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Does this template come with an Admin Panel or it is just HTML files?

Hi, Thanks for your interest. This template just html.

As I understand Revolution Slider (included in this theme) has a vulnerability that is fixed in v4.2, but the version distributed in this theme is v2.0. How does one get a proper update?

Hi, this template would be updated soon with latest Revolution slider.

Thanks, please let me know when this is available

Approximately this month.

How do you make the image on the slider less fuzzy?


Images used on slider adjusted using image tools like Photoshop.

Hello, I have purchased this script via Envato, and have installed the script but find I don’t know how to publish edits. Can you please advise?

I have opened the index page via the HTML editor in the cpanel and been able to edit the page. I saved the edits and was able to preview the changes. I have checked the URL in the browser and find the original page is still there.

Q. How do you publish the page? Q. How to revert to original page in case I don’t like my edits? Q. How do I make multiple copies of a page to make variable edits before I finally publish? ( Can I just copy and paste the file in the public Html folder with names like index1 , index2, index3 ? I can delete the unwanted copies before I publish and go live.)


Hello Designesia, Ok, thank you for your advice. I will try that. Cheers.

Hello Designesia, Ok, thank you for your advice. I will try that. Cheers.

Hello Designesia, Ok, thank you for your advice. I will try that. Cheers.

Hi, demo is works. Please check again.

ok, it works. Thankyou

Dear All !

Truehost – WordPress Hosting Theme + WHMCS is ready here :

Thank you so much

How do you add an order button in pricing tables. I look at the sample pricing table and it looks like I’m doing everything ok

There is nothing in the documentation

so i tried to create another table a the bottom of this page which comes with the theme.

When I did all the buttons disappeared.

Fsck this, i’ll do a complete reinstall with a fresh installation and if it still doesn’t work I’ll need to get a credit. It’s a shame because the theme looks great.


What exactly you asking TrueHost HTML or WP version?

Hi. what is the font being used for the TRUEHOST logo?

Hi, What font are you using for the logo? Thanks