile, only the first and third levels of navigation show up. In this case, we only see “Features” > “Business Home”

What can be done to allow “Featured Pages” to appear in mobile navigation?

#jPanelMenu-menu .hidden-on-mobile,
#jPanelMenu-menu .mega-headline { display: none; }

Set .mega-headline to display:block

Hi, i need to buy an html ecommerce template, and i am considering Trizzy. I have only one question: When you place the mouse over a product, it shows another photo of it, and if you click on it it shows you products details. Can i easily add some kind of label (a plus symbol or a “more details” label) so that clients know that clicking on the picture will take them to the “product details” section? Thank you in advance,

Hi, I replied you on facebook. :)

Hallo, some update are incoming? I have problems with breadcrumb in the shop section, it print shop/shop/etc instead of home/shop/etc.. And also there’s some files of woocommerce out to date.. thank you for support, hopefully :)

hi, questions regarding wordpress version please post on


cyberfrs Purchased

Hi there,

Is it posslibe to set left “mobile” menu for view only 1 level categories. Otherwise it appears a log menĂ¼ on left site?

1. In style.css change 767 to 990px there:

#jPanelMenu-menu { display: none; }
@media only screen and (max-width: 990px) { ... }

2. Remove { display: none; } from Tablet Portrait media queries in style.css

3. In jquery.jpanelmenu find

@media only screen and (max-width: 767px)

and change 767 to 990px.

I am a little confused…there isn’t any documentation on the cart. All of the HREF tags in the cart are hard coded you can’t remove items, update items, add items, or anything a cart is supposed to do.

Is there any documentation on this? Or why doesn’t it work?

Yes and that’s how HTML themes looks if we’re talking about “HTML” templates on ThemeForest.

Will woo commerce work w/o wordpress? Or does it need to be converted to WP and then woo commerce installed? Does your WP version included all of the PHP for the cart to work?

WooCommerce won’t work without WordPress. Our WP version has “working” cart and shop:


xxlabaza Purchased

Hi! I would like to buy your awesome theme, but the last update was 1 Apr 2015. Are you going to maintain and updating it in the future?


xxlabaza Purchased

For example, on iPhone 5 and 6 (iOS 9), the comments in a single blog post are trimmed to the right and unreadable


xxlabaza Purchased

One more thing, there is no sample page for search result, but search input field is present

I usually make update if someone is broken or doesn’t work. I’ll take a look on iOS9 but didn’t notice any problems with it.