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Hi, Just purchased the Ubergrid theme and you have done a great job! Just a couple of questions.

1. When i search for an article from the search bar the results do not display the associated picture for the post – i would like this function to work as on your demo page search results do show their associated picture when search results are listed.

2. Also I would love the search bar to be located in the menu sidebar if possible and also included in the mobile optimized page.

Once again thankyou for the great theme and looking forward to your response. Regards Nikhil

Hi thanks for the prompt reply,

How would I set featured images? I have set the post as a featured post and have secondary images uploaded.

In regards to the search bar I will open a ticket and please do have a look at my mobile site to have a look at the popup submenu:

My url is www.societycard.com.au

Regards Nikhil

I have figured out how to set featured images ;)


your ticket has been answered.


Hi ! (I bought this theme with another account)

We don’t like “read more text” like it is now, because it’s always in a different position, is it possible somehow to put the “read more text” in the “brick-meta-wrap” area ?


you could do that, but a template file modification would be required.

Do you have any coding skills? It’s not complicated and I could point you in the right direction.


Yes we have coding skills, can you give a few steps / filenames / lines ?

Here you go:

If you want to move “read more” on front page “boxes” you should edit files located in “ubergrid/pukka/modules/grid-layout/views” folder (depending on which post format you want to modify, but from what you’re telling me probably all).

To be safe that your changes don’t get lost when theme is updated, you should copy modified file to “ubergrid/pukka-overrides/grid-layout/views” (more info about it you can find here: http://demo.pukkathemes.com/ubergrid/documentation/#3.8 ).

There you can insert your “custom” read more link.

There are several solutions in order to remove already existing one, the simplest one would be to just hide it via CSS:

.brick .moretag{ display: none; }



swp03 Purchased

Great theme! On the homepage (grid format), is there any way to either remove the “Category” tag that displays or have ALL category tags display?

It currently only selects ONE category (if 3 are ticked for example); and chooses the first – alpha order. I’d like to display all or remove.



the space is pretty limited, that’s why only first category is displayed.

If you want to hide it, just paste this CSS code into the “Custom CSS” textarea (Theme Settings -> Style):
.brick-meta > a{ display: none; }


Nice grid theme and excellent support service!

Thank you! :)

Hello, this is a super awesome theme, thank you for putting it out there! I have a few prepurchase questions:

- would it be possible to have a reading pane such as here http://themes.quemalabs.com/teller/? Or a pop-up reading pane that takes over the two right columns of the screen and which then can be collapsed when done reading? I like the idea of never having to leave the front page (although individual pages would exist for every post).

- can an individual page have more images? For example a masonry below the main image such as here http://www.thecoveteur.com/jeffrey-kalinsky-new-york/ .

- just as each of the boxes in your theme has a bottom field for grid category, would it also be possible to have a top field such as here http://monocle.com/search/industry/

Sorry about all these customisation questions. I also realise that this would require coding but would the theme allow for these changes?

Looking forward to hearing from you! Best, A


1) looking at the example link, and if you would like to replicate it, I think this would require some modification. I don’t think that it is something hard, but to achieve that effect front page would be have to be arranged in a different way and some JS added.

2) As far I can see, those are not some gallery images, but a “related” (or in some other way connected) products which open in a lightbox. Of course, you can add more images on every page (and make gallery) or you can use some plugin (like jetpack) to create a tiled / mosaic gallery.

3) This could be easily done with a simple code modification. Grid “boxes” have their own template files which are easily overriden.

Thank you for being interested in Ubergrid :)


Cool, thanks so much for answering so swiftly. I see that you are available for freelancer hire – is this something you would consider doing?


right now we’re focused on finishing our new theme, so currently we’re not available to take any new projects.

Thanks considering us for the job :)


Can you feature a post(s)?

Will it be possible to sort by categori together with infity scroll?

With feature i mean PIN A POST to the top


If you mean to pin a post on the front page, then yes. Front page can be moderated in 2 ways:

1) You can pin (arrange) content you like the way you like (choose box size and position). The content you can add in this mode is: post, page, custom content and category element (which displays latest or random post from selected category).

2) You can choose to display latest posts (from selected categories).

As for the second question, yes you can enable “grid layout” (along with “infinite scroll) on category pages. There is a setting for that in Theme Settings.


Im working http://yasminabach.dk/ and i have a problem with the menu. For some reason my secondary menu is shown above the primary menu,and not below as in the demo?


can you open a ticket with our support system at pukka.ticksy.com and leave your WP login credentials so our support staff can take a closer look?


Great theme!

Is it possible for a video post to display a thumbnail instead of the video on the home page? I want to drive the user to my single post page instead of him consuming the content on the home page.



just set a secondary image (on the panel to the right) and it will be used instead of a video.


Perfect! thanks

You’re welcome!

Hi programmers. I have a big problem with your theme. My client has got Ubergrid theme and use it. Yesterday, Wordpress has a white screen of death. I found some virus in system and remove codes from files. But, my client hasn´t got ubergrid.zip for reinstalation ( programmer who work on web before me, don´t give the file to client).

Only my problem – from wp_debug is three warnings -

Warning: include_once(includes/pukka_grid_functions.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/www/wp-content/themes/ubergrid/pukka/pukka_functions.php on line 62

Warning: include_once(): Failed opening ‘includes/pukka_grid_functions.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.’) in /home/www/wp-content/themes/ubergrid/pukka/pukka_functions.php on line 62

Fatal error: Call to undefined function pukka_fp_box_settings() in/home/www/vezmemese.cz/wp-content/themes/ubergrid/functions.php on line 40

Please, can you help me remove this errors? What´s wrong?

