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Hey, great design!

I am looking at purchasing a Shopify theme for a client. two questions: 1) Can I upload this theme to another host that isn’t Shopify?

2) If I use a different host, how do I set up the shopping cart option for customers to use credit card or paypal?

I only ask because I know through Shopify it’s relatively easy to do this.



Hi djordanx,

Sorry its not possible to use this theme with different hosting… You should have shopify store.

Thanks, Ram.

Hello there, I really like the theme. I wonder if I can re-use the theme for different store or it’s just one time use for one store. Looking forward to hearing from you guys. Thanks,


Hi tphan91,

Thanks for showing interest on our theme!

You can use only for single store if you purchase in the “Regular Licence” for the use of multiple store you have to purchase in the “Extended Licence”.

Thanks, Ram.


Thank you for your reply Ram. I have another question. If I purchase the theme, do I get full support from you guys like installation, customization, etc. The reason I ask is because I have no experience regarding coding. I would really need help from the professionals. Let me know. Again, thank you for your quick reply. Cheers :)


Hi tphan91,

Yes we will help on installation and customization , if you just need help in setting up , we can do with free of cost. Or is there any additional requirement apart from theme default features , there may be some additional cost.

Thanks, Ram.

Hello there: Im trying to move from woocommerce to shopify. There is no way to get a boxed view on this theme? i see you offer that on wp theme. thanks


Hi mr809,

No this shopify version not comes with boxed version, if you need we can separately customize it for you with some additional cost.

Thanks, Ram.

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Hello Very nice theme. I have one question. How hard or how easy is to translate my shopify store to another language when using this theme. There is an app in Shopify AppStore call “langify” that can do it for you, but it is $18.00 a month and I am pretty sure all it does is modifying or adding some .liquid and/or .css files to the theme. Please advise. Thanks


Hi Alex,

We didn’t included any separate feature to translate the language section in this theme as default feature. But we can help on this by editing manually with some additional cost.

And for making changes in slider text you can edit at theme settings, or can directly add at the liquid file ‘ layerslider.liquid”

Thanks, Ram.’

Hi !

I hope someone is providing support for this theme. Otherwise I wouldn’t have purchased it. :-(

On the demo page, under the top menu item “HTML ELEMENTS”, ( http://ultimate-theme.myshopify.com/pages/buttons ) it shows different colored/sized buttons, list icons and drop caps. However, I can’t find the place in the Theme Settings where these can be chosen.

Please, could someone out there let me know how to use these different colored HTML elements?!? I don’t know enough to get this taken care of myself. I thought it would be on the Theme Settings page.

The theme is advertised as having these features available, so there must be a way to use them.

Thanks for your help. Betty


Hi marybetty,

Unfortunately we can;t give all these features in Shopify theme settings itself. But you can make these things to work as need just by adding required classes.

1) These were the available button colors. specify the color you need to add for button as given in the below example:

black, grey, light-grey, light-blue, yellow, blue, gold, green, olive-green, orange, purple, red, turquoiseblue, violet, deepblue, teal, mauve, pearl, steelblue, coffee, coral, crimson, hotpink, indianred, aqua

Eg)<a href="#" title="" class="button button-color"> Button Text </a>

2) Button sizes: Available button sizes are small, medium, large. Use these classes as like the example below:

Eg)<a href="#" title="" class="button button-size-class"> Button Text </a>

3) List Icon classes: rounded-arrow-list, minus-list, rounded-check-list, arrow-type4-list, star-list, arrow-type1-list, check-list, edit-list, chat-list, square-arrow-list, arrow-type3-list, diamond-shape-list, plus-list, arrow-type2-list, error-list, arrow-type5-list

use the above icon classes as shown:

Eg) <ul class="fancy-list list-class" />

4) List Icon colors: grey, light-grey, black, light-blue, yellow, blue, gold, green, olive-green, orange, purple, red, violet, turquoiseblue, deepblue, teal, mauve, pearl, steelblue, coffee

use the above icon color classes as shown:

<ul class="fancy-list list-color-class" />

5) Dropcap classes: dropcap-default, dropcap-circle, dropcap-bordered-circle, dropcap-square, dropcap-bordered-square

use the above classes for dropcap as given below:

Eg) <span class="dropcap dropcap-class"> A </span>

6) Dropcap color classes: grey, light-grey, black, light-blue, yellow, blue, gold, green, olive-green

use the above color classes for dropcap as given below:

Eg) <span class="dropcap dropcap-color-class"> A </span>


Wow! That was a real quick reply! Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate your help.

Just one more thing …

This might sound like a stupid question, but WHERE do I put the code you gave me? Would it be put directly into the HTML I’m writing on any given page, or does it need to be put into one of these ”.liquid” files or where? I can more or less deal with HTML and CSS but I don’t have any experience at all with Liquid or Shopify.

Thanks again so much. This is a beautiful theme and I’m really looking forward to using it on our shop.

Kind regards, Betty (marybetty is just because the system already had too many “betty”s)


Hi Marry Betty,

Codes can be added in pages and liquid files, Kindly refer the followings screen shots….



Thanks, Ram.

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