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Ideas are bulletproof, and this one has many of them. Very nice work.
Congrats and wish you good luck with sales. :)

Vendetta! :)

Thank you mate.

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nice work…

Ty so much for the support :)

the best countdown I’ve seen. gonna get it today. Congrats!!!

Thanks man. Means a lot.
Let me know if you need something after you buy. I’ll gladly help you.

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Cool!! it is the best countdown. Good luck

Thank you :)

Coooool :) i like it and buy it:))

Thank you :) Hope you do some good use of it!


hi, there create template, only one small problem close button is not working on about page, not on my site and not in demo, do you have solution??

Also would be great to load background image after video has played?? or custom thumb / poster image.


Checking on that. I’ll ask you if you don’t mind to address this issue by the form in our profile. So we can better assist you and keep contact directly for file changes or any other issues. You can click here

Thank you very much for your purchase.


Is it possible for the youtube video to autostart? Is it possible to have the fade in/out slideshow with images AND a video?


first of all, thank you for your purchase. Please send you question using the form on the profile so we can better help you, this is a comment section.

We will answer you asap and you wont be disappointed.

Quick answers,

yes, you can remove the twitter feed and place a static link.

yes, it is, if you read the helper file and the commented code on the config file you will find how to autostart your video.

No, at this moment it is not supported slideshow with video and images.

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Disregard my previous questions. I have a new question: Instead of the twitter feed at the bottom, can that be changed to a text link?

Please disregard my question again…LOL…I figured out how to substitute the twitter feed for a text link.

In the video template….the countdown disappears when the video plays in Chrome. Please advise.

Latest Google Chrome: 21.0.1180.60 m

Is there supposed to be the following file included? php/subs.php. Didn’t see it any folder and I think as a consequence the subscribe function is not working.

where’s the documentation?

Great theme but no docs no instructions on how to set timer etc there is comments in the code but no instruction file? did i miss something you refer to a helper file where is that?

The “Drop us a message” function nor the doesnt seem to be working…is there supposed to be some action associated with the “submit” button referencing “send.php”?

In the video template….the countdown disappears when the video plays in Chrome. Please fix

Sadly there are a number of issues in Chrome :( – Latest Version 23.0.1271.91 .... and no responses on here from the author for the last 4 months is a bit concerning

Can’t seem to get the video autostart to work for vimeo Help? looked at the help file

I have sent in an email over 5 days ago about the forms not working and not response. I see that there are many individuals here who are not getting responses. Are you still supporting your product or should I request a refund?

really nice, good luck;