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Hello Team,

Can we integrate the marketplace (vendor management plugin) with this theme? If Yes, Please suggest me or tell me more information about it.



This theme can work with any extension which was correctly integrated with Magento. Unfortunately we’re unable to advise on specific extensions – we just don’t test third-party extensions since there are thousands of available modules.

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Hello, Hopefully just a small issue – the theme design options arnt applying on the front end?

Any idea?




You probably didn’t clear the cache or you’re changing your settings in the wrong scope (please see the “Current Configuration Scope” switcher in the top left corner of this section of admin panel).

E.g. you’re setting it for the “Default Config” but all those settings are overridden on the website level or on the store view level.

Please note that scope of Magento configuration has three levels: 1. “Default Config” 2. Website 3. Store view

Settings of a store view override settings of a website and settings of a website override settings of the “Default Config”.

So for example, if you had blue color configured in the “Default Config” scope, and white color configured in the store view scope, then Magento will always pick the value from the store view scope – so in this case it will take white color, instead of blue.

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Always something simple! Thanks buddy! 5 Stars as usual ;)

aliasali Purchased


After i updated the theme to the latest version and checked all the points like described in the update manual, the main menu is classic however i read that this is changed.

Catalog > Manage categories > in the category menu there is no dropdown like in you manual and update manual.

Please see: http://prntscr.com/4nyq5s

Now the main menu is still classic

Please advice.


I’m currently running Version 1.3.2 of Ultimo Magento Theme. I’d like to update to the latest version and would like to know how to get the latest version so i can update the theme. I dont see any option within Magento to get update.

Kindly advice. Regards

Dear Team,

If have “custom header” function and have “Ajax Layered Navigation with Price Slider”, then this theme will be Super Powerful in market, we’ll be Super Super Love it !!! hope can have this function as soon as possible.

I would like to highlight or change the background color of my custom drop-down boxes in the menu on the right side. I want my customers to see it instantly.

To give you a better impression i created a screenshot of what I mean. My request is about number 6 of the screenshot.

—> Screenshot

My updates are no longer available for this theme. When I login to my account and go to downloads this no longer shows up. You sent me an e-mail that there was a new update. When I clicked on the “download update” link it takes me to my envato account and still no theme is there at all to download. HELP!