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DavidNL Purchased

How can we change the childmenu? where is it located? i cant find it.


It’s a page template. It automatically shows child pages of the page it is used on. So, just make sure the pages are nested under a parent page.

If you need any further help, please use http://wpbandit.com/forums – thanks!

Brilliance of this theme is only outdone by the marvellous support.

If you are looking for a news/magazine theme that can hold its own against new Mashable design, then Typegrid is it.

Small compatibility issue with Jetpack plugin had wpbandit support team all over it, and it was resolved effectively.

Highly recommended.

Typegrid 1.1 is now available. Includes some minor bugfixes and some new features, such as a standard blog list option for home/archive/search and basic woocommerce support (just the base template) as requested.

Wow! Thanks for the update. Can you show us an screenshot of the standard blog list? :)


:D Thanks. I will buy it in the next hours. :)


Nice :) I’ve added the thumbnail option as well now for standard blog list. The theme is currently awaiting approval in the upload queue. Should be avail in a few hours, no change in version number.

timscha Purchased

Thanks. Already bought it. Really good work!

I have one question before i make the purchase. How will the theme react to images that are in portrait such as an iPhone screenshot. (example: http://blog.tmcnet.com/blog/tom-keating/images/sipgate-iphone-screenshot.jpg) Please tell about both front page and post page. Thanks


Are we talking about thumbnails? If you show a portrait picture with gallery format post, then the full image will be displayed with dark background on the sides like this: http://demo.wpbandit.com/typegrid/2012/07/16/gallery-format-post/

If you try to use such a format for thumbnails, then it will attempt to crop 50% off from top, 50% off from bottom. However, that image there would not work good as thumbnail, as the suggested minimum size for featured image is 720×340px.

As long as the thumbnail image always has a minimum width of 720px and a minimum height of 340px, it will always be cropped correctly.

Your other option would be to change dimensions of the thumbnails, in functions.php and increase the height.

Actually i have an smartphone apps related website so have to share many screenshots. I got your point on the grey area in gallery but will the theme also do that on homepage and post page (for example for posts that only have on image)? Such as this post: http://demo.wpbandit.com/typegrid/2012/10/27/taking-matters-in-his-own-hands-the-story-behind-eric/ in this one the image is wide. But what if it was a screenshot with 300px width?

You’d need to customize it a bit to get that to work properly, as it’s designed to crop to 720×340px.

.image-container { background: #262626; }
.format-image img { margin: 0 auto; width: auto; max-height: 500px;  }
That + new image size in functions.php, which doesn’t crop the image.

Ok i have a few more questions :) Are there multiple fonts available for the content? Where in the header will Leaderboard (728×90) ad appear?


The header ads will appear at the very top, above the blue navigation. Same size as the footer ads section. You could easily move the ads section down below the colored navigation bar if you prefer that, by editing header.php.

Fonts would need to be changed via css, but it’s really easy to do. There is currently no admin-panel font customizer.


OK. I hope you will add a font changer in admin and add some nice fonts. The current one is fine but it is always better to have choice. For the header ad, is it possible to add the banner on the right side of the site title/logo? Replacing the header search bar and social icons.


The header ads are located at the very top, above the navigation. If you want another ads area to the side (which will be hard to get to look nice on smaller resolution), you would need to customize that manually.

Hi there. Very impressed with this theme, but I have a few questions before purchasing:

- The main navigation and the sub navigation, can they be swapped around? And can the sub nav then be removed? I wouldn’t need it.

- In your other themes, such as Intent and Sideslide, you’ve got a really nice way of displaying galleries of your work. Is there nothing in this theme that is similar, or would I be able to get the code for the works section of Intent to use in this theme?

- Is it very easy to alter fonts, and I assume they’d need to be retina ready fonts that I replaced them with? And is it easy to change colours of everything / add background images?

Many thanks,



Great, this all helps greatly. I’ve just purchased the theme. If you could go into more detail on how to swap the menus around that would be great. Basically, I want no menu at the top, and the blue menu should be where the grey menu currently is. Any help would be great. Many thanks,



Can you create a thread on http://wpbandit.com/forums about this? I’ll put the instructions there, so others easily can find it – we try to keep all support in one place.


Yeah no problem.

Is it just me or did the Google+ button vanish after updating to 1.1?


The demo site runs 1.1 and the G+ is fine there. Could you create a thread on http://wpbandit.com/forums so we can look into your issue?

Also, does your changelog say March 14 or March 16? If it says 14, try downloading the very latest version again from ThemeForest.

Amazing theme, I have some questions though…

What plugin should I use for Staff Picks and Popular categories?

And second thing…there are many authors in our group, but only one person publishes them. So, “BY ADMIN ON MARCH 17, 2013”. Is there any way to change that admin with each authors own name?


The Staff Picks would work just as Featured and Highlights – you basically have a category used as filter, to specify which ones to show and not show.

As for your other issue, you would need separate author account that publishes the content in order for it to show different names.


For future reference: Custom Author Byline plugin helped to solve that issue.


Thanks for sharing! Didn’t know about that one.

So, the Featured posts automatically appear in a Staff picks…

What about popular categories? Is it Widget plugin to pull out certain category posts or sth automatic?


Staff picks do not have their own category simply because I was lazy when I created the demo content. It’s supposed to just showcase one way of how the tab widget can be used in the footer.

All the lists of posts is using the “WPB Tabs” widget. If you only use one section, no tabs will appear.

And by the way, “Include highlight posts in content area” option does not work, I mean, it does not exclude them, any solution?


