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Can you please update your “Update History” at the bottom of this page: http://themeforest.net/item/twish-responsive-multipurpose-theme/6031321 We need to know what updates you are making so we know if we should update or not!

mashify Purchased

Yes please update your Update History I also want to know if I should update

A user support forum would save us all a lot time! Benefit to ALL!

Hi there! The main menu (header) is not showing.

metha142 Purchased

How to remove the time stamp and posting information from every post?

I submitted a support request 10 days ago asking for the newer version of Visual Composer to be included as there are several visual composer bugs that I am experiencing, that have since been fixed in the later versions. The included version with the Twish theme is VERY outdated. I’d really appreciate a response to my support ticket!

The support for this theme is UNACCEPTABLE. Reading all of the wait times is disheartening. – can not use on intended project – no time for bug fixes. – i went and purchased the Visual composer just to get the bugs out – I should be reimbursed! Ticket submitted 4 days ago regarding a trailing u and t – no answer.

It looks like, that I’m not the only one, who did not receive any answer from support…

smooth Purchased

how am i able to upgrade the composer? i downloaded new version of twish and installed it … i lost blockquote background chars… breadcrump arrow cahr… and much more… anyone else havong these issues?

Great theme. Would be perfect for Tumblr ?

I submitted the following to Envato.

I installed this on a work server. Installed with only the recommended plugins. There is a trailing U in the bookmarks I cannot get rid of it It is very very UNPROFESSIONAL looking and I can not use this for any client.Had another issue with it as well. Submitted 2 tickets 11 days ago(July 20th) Ticket #’s 361 and 362 – NO RESPONSE. The packaged plugins are old -require updates and i must pay to get them. I did so, as i would still have used it if they had responded to my issues.It cost me another $51 dollars on top of their $45 and it still did not fix the theme problems. Not to mention the totally UNACCEPTABLE support. I request a full refund for this theme as it is unusable as it stands and is not what it says it is. It is no longer on a server. I have had to find a different theme.

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when I go to composer and open edit a text box the box is empty even if is already built so the only way to edit is to copy the code into dreamweaver then fix the box and copy it back. in the visual there is no data in the window and no buttons above the window. I love this theme please help me or I will have to recommend it not be purchased

Israel Purchased

I cannot find the way to change a different font and also the font size. Please, I need your help. Thank you.