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jfn99 Purchased

Hi, what are the cancelation policy on this theme? I’m unhappy with the way this theme works. after doing all I could it’s just to heavy to load. can I cancel for a refund? I won’t be using this theme any more.

Hi jfn99, I am suspecting this is caused by Visual Composer, you should contact your hosting to analyze the slowness. As for refunds, you can contact Envato Support.

where can i change blockquote background color? stylesheet not showing anything.

You can use a custom css for that: blockquote { background :#ccc; }

Thanks!! Can you also provide me the shortcode for link + link hover color?

Hi Marta, you can modify that from Theme Options


NWNG_IT Purchased

I’m trying to submit a ticket and have copied and pasted the purchase code from the download files but saying its invalid?

You might have a virus on your computer, other customers are opening tickets as usual on: http://fuelthemes.ticksy.com/


NWNG_IT Purchased

No virus here. Looks to be resolved. No need for ticket now. Found the answer online regarding hover animation. Many thanks

No problem :)


Is it possible to display star rating on Shop page?

Not at the moment, sorry.

Hi There,

i just purchased this theme for a client and it looks awesome! Good job :)

Though i have a question about product variations. Is it possible to use ONLY a e.g. size variation on a product? Cause at this moment i only have a size attribute which i am going to use for sneakers, shirts etc, as they don’t need a color attribute. The thing is that when i use ONLY a size attribute, my images still change when i select a different size. The problem here is that when i, e.g. change the size from US11 to US12 on the product single page, my image slides to a white one (empty). I tried to add the image to all of my variations but then only the last added variation will use this image…

Hope you guys can help me out :)



Please open a support ticket at http://fuelthemes.ticksy.com with your login details for me to check.

Hi Mate,

me again? Is there more info about the update which will fix the INCORRECT display of product images with a singe variation?

In my opinion this is something that have to work in order to display your products correctly!

Hope to hear soon!

Hi there, we already updated the theme yesterday :)

So… How long is the answer time for support tickets? For me 2 working days is a bit too long. (Ticket #439864)

My customers have problems with items disappearing from cart and I do not know how to fix this…

A heads up for those who haven’t yet bought the theme: There are some flaws with this (beautifully designed!) theme: If you want the site to be in another language than English, you will have to do a lot of translation by yourself in files. Also the cart/checkout feels a bit shakey at times but I don’t know if this has to do with the integration with Woo Commerce or the design/coding of the cart as some other people have commented earlier here and in the support forum. I hope to hear from authors about this as the cart is one of the single most important features in the shop.

Hi ryter_as, already replied to your ticket couple of days ago.

Hi again! After 4 days I had this reply: “that doesn’t sound like a theme issue. Theme only shows whats in the cart, does not manipulate it.”

Yes, I have looked at your issue, and it doesn’t look like a theme problem.

Does the site have the option to put a tab to select different languages?

And it is available in Spanish?


The site is compatible with WPML, so you can add your language switcher anywhere.


I’m in trouble when registration 2 variable attributes, in my case use size and color as product variations, use not appear when the default image. the issue goes blank until choose the two variations.

Another problem is that the topic does not make use the same photo for more of a change in my case as an example has a T-shirt with three diverente sizes but with the same color … it just lets you use once the picture and this is very bad, because I have to put the same picture on the site three times.


Hi there, please open a support ticket at http://fuelthemes.ticksy.com/

I have opened the call and was not answered…. :(


Is it possible for variations to have a sale price on the grid like the simple products?

Sorry, not at the moment.


saomair Purchased


I bought a website and got your theme with that but its nulled and cracked I guess and its old version my question is if I buy the theme how i will update the old theme and keep the old setting ?

Thank you

Yes, you can upload the new theme without losing your content.

With the last update the banners pictures don’t fit with the windows, and the image go to the right. Why? I can’t find any option for fix it.

It worked perfectly before I uploaded the last update.


Hi there, please open a support ticket at http://fuelthemes.ticksy.com/ with your page address.

Hello, where can you adjust size of the thumbnails appearing on a single product page below the main large image? At the moment the size is 106×117px but I can’t see where this can be modified. Thank you

Hi peppies, you need to have a purchased badge to receive support.


First of all, i love your theme. I do have a few questions and hope you can help me. Also added a ticket on FuelThemes, but thus far no reply.

Is it possible to change the hight of the menu, as on a mobile device, the shopping cart falls just below the menu header and is thus hardly visible.

Also, when i look at my site on an iphone and check the shopping cart, the total amount of money and the amount of products are too close to eachother, making it look like a 5 digit number (0,0000). How do i solve this?

I hope you can help me out, also with my ticket on FuelThemes.

Thanks a lot!

Hi Saikoh, your products open fine for me.

I uploaded new products, because the old ones really didnt work. I now have the same problem with the checkout process. After i put some products in the shopping cart and go to the address information, i cannot continue to the actual payment module. There just isnt anything there. It is like the code is gone. Where do i enter what code to make sure the “proceed to payment” button actually makes a customer go to the payment module?

Hope you can help.

Hi Saikoh, since you have modified the checkout page, we cannot help you with that.

Can i please get a list of plug ins needed for this template. I recently switched hosting services and lost all data. forgot which plug ins to add.


You can find them inside Appearance -> Install Plugins

Dear Author,

I submitted a support ticket on a feature that’s not currently working on the template on 7/12. i haven’t received a response yet, is there anyway of getting this issue to being resolved any faster? If so can someone email me at diehardleague@gmail.com


Sorry about that, will reply to your ticket today.

We have updated the Visual Composer. However when adding the links to the images, they still point to a broken link. Some of the features are also not working. When adding a recent products to the front page, we pick the option of 4 column rows and it remains in the 3 column row display. The third feature not working is the column responsiveness on the mobile version of the site. Can we get some help with these issues.

We can be reached at diehardleague@gmail.com

Hi there, we ‘ll be updating the theme to fix this issue.


saomair Purchased

Urgent Help :

Image zoom is not working can you tell me please how to fix this ?

Hi there, please open a support ticket at http://fuelthemes.ticksy.com/


saomair Purchased

can you please tell me the change log of new update ?

We ‘ll add the changelog to the item page, but nearly all files have been updated.

I’m going to buy your theme but i really need to add a shortcode in the header, where the theme says’FREE SHIPPING for ALL ORDERS OVER $199’. Is it possible for me to put a shortcode in that area or even a small snipit of php. Basically i’ll be putting the currency converter i use to show the 3 different currencies my store accepts.

Hi adam, we can help you do that :) Only a simple change.

excellent. Thank you