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Simply amazing work :). Welcome to forest and best of luck with sales!

Thank you very much :)

Great work :) welcome & goodluck.

Thanks a lot :)

I LOVE IT! :) Bookmarked for now! :)

Thank you very much :)

great design, love it!

Appreciated, thanks.

very nice, mark me down for the html version

Thank you, WP version is in progress, not sure about HTML yet.

Awesome Design

Thanks a lot!

Ezt most bóknak vettem.

Bookmarked, Great job man and welcome to the club :)

Thanks a lot! :)

Very nice indeed

Thank you Rafal!

Look really great. I’m in for a WP-version ;) Btw – did you use a specific action to create the really cool looking front image here on themeforest?

Thank you andy, WP version is in progress. I did used the following for the preview image: http://graphicriver.net/item/isometric-mockup-actions/4711538

Great. If you want a possible sale just through me a line whenever the WP version is done and online (just reply to this for instance :)). Also thanks a lot for the preview image. Really a cool action. Just bought it.

I will, thank you.

Love this! Can’t wait to get the Wordpress version when it comes out :) Plz let me know when it’s out thanks!

Hi, It’s close to finish now.

Thanks Shiftlab. Unfortunately I had to choose a different theme as it was taking too long to wait. But all the best with sales! I’ll take a look when it’s released.

No Problem! I understand, We just released Twish WP a few weeks ago.

Is there any email that we can contact you with it

great, if you want it in Joomla! we are interested in

Thank you, we’re currently working on the WP version. Not sure about Joomla.

Beautiful layout mate! :) Sign me up for the WP version. BTW, any chance you can let me know what font you used for the Twish logo? Tis beautiful!

Cheers, Sam

Hello Sam, Thank you very much! We’re already working on the WP version. The logo uses the font named Jubilat

Any ETA on the WP launch?

Any ETA on the WP launch?

WP Launch update?? It has been a month :(

Hi there… awesome Template! Does it comes with a Grid Guiding System?

Hi, sorry I don’t know what you mean.

Hi, I do not know where else to post the question. Theme forest just brushed me off with a “contact the author” What happened to the twish wordpress template and why was it removed. I have built a few websites now all references and support is gone.