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Is there a way to stop from having the sliders buttons to show, I just want one image to show without the option to slide?

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I also wanted to know if I can add the portfolio columns to the main page with the slider image. I couldn’t figure out how to do that all day.

I want to add videos on the front page and have the slider image show also

Alright so I found a way to get 2.3.3 for the slider, now how can I adjust the settings for the portfolio sliders. so that they can auto rotate, etc.


As you can see from the following page, your portfolio sliders were already in the use of auto-rotating only.


And we haven’t included any options in our backend currently to control the portfolio sliders as you asked.


Is there a way to replace that with a slider, say a layer slider, This is more advanced, but where is the code that pulls the revolution slider to display like that, couldn’t I simply replace that code with something of my choice?


Yes, you couldn’t replace the code with anything of your choice. So we just need to work on your side for some customization, to make it work as you asked.

This will take around 4+ hours of our Business time and would cost between the range of $100 – $ 120, whereas we normally charge $ 25 / hour for such customization works.

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When I create one: carousel It comes with a title “OUR CLIENTS” How do I change this title? In which line of code?

thank you Edson Cruz


Pls look at this file http://d.pr/f/NLBq


You recently advised me on how to disable the ‘author’, ‘comments’, ‘categories’ and ‘date’.

I followed your directions but they are still showing. The link below will take to to the relevant demo page.


I have also tried to increase the number of words before the READ MORE button by increasing the PAGE excerpt length to 500 words but this did not work.

I would have attached screen shots to show all of the above but there was no way to do it here.

Please help, Michael


I ended up solving the problem!

I worked out what I had wrong in the settings to disable the ‘author’, ‘comments’, ‘categories’ and ‘date’.

In the ‘Settings’, ‘Reading’ I had set the ‘Home’ page as the static page but I also set the posts page to ‘News & Events’.

I changed the posts page to ‘-Select’ and all the the settings to disable the ‘author’, ‘comments’, ‘categories’ and ‘date’ worked.


Michael :)


I jumped the gun with this problem. The solution you gave me above only works for the page containing the POSTS. It does not work for individual posts.

This is an example of the page not showing the ‘author’, ‘comments’ and ‘categories’.


I need to be able to disable the ‘author’ and ‘comments disabled’ on all the individual posts. Sorry for the confusion.

Here is an example of the disabled ‘author’ and ‘comments disabled’ showing on a post.


Please help,



Kindly download and use “content-single.php” file attached below, by replacing your existing one from “ultimate\framework\loops\”

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ow do I put a link button in a table of prices to another page, without breaking the layaut table. ? http://smsdescontos.com.br/tabela/

The code is like this: “

Hiring This

thank you


Pls refer the url http://d.pr/f/OwML

You can put a link of another page to the buttons in pricing tables without breaking the layout simply by adding classes to your button links as following,
<tr class="buttons">
<td><a class="button medium black" href="http://smsdescontos.com.br/contratar-servicos/">Contratar</a></td>
<td><a class="button medium black" href="http://smsdescontos.com.br/contratar-servicos/">Contratar</a></td>
<td class="featured"><a class="button medium" href="http://smsdescontos.com.br/contratar-servicos/">Contratar Este</a></td>
<td><a class="button medium black" href="http://smsdescontos.com.br/contratar-servicos/">Contratar</a></td>
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Can you direct me to the page to delete the search bar up in the header section? I don’t need it.


-> If you want to show your portfolio columns throughout the main page with the slider images (including videos), you can use the page template for your main page as “Portfolio Template”

Or you can show your portfolio columns (with images/videos in thumbnails) by using the carousel as we shown in our main page preview.

-> Also please be specific and more detailed on which slider you want to show your images without the buttons (or options) to slide, whereas we have used 6 different sliders here in this theme.


If you are happy with this theme and our support, please feel free to provide Item/Author rating which will really help us to stand out and proceed with.

It will be great and we feel very happy if your rating is 5 out of 5 (5/5) . . !

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website link - link to picture for my questions – http://i41.tinypic.com/vpdm4x.jpg


hey, I’ve purchased this amazing theme, and my webiste setup is almost finished, I have 2 questions -

first question -

how do I remove the area which is marked with the arrow ? I can’t find it on Ultimate settings or at widgets area ?

second question -

how to impelement properly a newsletter ? I’ve tried a few and they all don’t work that well, I will be happy for some instructions …

thanks a lot in advance.


