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The background of my site is white! I would like to have it as the default grey which i believe is F2F2F2 the Buddha bar is all set to default without any background set. I have watched your video and i cannot still not get this to work. Please can you help


Many Thanks

I have now resolved the background colour issue. It was in the background section. and Not in the Buddha bar.

I now would like to know how you have images on the post pages and portfolio pages with borders around them??

Many Thanks Mike


Thanks for updating with the background colour issue.

We have applied background and border with ”.thumb” class.

If you need to apply it in custom post images, please add “thumb” class in tag.

You can use columns for better results…

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I have no dummy data – it is in the Buddha panel but not hyperlinked. Where is that – I was expecting that. Also, the fav-icon uploader is not responding. I have tried both FF and Chrome and am having the same issues. I cannot get the uploader to respond. Help please.


Thanks for purchasing our theme and we are sure to help you with.

Please use the right bottom form located at http://themeforest.net/user/designthemes and send us your Wordpress login credentials.

So that we can check this from your side, and can fix it as well.


Is it possible to add any of the sliders to a page with a sidebar? I would like to add the touch slider to a page with a left sidebar, but cannot figure out how to do it.


Yes you can possibly add any sliders for a page with sidebar, by choosing the “Default Template” as your page template.

Hope the screenshot attached will help you have the better understanding on it,


Thanks, but that’s what I have been doing, and the slider keeps appearing above the sidebar instead of next to it. See these test pages to see what I mean: http://goo.gl/XOdWu and http://goo.gl/0fjTA

Also, where can I edit sidebars? I have looked everywhere, and I cannot find any function that allows me to add content to siddebars. Thanks for your help!

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Okay, saw the problem with how the folders were uploaded; have corrected. Thanks for excellent video; back to work.


Great and Thanks for updating. We really feel happy about our video is helpful enough for you to fix this..

Is it possible to have a black navigation bar with the red theme?

Add: Nevermind I found it. Thanks for a great theme


Glad about you have found that, and Thanks for updating anyway…!

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i’m having trouble with the contact form. We fill in all the fields and hit “Submit”. We get the “thank you for contacting us” message but no emails arrive. is this something to do with the .js file? Please reply urgently with directions or a solution.



Please check your Spam mails, alternate email address (if any) to make sure that you have no emails as received.

Or kindly provide your website URL with Wordpress and FTP login credentials by using the right bottom form through, http://themeforest.net/user/designthemes/

So that we can check for the issue and will give you the solution ASAP !

I am trying to add a slider next to a left sidebar, but the slilder keeps appearing above the sidebar instead of next to it. See these test pages to see what I mean: http://goo.gl/XOdWu and http://goo.gl/0fjTA Can you tell me how to get the slide next to the left sidebar?

Also, where can I edit sidebars? I have looked everywhere, and I cannot find any function that allows me to add content to sidebars. Thanks for your help!


You can add Revolution Responsive and Layer sliders in the content area of the post or page. Please have a look at the following link to see our documentation on using the Revolution Responsive slider,


You can choose the sidebar position or place them left to right while creating a page itself. Choose from the widget areas through “Dashboard -> Elegant Business -> Widget Area” to add content to your sidebar, and you can choose or manage your corresponding widgets from “Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets”.

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Hi! You say that the theme have 4+ columns. How can I get a left column + content + right column layout¿?


We meant that 4+ columns are provided to use within the content section only.

Not at all meant to use for the entire column layout as you asked, “left column + content + right column layout”


Look at the “columns” shortcodes page from the above link for the better understanding..

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ow, I feel a little cheated, now I’ll have to work on how to do this… Meanwhile, how can I remove entertained by the Home button?


Please find the screenshot attached from the below link, for the reference of adding or removing home icon from our theme.

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Hi! I have a problem with the latest version of ultimate. When installed on a regular clean WP installation i get a JS error in every browser for the editor buttons. There seems to be a problem in the code of the theme somewhere but cannot find it.

The error displays the following: Object is excpected URI: www.mydomain.com/wp-content/themes/ultimate-theme/framework//theme_editor/js/editor_plugin.js?ver=358-23224

My guess is that the double slash isn’t correct.

Please give me some help!


We have updated and fixed those codes. Thanks anyway for helping us to find the issue. Now you can do the following in your side,

- Open “framework/theme_editor/include.php”

- Goto line.no: 37, and there you will find the below code,

$plugins['mytheme_quicktags'] = IAMD_FW_URL.'/theme_editor/js/editor_plugin.js';

- Change or replace it with the following code,

$plugins['mytheme_quicktags'] = IAMD_FW_URL.'theme_editor/js/editor_plugin.js';
computeq Purchased

Thanks for the response!

I do have another issue. On the portfolio template, when there is only one photo, it isn’t showing on the detail page.


When I add the same photo twise it shows on the detail page however now it is blinking because off the slideshow.


Also the portfolio items on the pages below are not showing on mobile devices or if they are shown they blink out when you turn the device.

Maybe you can make a fix for these problems as well.


We have checked your portfolio pages and it seems that we need to work on some minor customizations. We love to support and ready to help you with this.

