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Awesome work! Good luck :)

;) Thank you

creative idea…


Excellent Work!

Thank you “very (217)” much ;)

very nice! great work!

Thanks :)

very impressive, keep it up !!

thanks :)

Is it responsive design??? Thank you in advance for answering me.

Anyway, awesome job!

no, it’s liquid ;) thanks

Is it hard to “add” a town of my country in the “slideshow” ?

I would like to add Jerusalem from Israel and the monument on the side could be the Western Wall (Kotel).

awwww!! so I’ll add it ASAP :p

I do not want you to put pressure on you, but if you could do that today it would suit my needs because I intend to buy the “coming soon” page today at the latest. Thanks a lot my dear.

please drop me a message via my profile page

Nice template, congrats! I miss Madrid. Could be good to have some icons to change it because it is not so easy as I thought to add it.

Is there any filter to take a map and add madrid&russia please? (If not possible no problem of course, but it would be great)

Thanks for purchase, please let me know what is famous in madrid to make or find an icon for it ;)

This theme support more place?

PSD of background map is available, but you need to add maps manually and icons

possible to add Toronto?