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I’ve been busting to use this theme and got the opportunity today, so bought it without checking on the support situation. Doh! What is the risk of going with an unsupported theme? I guess the long term future of a site using Typegrid would be problematic??

Guys, if you are looking for support you are not in luck. Sadly the two men theme split up last year and since it’s now only a one man theme, the support is not there at all.

I’m in the same boat as you. You can try the official support forums here: wpbandit.com/forums/forum/typegrid/ there is some valuable information there also.

Hey! Thank you for using my plugin (Light) in your demo.. looks great! :)

Hey! Your theme preview does not appear to be working. I’d like to purchase this theme but it would be helpful if I could see the demo version.



Does the right share buttons inside posts are in a second sidebar or by itself?

I would like to use this right area as a second sidebar and add widgets to it. Is it possible?

And – is it suitable for RTL alignment?


Hi there, this theme work on wordpress 3.9.1 or more.?

yes it work on wordpress 3.9.1 – but Typegrid Tool disappeared on RTE editor since WordPress 3.9


Hello. First of all the theme is just great. Totally worth the 50$ it costs.

I was wondering if you could help me out with something. I’m having trouble with moving the page higher up towards the top banner image of the site. How can I do that? site url is: www.Hearthstone.no

I want it to be more like this: http://hearthstone.no/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/example1.jpg

Hello, this theme is buddypress compatible? Thanks

mdudel Purchased

Hi, I’m trying to change the theme language to Hebrew, with no success. I went exactly according to the instructions that you wort, but nothing change.. How can you help me please? Thanks

ADamir Purchased

Hi! Thank you for your theme! I try to add Apple icon in Social module, but FontAwesome shortcode fa-apple not work. How to update this module for supporting new fontawesome shortcodes?

Hello. How can i make it so the standard post format displays the featured image at the top of its single page the same way that an Image post format does?

I saw post-formats.php in the partials folder, and located the hast_post_format(‘image’) function, but I don’t know how to make it work with the standard post format, too.



anybody help me , how can i add infinite scroll with typegrid theme.

I am waiting for your reply

Thanks in advance

Registration for support forums is not currently working & the WPBandit team has not responded to support emails or tweets sent out over the course of the last two weeks.