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Hi I attempted to login to Fuel Themes, but could not do so. I tried to reset my password and did not receive an email (not in spam either), so I am going to post my questions here.

?I just installed the latest version of Uberstore and went to Appearance > Install Plugins > Visual Composer and installed and activated visual composer. Upon building a page on my homepage everything looks normal on the backend, but on the live site the page appears as having the columns stacked full width.

I asked the Visual Composer plugin author about this and they said it is due to a CSS issue with the Uberstore theme that is conflicting with Visual Composer. This is what they said:

“The issue is because theme author has modified our default column classes using: https://wpbakery.atlassian.net/wiki/display/VC/Change+CSS+Class+Names+in+Output

Due to this it breaks. You can get in touch with him and get rid of the above code to get it back. Kindly check.”“

How would I go about fixing this Visual Composer issue?

We are updating the theme to fix this issue today.

when it comes out the next update ?

We are updating the theme today.

Can I update wordpress to version 4.4 with Uberstore 3.05?


I have the same issue. This is my quick fix: I’ve just removed the comma from the following CSS declaration. vc_col-xs-12, .vc_column_container{width:100%} to vc_col-xs-12 .vc_column_container{width:100%} and it works for now.
Other problems I’ve found so far
  1. The button shortcode is not working. Only icon displayed, but not the text
  2. When not using VC on a page, but instead the Wordpress Editor, the content stretches over the full width
  3. Content in full-width sections is not limited to the content grid
I’ve postet a support ticket for these issues.

Thanks, we ‘ll be updating the theme today to fix these issues.


We updated to the latest version of Visual Composer and layout homepage is not correct anymorwe.

Made a ticket: #615020

Could you please check?


Have checked all settings, but layout is still not correct. We need heklp with this.


Hi, could you please help us? #631672 Layout is incorrect and all is updated to latest vesions. (no custom code)

Already replied to your ticket.

Can I update wordpress to version 4.4 with Uberstore 3.05?


We are getting a syntax error on checkout: SyntaxError: Unexpected token <

What is the latest version?

Hi, could you please have a look at this request?

Ticket: #623139

Replied to your ticket.

Hi there..I love this theme and I think it’s finally something perfect for my site.However I’d like a few changes but somehow can’t manage to do it by myself. How can I change the header colour from black to white? Same thing with the footer.I’d like both to be white. Another thing is regarding the little note in header style 1: “Please add text from Appearance – Theme options”. I would not want any text here but I’d like Facebook Like button there instead.How can I achieve that? Thank you in advance.

Hi there, that would require you to add the facebook like button inside header.php.

Thank you.Worked just fine.

Agggh!! Just fully updated the theme and plugins via the backend with FileZilla, but since updating – the main product image disappears in the single product view. Featured images remain, but when the shop item is opened the product image disappears. This is on both mobile and desktop. Help!!

Hi there, please open a support ticket at http://fuelthemes.ticksy.com/

I did, and am just awaiting a response, thanks


Just uploaded the new theme, waht version should this be? We are running 3.0.5


That’s correct.


We have the same problem as shelliwell. Images are missing form products.

Sent ticket: #640963


Goodday, any new yet? Waiting for 2 days now.

Hi there, I replied to your ticket. Basically, you need to add the image to both the featured field + product gallery.

Yes, but that is not how woocommerce works. But thanks


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Hello and thanks for the theme

I am in a great rush and i have a BIG PROBLEM. Column appearance not working!! I opened a ticket here


Please update your theme and VC.

Kindly leave a changelog/reference in Item Details to let us developers know what has changed. Thanks a lot.

Updated changelog :)


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Still waiting for an answer Dear Author… https://fuelthemes.ticksy.com/ticket/641556

Thank you

Replied to your ticket.

demo not work ;’/

Should be fixed now :)


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how can i setup the Standard blog style to display the “Read more button” and not the complete post. Thanks so much!

Hi there, you need to use the “More” button inside post editor: http://www.wpbeginner.com/beginners-guide/how-to-properly-use-the-more-tag-in-wordpress/


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ok, thanks. Is not possible configure a scepter? where i can decide the number of post to show before pagination? Thanks!

You can change that from Settings -> Reading.