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trope Purchased


Can you break out the menu’s tabs for us?

Ideally, we want to use a UL LI , but in order to achieve this, the tabs would need to be broke out.

Do you have this done? If so, would you mind updating?

As it stands now, it’s quite a process to replicate the look with the way you have the PSD .

Thanks! Again, great work!



Please contact me via Email. Thank you!

trope Purchased

I am working on the “teaser” , the main section that will contain the Jquery carasoul ( I am assuming you wanted that ).


I find it easier to convert in sections.

Anyways, as you see, I am having wondering if you really wanted the buttons on the carasoul to overlay the images?


Soon will publish HTML version!

XHTML & Css ? please :(


Soon our partner will finish coding hopefully, so please be patient. Much appreciate. Thank you.

wow, this is not a hard template to covert into HTML and CSS – why so long?

Still XHTML & CSS ??yet?

Just go to www.xhtmlchop.com its like $75 bucks for them to code it.


Sorry for the delay, my coder partner is not available right now. Coding was started, so please be patient. Much appreciate.

I’m very interested in this template but was wondering if you have a version for sale with the code? Or if not could you create it and if so how much?

Hello Medoworks!

Di you get the codedversionby now?


Has rhis been converted to html?

I’m assuming this won’t be converted.. Author has been saying “soon” for 11 months :)


Sorry, we made HTML version, just Envato rejected… So right now we try to make lot of changes for upload.

has any one made this to a wordpress theme?

Is it possible I could get this in vector EPS ?

Is it ready as HTML & CSS.. I would like to buy this template…I don’t know how to convert it from PSD. Thanks answer me soon please

hey thinking about buying this template. Is it possible to use this template only for one page on my site? I already have a theme.


How you mean “only for one page”? We have 13 HTML file, so use which you want. Each HTML include all scripts on head.

Hi Medioworks,

I am very much excited to buy this theme for one of my site which is about tutorials only! But before that,want to check out a Live Demo of the site for features like Menu Dropdown,other pages,etc. Is there any sample site /Client site/Hall of Fame site which i can look at before i buy because without that,it seems a bit of risk for me. Thanks a lot in advance….. Founder


Hi, as you can see this is PSD template. So right now i can’t show any Live demo.

How do I get the HTML version? I want it.


This template should be redesign that meet the Envato’s standards. For now, do not plan to make the HTML version. Thank you for your understanding.