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It is possible, but you will have to write new CSS rules for that. It’s not a default feature.


I’m a bit concerned about purchasing this theme in that it has not been updated since it was released and shows no 3.6 support. What are your plans for this?


The bottom line here is that if you could bring the right navbar feel and functionality over to SwipeBody, yes, it would be a no-brainer to buy SwipeBody, but for now SwipeBody needs what Troller has.


One more point, we’re looking for a theme that can also look good on a browser. Troller seems to hold up well and seems that we can tweak it to do what we want, whereas SwipeBody falls apart on large display.


No mobile template of ours is made to look good on larger displays, we don’t check them larger than the Note 2 :)


You should have no problems using it with WordPress 3.6.

Just in case something pops up, we will assist you.


Love the theme – all set up and working great as a mobile site, but I seem to be having issues with the gallery when viewed as a webapp (tested with iPhone 5/5S).

When accessing site via homescreen icon and going to gallery all I get is the image and no swipe support. There is also no back button so the only way out is to kill the app and start over.

As I say it works fine in safari.

site here



Tested further: I have just used your demo site in the same way – saved to homescreen (to accessed as a webapp) and it is producing the same problem when viewing a gallery.

Seems it may be an iPhone 5/5S issue. I have not yet been able to find an earlier iPhone to test.


Hey there Ken! This item being a WordPress theme will not work as a standalone to begin with because it uses PHP, that doesn’t work as a homepage icon. Any link tapped will open the page up in Safari. The Photoswipe gallery has always had that flaw in it! It’s never been developed for usage in WebApp mode ( PhotoSwipe I mean )


...But WebApp mode is listed as a feature of this theme?!

iPhone Web App with iPhone Homescreen icon and startup screen!

And it does work as I expected, apart from PhotoSwipe gallery.

After further research, it seems to be an IOS 7 problem – works fine on older IOS versions. It seems Apple are to blame for breaking PhotSwipe!

I managed to find a work around by changing a line in header.php:

<meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes"/>


<meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-capable" content="no"/>

Now when site is saved to homescreen on IOS 7 it opens as a webpage in Safari (not as a WebApp).

All works well now (in Safari), as well as PhotoSwipe. Although it is a little disappointing as I really liked the WebApp features, such as splash screen on start up and full screen.

Still more than happy with the theme. Keep up the good work!

Many thanks


Of course, please check this out!

Hello…is it also possible to switch to desktop version in mobile devices ? ( links to switch between desktop and mobile versions)


Hey there, first of all, sorry for the late reply, had some technical difficulties! There is a script on the marketplaces that allows changing between these things, you can find it here, our script only redirects directly.

How do I remove the name stroller on the theme where in the style sheet is it found.

This is our desktop version of the website when the mobile theme is activated the home page image is too large how do we edit to fit the mobile page



Thank you for your purchase!

The name of the theme, the one that appears in your dashboard, i sin style.css right at the top.

As for the image, I’m not sure I understand that part.

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