So if possible, kindly share your Wordpress and FTP login credentials by using the right bottom form “Email DesignThemes” through http://themeforest.net/user/designthemes/

Paginação no portfólio?


A pergunta é.

Eu tenho que criar as páginas da páginação?


Você não tem que criar as páginas para a paginação separadamente. Por favor envie-nos o URL do site com as WordPress login credenciais utilizando o direito fundo formulário através,


Iremos verificar isso uma vez e vai ajudá-lo a resolver este emitir o mais rápido possível


Espero agora que você possa ver as mudanças, como fixamos seu portfólio paginação problemas.

Você pode saber que nós usamos personalizados postagens e gerenciamento de nossas carteiras como com personalizadas postagens apenas.

Então, quando você criar uma nova portfólio página, você também pode ter de configurar o seu lesma ID também.

E é isso que o problema, ao passo que você faltou para fora para incluir o lesma ID para sua portfólio página.

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Hi I have purchased the theme and set up. I know that I can add video embedded code in to top slider. Is there a down side to adding videos into the slider (Full width later slider)? ie: is there a performance hit?




Please login to your Wordpress backend or go to wp-admin – Dashboard -> LayerSlider WP.

Here with that “LayerSlider WP” section you can find read about the layer slider usage.

And you will have the options there to add videos into the fullwidth layer sliders.

thura Purchased


HI! Im having trouble making the [carousel_portfolio categories=”5,1,2” /] work on my home page..? Check out http://www.missioncircle.com/testsite/

The other portfolio options do work. Please help! Thanks halua


Hi halua !

Kindly check once again and make sure that you have used the right category ID’s for your portfolio carousel.

Or else please find the right bottom form at http://themeforest.net/user/designthemes , and email your Wordpress & FTP login credentials to us immediately.

We will check and help you make your portfolio carousel to work ASAP…!


Ok, how do I know what the Category ID’s are? All I see is the name of the category, slug and portfolio items. But the default were numbers on the [carousel_portfolio categories=”5,1,2” /]


Please find the screenshot attached from the below link,


And you will have a better understanding on category IDs then.

Where is the change log so I can see what changed in the latest update you just provided?


You can find the change log of the latest updates from the ”.txt” document, which comes in your theme files downloaded from Themeforest.



I am having issues with the contact form on footer? Is it possible to customize this, if so, where?


Yes…! You can possibly use and customize the footer contact form via, framework\theme_shortcodes\contactform.php

And we have used two contact form shortcodes in this theme as following,

i) .contant_form_1
ii) .contant_form_2

Please find and edit the first one .contact_form_1, if you want to customize your footer contact form as needed.

Hi there, Really nice theme! I may just get… I’m wondering how you make the sun set on the layer slider?? beautiful!


Thank you so much ! You can have that sunset on the layer slider simply by importing the sample sliders from LayerSlider WP admin panel.

Please login to your wp-admin -> Dashboard, and then go to LayerSlider WP.
Here you can find and choose from the sample sliders that you want to use in the Layer slider.
Or you can import the sample sliders thereby, if you want all the layer sliders as in the preview.

Look at the screenshot attachments from the above links, for the better understanding.

I’m running into an issue with the nivo slider. After a couple of transitions, the slider will temporarily disable the link graphics below it and the link will not work.

It seems the slider is generating an image that goes well below the bottom of the slider and affecting anything below that is clickable.

Im not sure if I explained it correctly but wondering if there is a fix.

Actually I just switched to layer slider and I’m not running into the issue anymore.

Although I do have another simple question that I can’t seem to figure out. I would like to change the color of the Page on the Menu when I hover over it. It’s not working through the back admin so I was hoping to change it through css but can’t find where I can change it.


To change the Main menu and Sub menu font colors on hovering, please add the below lines in your style.css
top-menu ul.menu li a:hover { color:#ffffff; }
top-menu ul.menu li ul li a:hover { color:#ffffff; }
Note: Here we have used White (#ffffff) for example, still you can use any custom color code of your choice instead.

For some reason, it’s still not changing it. I added it to my style.css which didn’t work. Then I tried adding it to my grey skin style.css and that didn’t work either.


Opps nevermind, it seems I didn’t have the menu options turned off in the admin. Got it working now. Thank you!

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Hello. I the slider looks great on browsers but not on mobile. Are there settings to activate the slider on mobile?


1). Please go to wp-admin -> Dashboard -> Ultimate
2). Thereby choosing “Responsive & Mobile” tab from your Buddha panel, you can have options to activate and to deactivate your slider for mobile devices. 3). Check “No” for Disable Slider for Mobile Devices and update then to show your slider on mobile devices.

For the better understanding, you can also find the screenshot we attached below for your reference,


this is presale inquiry. pls advise what pages you have pre-built in the package that you sell? how do you configure them? can i have a copy of your documentation showing pages setup.


Thanks for your interest on this theme, and we expect your purchase anyway.

Our theme is ready for dummy data importation, which has all the pages configured as shown in the live demo of our theme.

We have also included the documentation along with this theme, and you can get this from the downoaded theme files.