Good find, looking into it. Feel free to create a thread on http://wpbandit.com/forums about it – we try to keep all support there, thanks.

Hi love the website – it really is hard to find something which is exactly what you have in mind! I have some questions as I have a very clear picture in my mind of what I want my website to look like before I purchase this stupendous theme! I especially love the way blog posts are displayed as thumbnails instead of as a long list like every other theme I have seen.

1. Can the top blue navigation toolbar replace the main white navigation bar? So the blue bar goes where the white one is with exactly the same styling as it is currently.

2. Will your theme allow me to disable things like post author and ‘about the author’ – the blog I am planning is all written by me.

3. Every theme I have purchased so far has allowed me to remove the developer credit link – will you also let me do this?

4. How customisable is the theme, I couldn’t see much about it in the demo?

Once again congratulations of a fantastic theme, I’m sure I’ll love it.


Hi there,

1) You can easily do this by just moving one section down in header.php. This has been asked on our support forums before, so there is a quick explanation how to do it there ( http://wpbandit.com/forums/topic/changing-the-position-of-the-menus/ ).

2) Yes, pretty much all you can see can be enabled/disabled via the admin panel.

3) Absolutely. You can change the copyright text directly from the admin panel.

4) Depends what you mean. Unlimited sidebars, unlimited accent colors, 10 post formats, plenty of ways to show content on home. You can read more here: http://wpbandit.com/themes/typegrid/ – the demo showcases a lot of it. If you want an example of what the admin panel looks like, check themeforest screenshots.

Glad you like it!

hey :) i wanted to ask you if i can use this theme (screenshot of the live-preview) for the preview of a tablet mockup on graphicriver. In return I´ll credit your work in the description of the product. Best regards


Feel free to! :)


thanks, youre awesome :)

Hi there, how much work would it take to make the top nav bar the same as mashables (i.e. logo, categories and social shares all in top coloured bar), and locked in the top as you scroll down? That would be amazing, and would likely gain you significant additional sales. Much work for a developer?


The replies to the first comment here on themeforest explains how to easily do sticky-navigation. Moving up logo and social icons inside of it as well shouldn’t be too hard, however it may be tight with space on for example iPad with all of it inside there.

Is there a way I can see a picture of the back end. I bought a few themes here and the backend usually is not very good. I want to make sure the theme panel is what I need before purchasing it. The theme looks great on the outside! Thanks.


The homepage uses index.php, so no shortcodes – just the standard WordPress loop. Then you are also given the option to enable two widget columns above and below the loop (recent posts) for the frontpage – plus featured slider and highlights section, which both are optional.


Ok, many thanks! Today I will buying your theme, very impressed with its responsiveness, how well you have places de menus in certain sizes, really well done, one of the best I have seen and tested so far.


Glad to hear!

raajbrar Purchased

I tired registering to your website and entered by item code, and email, but I never get your email with login details.

I have updated to the latest theme and I am having an issue with Videos. When I post in an old post, a video link, it does not resize to full width with post view… I just get this where the video is suppose to be.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfJT2ic0xGk&version=3&hl=en_US&rel=0]

Any ideas?


Try removing the [youtube ] part from the link, and just have the link in the textbox. Make sure Jetpack’s embeds feature is disabled.

I emailed you a temporary password for your account, so you should be able to access the forums now. If you have further issues, please create a thread there on http://wpbandit.com/forums – thanks!

raajbrar Purchased

Great, I got the email for the forums, thanks.

Yeah, it was the Jetpack’s embeds feature that was messing up the video embedding. Thanks.


This theme looks amazing!!! I was wondering if you are planning to add review sections to it? This is a feature I absolutely need and for my need your theme + this feature would be complete!


Yes, I saw an older comment with exactly what I’m looking for (admin screen with controls). So I guess you can +1 on this request!

- Will they include schema microdata so results appear in search results?

- Does your them contain a custom-function.php so I can add my own features (I already have a quicktag review system on my current them I could just port over) ?

- You might not want to answer, but I’m asking anyway! What amazing new features will be released soon?


1) Most likely

2) Yes, we have a custom-functions.php file

3) When I said that other things are prioritized before, I meant mainly finishing updates of the core theme framework, Air 2.0, for all our themes (updated admin panel, polished code/file-structure/improved child theme support/removed our branding & links from admin panel & more) as well as progress on new themes. When all themes are updated to the new structure, we will focus on adding new features.

alexandr3 Purchased

Purchased it! Amazing theme!! :D

Ok, I have bought the theme and I must say it has surprised me, it is better that what I thought. That said, not sure why you have some areas in the home that are built using widgets and some others are enabled in the admin of your Air framework. To me the best way to build the home would always be via widgets that way you can place adds in between the content blocks (which would be widgets) easily by using the text widget. I think you should reconsider that as it would make your framework among the best I have seen and try, and I have tried a lot. Another suggestion would be to get the option of having also Linkedin in the post sharing buttons, many sites are B2B and thus Linkedin is a must social network you need to include. Very satisfied in any case with the purchase, good work!


Thanks for your support and the feedback! We have been working on a solution to make the homepage more customizable and will definitely play with the widget idea.

m here second time…:) It will be really great if you can

-> Standard List like blog layout -> Make it full width, means no boxed layout -> Add “Trending Content” (most read at that moment) on the left and after the comments, (in the footer) add the blog homepage itself with infinite scroll…like mashable and increase the width a little :)

thinking to buy after this things are modified…and all the best :):)

Does the theme support multi-languages out the box?

Thanks Desmond


double reply


Out of the box the theme only includes English but can be easily translated using PoEdit and the included .pot file.