Thanks for your interest and the purchase on our theme !

1). To remove the footer content you’ve marked:

Please open “footer.php” and then find line.no:44 to remove the following code,
if(!empty($secondaryMenu)) echo $secondaryMenu;

2). Newsletter: Here we just used placeholder for Newsletter, and you can use any third party applications like Mailchimp, ConstantContact & etc.

What is the procedure to enable the translation and consequently to translate?



There are 2 ways you can translate or enable translation consequently,

1). You can enable the language from “wp-config.php”. For reference – http://d.pr/i/sZh0

2). Or you can use the WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPMU) for it – http://wpml.org

This is a pre-purchase question. Is there any way to have a fixed header on the Ultimate Theme like you do for your Empire Theme? I’m interested in both themes but prefer the style of Ultimate but need the fixed header.


Thanks for all your interests !

Currently we haven’t included any default option to have fixed header as you asked. And so we might need to work on some customizations from our side.

We are ready and will be happily help you get the fixed header on this Ultimate theme once after you have purchased our theme :)

Thank you so much for all your help so far.

The nivo slider will only use random slide transitions (default setting) on my home page. eg http://www.mcfuhrmann.com/

I have tried setting the transitions to fade etc on the settings sections when editing the home page but it makes no difference. It keeps using random transitions.

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How can i remove the search bar on the header?


To remove the search form on the header, first get your “header.php” file, then please find and remove the line of “get_search_form()” function from it.


Are you able to provide a fix for the submenu background in Chrome staying on the screen? You mentioned in a previous comment that you had fixed it in the live preview, and that it would be updated in the theme shortly. Could you provide the fix so we can implement it on our website – happy to provide website details to you in a private message. Thanks.


We will fix it in our next update. Meanwhile you can send us your website URL with login credentials.

And we will help you get a fix for this issue then.

This is just weird, In the portfolio section, when I add information to the portfolio meta,

ex: Client Name: Project URL : Location:

When I save and view, I get this:

Name: Grad Year: School:

Here are pictures: http://imgur.com/a/j1KpI

Well, I seemed to fix it, I just re uploaded the content-single-portfolio.php and it worked


Great and Thanks for updating anyway !

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How do I get the social links at the top of each page to open in a new window?

How do I remove ‘Posted by’ and ‘Comments’ from Video Archives page.

See: http://davidsouthwick.tv/category/around-caufield/

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Thanks guys… All good now – excellent support.


Thanks and Welcome mate, We really happy to help you anyway !

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The nivo slider will only use random slide transitions (default setting) on my page. eg http://www.mcfuhrmann.com/vision/

I have tried setting the transitions to fade etc on the settings sections when editing the page but it makes no difference. It keeps using random transitions.

When I click on view post or the ‘READ MORE’ for my posts it does not show the text that is with the image. eg http://www.mcfuhrmann.com/tournament-of-minds-tom/


Kindly share us your Wordpress and FTP login credentials via “Email DesignThemes” form located at the right bottom of our user page below,


So that we can check in your side, and will help you get resoving for those issues you’ve mentioned ASAP.


Sorry ! It seems that the password you’ve sent us was wrong, and so we could not connect to the server. Also please share us your Wordpress login credentials along with it, as we already asked.


Is the homepage widgetised, I need

appointments/conatct testimonials mail list – with Mailchimp integration? map/location/conatct details/open hours social media

Is all the above possible?

many thanks



That’s great thanks for the info. and reply

Can you confirm if the newsletter has Mailchimp integration? Also is there a contact widget?

Many thanks



I have seen the contact widget on the demo would just like to know if mailchimp is supported or do I need to source externally?

Many thanks


1) Currently we have used the Newsletter form just as a placeholder only, and there is no Mailchimp integration with that.

Still you can integrate and have it used with Mailchimp, ConstantContact, Benchmark like any third-party applications.

2) There is no Contact widget individually. You can see that we’ve used the Text widget for Contact box with the following shortcode,
[address email="designthemes@somemail.com" phone= "2145 - 007 - 1566" fax="2145 - 007 - 1566 " skype="designthemes" ]
No 45, Season Street, <br />
Livingstone LA, <br />
Inc - 4502 <br />