Thanks for reply! I am not buyer of Ubergrid theme and I haven´t a purchase code :(. I look into a folder “pukka” and the folder includes is missing. So please, can you help me, and send me this one file by mail?

Hi again,

send us an email to support@pukkathemes.com with a list of missing files and we’ll help you out.

Note, that you should really check your hosting security setup, in order to prevent this from happening again.


Thanks, pukkathems, Ubergrid is ready and running. Great support!

Dear Pukka Themes, I am thinking about which would be best way to add some features this theme add to posts to my custom post types. For example, if I edit pukka.gallery.metabox.php, I can enable the gallery for a custom post type, entering this code after line 87:

add_meta_box( ‘pukka-post-images’, __( ‘Gallery’, ‘pukka’ ), ‘Pukka_Meta_Box_Gallery::output’, my custom post type, ‘side’, ‘low’ );

But maybe you could add a filter, or some another way to enable the theme feature for custom post types.

Thank you


we’ve added this feature in our last update, so there aren’t any filters yet, but..

You can just copy and paste that several PHP lines, for example, in your child theme’s functions.php file and that should be enough to add metabox to your custom post type.

For example, if you paste this into the functions.php:
add_action( 'add_meta_boxes', 'portfolio_add_gallery_meta_box' );
function portfolio_add_gallery_meta_box() {
    add_meta_box( 'pukka-post-images', __( 'Gallery', 'pukka' ), 'Pukka_Meta_Box_Gallery::output', 'portfolio', 'side', 'low' );

Gallery meta box will appear in (custom) portfolio post type (I’ve just tried it) :)



hamdin Purchased

Hello! Nice work! 2 questions: 1. Can I set the boxes on the home grid to point to menu items / chapters / categories instead of articles or individual pages? Or, even better, to a sub-grid? 2. Is it possible for a grid box to display just text & links (no picture, no video)? Thanks in advance for your prompt reply!


boxes on the front page can be set to display: 1) post or pages 2) latest (or random) post from selected category 3) custom content (which is basically text area in which you can insert any HTML/JS/shortcode)

If you would like box to look like a “post box”, but point to some other content you could just copy / paste “post box” HTML content (from page source to “custom content”) and then just change links manually.

Regarding “no picture/video”, there will be no image displayed if you don’t insert a featured image or set post format to “video”.

If you have some other specific customization, that can be easily applied by changing template file which is used to display front page boxes.


hello presale, fixed background-picture possible? and the main menu on the right?

You’ve probably selected “gallery” post format?

If you want that only a picture is shown in a “box”, on the front page, you could use “custom” content element (Front page manager) or make a theme modification (which I’ve seen many people done it, so it shouldn’t be complicated).

Or if you just want to hide “read more” arrow you can do it by adding a simple CSS in the “Custom CSS” textarea.


ok got any showcase?

This modification really depends on what you’re trying to achieve exactly.

Here’s an example of one such modification (from a user from our support forum): http://imageireland.ie/


I love your theme! Just had a few prepurchase questions if I may:

1) what do the front page manager and infinite scroll mean exactly? What will it allow me to do in practice?

2) is it possible to ‘stick’ certain posts on the grid? Or does it always reflect the latest posts?



1) Front page manager is used so you can control which content should appear on the front page. There are 3 types of elements you can use: post (or pages), category (which displays latest or random post from selected category) or custom content.

For all 3 types of elements you can choose size (big, medium, small). You can also “pin” selected element, so it always stays at the same position.

Of course, you can disable front page manager mode and just display latest posts (which you can filter by selected categories).


Fantastic! I’m getting it :) thanks

You’re welcome!

Hello my logo is huge when displayed on the pages (http://thechasedesign.com/fidjital) but when I refresh the pages it goes back to an acceptable size – why is this happening?


I browsed around your site and I see your logo just fine.

Can you open a ticket with our support system at pukka.ticksy.com and leave some more details (browser you’re using), maybe a screenshot and WP login credentials?


I opened a support ticket – thanks!

Already answered :)


hamdin Purchased

hello! How can I ad a submenu page that looks exactly as the home page (with items rearranging and all the features)?


currently front page functionality is reserved for the home page only.

We’re thinking about adding this functionality, but there are some difficulties in order not to break backwards compatibility, so there is no exact timeline when this feature will be implemented.



hamdin Purchased

Well, It seems that after the presale question from 8 days ago I got under the wrong idea that pages like the front page can be cascaded in a tree-structure of the site. Might be my mistake, but the thing is that the template is pretty much useless for my site’s architecture without this functionality. Would it be possible for me to get it? Maybe as a special/trial project? I’d really appreciate it


I’m sorry to hear that. Can you open a ticket with our support system at pukka.ticksy.com and explain in more detail what do you exactly trying to achieve and our support staff will do it’s best to help you out.


Hi. Possible for an update where its more social share friendly?

I was looking this: http://anthemes.com/themes/pin/box/

Would be great if social network share buttons was also on all posts like the example

Let me know if u can do this or maybe can recommends a plugin

Thanks R


our other theme Sympagrid, very similar to Ubergrid, has this feature: http://themeforest.net/item/sympagrid-responsive-grid-wordpress-theme-/6814994

So it isn’t to hard to implement this feature into ubergrid, but it would require a (minor) theme modification (so social buttons get displayed exactly the way you want).