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A new version of Slider Revolution is available. Please update theme. Also getting a message: Activate Slider Revolution for Premium Benefits. You can Enter an existing licence key or Purchase a licence key.

inside the plugin its the updated version but its saying its 5.1 on the plugin page and saying it need to be updated inside the plugin it says its up to date but the update button shows. I deleted and reinstalled the plugin several times and same results. I even downloaded the package again and reinstalled after deleting the plugin.


That’s the only installation file we got from Revolution Slider author. Maybe we have to wait for them to update to fix this misunderstanding.

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webtech1 Purchased

When clicking on video author link it just refreshes home page.. any idea how to fix this?

Hi Webtech1 ,

Thanks for contacting us.

Please make sure that you have selected Show Author Link: Show on Theme Options > Single Video/Post. When clicking author link, we get this link:

Please check again on your website and create a ticket our support system at if you can still not fix this issue.

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marianogi Purchased

Hi! my “trending video” widget is not showing anything when I set it to show the most viewed in this month or in this year. When I developed the site I imported all my videos from youtube (all metadata and views), and in my frontpage I can see that number (it’s not zero). But for any reason I only see posts (most viewed ever: pointless for me) when I do not set any date range. What could be happening?

Hi Marianogi ,

Thanks for contacting us.

We have checked Trending Video widget on our demo website, it works normally.

Please create a ticket to our support system at and do not forget to give us your website’s URL and admin account. Our supporters will check directly on your website.

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can you please tell me where to find this code in your theme “ it break my https security, best regard and thank in advance.


but now all icons have disappeared from the website, how do I restore this again, thanks

Please provide site URL + admin account to so we can check

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Justinvdv Purchased

Love the Theme!

I use the video listing template. Is there a way to show listing layout different on desktop and mobile? on desktop I would like Big Grid (2 columns) on mobile (1 Column)


Hi Justinvdv,

Normally, our theme will be automatically responsive on mobile device to display. There is not any option to select layout for different screen. So, you have modify code to change it.

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I tried to make a support ticket and it said my support has expired.

I do not agree with the support policy of envato.The people that bought the themes and plugin here should have been grandfather for lifetime support. but that’s another topic you have no control. Now my problem.

I had a ticket exactly a year ago Ticket# = 3066 on my problem

You fixed a problem of the video starting for 2 seconds then restarting. You fixed it by giving me a code change that I had in the child theme now that the code has changed in header-single-player.php I merged the changed code. and left in your modified code.
Now it plays for 1 second and stops and a play icon appears. Please Help Mitch

Please send me an updated file with the code from the current package updated..the old file you sent me is what I have


I’m sorry, that’s all we can help. It’s difficult for us to follow the changes from one customer. Kindly extend your support so we can help

Best regards


That is so unfair.Time to start a Don’t buy from themeforest campaign

Help Me!!! I don’i install plugin JW Player for WordPress and TrueMAG – Movie.

I received the notice: “object(WP_Error)#382 (2) { [“errors”]=> array(1) { [“plugins_api_failed”]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(219) “An unexpected error occurred. Something may be wrong with or this server’s configuration. If you continue to have problems, please try the support forums.” } } [“error_data”]=> array(1) { [“plugins_api_failed”]=> string(2) “N;” } } Something went wrong with the plugin API.”

Best regards David Nguyen

The plugin also similar errors: TrueMAG – Shortcodes, TrueMAG Rating, Truemag – Member, WTI Like Post


JW Player 6 is not available on anymore. Please use JW Player 7.

In addition, other plugins can be installed via uploading. The installation files can be found in the download package

Best regards


Hey i want to purchase this theme, but first i need to now one thing. I have al my youtube videos embed in my wordpress post editor, but is see here That you have to put a link of the video to ’’post movie settings’’ So do i have to chance al my posts ?

Thanks for contacting us. Yes, indeed. You have to input Video URL in a separated field

Best regards


So when i buy this theme, i have to chance 4500 posts ? here is 1 example of my posts

That’s a lot. In fact, you can write a script to convert those posts into True Mag-compatible. Please contact us at to see if we can do it for you

Best regards



Gozlug Purchased

Hi i want to change only authors link which is under post to go bp-profile page instead of author’s page is it possible secondly i created bp-custom.php and found some codes to add notification on menu and it works and seem on main menu and footer menu, but i just want it seem only main menu how to do that ?codes are below

<?php function my_counter_nav_menu($menu) {

$notif_url = bp_core_get_user_domain(bp_loggedin_user_id()) .’notifications/’; $friends_url = bp_core_get_user_domain(bp_loggedin_user_id()) .’friends/’; $msg_url = bp_core_get_user_domain(bp_loggedin_user_id()) .’messages/’;

if (!is_user_logged_in())
    return $menu;
    $notif = '
  • Bildirimler [’. bp_notifications_get_unread_notification_count( bp_loggedin_user_id() ) .’]
  • ’; } add_filter( ‘wp_nav_menu_items’, ‘my_counter_nav_menu’ );

    $menu = $menu . $notif;
    return $menu;


    Hi Gozlug, Did you metion about Buddypress plugin?

    1. You could try with a certain plugin like

    2. We are not sure about your code, but you could read this article to know how to control those functions to apply to only one menu location We are very sorry but this is a customization order (which is out of support service) so we can not help you too much.

    Please kindly find an experienced WP user or a free lancer for more help.

    Regards, CactusThemes.


    dk23 Purchased

    When I create playlist as per documentation, each post/video from the playlist appears with a playlist sidebar when opened from the playlist menu/playlist page. However, when the post is opened from home page, it does not display the playlist sidebar. Is this how it should work and I need to create “playlist” menus? I was hoping that each post/video when opened from the homepage would open with a playlist sidebar once assigned to a playlist. Please confirm or let me know if things should work differently and I am missing something. Thank you.

    Hi Dk23,

    Unfortunately, TrueMag theme does not support this feature. The post layout with Playlist player only appears when a post from Playlist listing is opened.

    TrueMag theme has Playlist listing to show all playlists on your site. If needed, you could add that page as frontpage by:

    - Going to Dashboard > Cactus playlist settings > Playlist listing page: Choose your page.

    - Adding that page as front page on Dashboard > Settings > Reading > Front page displays > A static page: choose your page.

    You could go to single post by clicking two times with this way (post with playlist player)

    Best regards,



    ronaldonyc Purchased

    Hi! I installed the theme and I have no idea how to do the slide work in the home page. Is there any relation with the slider revolution plugin? After installed, I deleted all the pages and posts that came with the theme and I left the only that I was using.

    Hi! I just figured out how to insert videos in the carrosel on the home page. It seems that the categories have some relation with the videos in the carrosel home page…or not?

    Could you explain how it works?


    The post view count plugin doesnt seem to work anymore so post views arent working anymore in your theme