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I need support ASAP for my tickets. Tickets open is Request #64530 please help me

I have still problems. Some guy from You answered me, but he didn’t approaches to this seriously. #64147 Problems with translations

Fixed, finally :)

Dear friends,

Since 15 days ago we’re suffering notables lacks in one of our customers websites (the rest are running ok and all of them are hosted in the same server but none that this uses the theme).

We have the theme already updated to v. 1.6.4 and have installed several plugins to optimize the loading process with no luck.

It takes up to 2 minutes to charge the main page and so the rest of the site. We’ve checked our server as well as our net hardware and everything is running ok. It there something we should check?

Any help would be much appreciated,

Thanks in advance.

Hi, my apologies for the issue you are experiencing. Sadly is not possible to provide technical support here, our developers can help you only asking you additional info about the issue, checking directly your site and so on. So i have to ask you to open a ticket in our support desk: register yourself in our site: Then active your theme in this page.

Then in this page open a ticket and explain your issue. We suggest to include your url and if possible a temporary admin account on your site (only our developers can view this info, don’t worry) so we can review your setup and help you. thanks

Hi Sara,

Support #66078

I tried updating my website with latest Tyrion theme after which the admin and webpages were not showing up and throwing http 500 error. I had to fallback to the backup but that also did not help. I am now getting a lot of styling issues and by default the page opens up in mobile mode.. Tried cleaning wordpress cache as well as local cache but did not help.

I already created the support ticket #66078 with required details

Please look into it asap as the page is already in production…

Thanks, Paramita

Just asked to our developers to check your ticket asap. thanks

Hello, do you ahve this template also with WooCommerce?

this is a woocommerce theme :) but nobody can include the plugin in themes here on themeforest, you have to install it yourself.