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Does it comes with lightbox functionality? Like in the demo site?

Thank you

Hi Ariesz, yes the theme comes with lightbox functionality.


Purchased! YEAH! \o/

How do I get into your support forum?


I am having issues with form fields. Labels do not align properly and checkboxes and radio buttons do not get ticked.

Also, the captcha gets all screwed up at the bottom.

You can see the form here:

For the time being, I have commented out line 1477 in the stylesheet. /-webkit-appearance: none;/ I have yet to check the form on other browsers.

Hey, sorry about that.

We were trying to override some defaults on mobile Safari, but oversees the issues on the checkbox. The form should work fine on other non-ios/osx browsers.

Expect a fix for this in the next version.

Unfortunately, we can’t do anything about the labels or other form fields. If you need a customised form, you will need to style it using custom CSS accordingly.


Has the above form issue been fixed?


Yes that has been fixed.


great, thank you! excellent work by the way :)


The theme looks great. I will need to offer some kind of area for discussions and feedback, though – will bbpress look good on Typist, or is it not optimized for that?


Thanks for the quick reply – doesn’t help me, though. As the makers of this theme, it wouldn’t really take you long to install bbPress and see for yourself. If it works then you have all the reason to advertise it, because it would increase your sales. Half an hour well spent. Unless… are assuming it’ll cause problems or not look good, which is really the only logical reason why you wouldn’t test for yourself and rather give a “we don’t know” reply.

And of course, we’re talking template here and we’re talking design, so if things break it’s hardly a relief if it’s “just” the design. :)

No promise or guarantee means no refund in the Themeforest, so there’s no way I can buy this theme, sorry.

Sorry I meant bbPress – been a long day already.

Hi Themegump,

We’d like apologize for any shortcomings on our end and hope you’ll find a theme that meets your requirements. To echo what my colleague said, bbPress, the plugin will work just fine with the theme, but it will not fully inherit the visual aspects of the theme – this, we can guarantee :)

All the best!

Syamil MJ

How do I show the pictures , when you click a category? Because when I click on a category, only text appears.

I am very interested in purchasing.


Glad to hear you’re interested in Typist. Currently the category doesn’t display pictures, but it would be fairly easy to add that with a single line of code.

Thanks, Daniel

When finalized the purchase , it is possible you teach me to later add this code?

Yes, we can help you with that in our support forum :)

Hello, Is it possible to add a logo instead of the blog name? Thank you.

Yes it is :)