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Would it be possible to show more information on the MiniCart? The best example i could give is on novatech where they have ; Number of Items and total price inc VAT.




I want to display only a part of the short description in the featured slider on the homepage and use a link “Read more” to go to the product page.

Now the entire short description is displayed and it is too long to display nicely


I have this code set on my home page CMS (www.sensacional.cl):

{{block type="catalog/product_new" template="catalog/product/new.phtml" products_count="15" breakpoints="[0, 1], [320, 2], [480, 3], [768, 4], [960, 5], [1280, 6]" move="1" pagination="1" centered="0" hide_button="1" block_name="ReciƩn Llegados"}}

That code is suppose to show the newest products on my home page, but as I see from the guide, you have to manually set which products are set as new. Can I do that automatically, just selecting the newest added products? Otherwise is not very useful.


Will this one-page checkout extension work with your theme? [link removed per request]

Also, will this cart favicon extension work with your template? [link removed per request]

Finally, can I make the top menu background transparent so that the hero image becomes the background for the menu? Or perhaps, can I move the top menu over the hero image with a transparent background? Here is an example from another theme with this feature: [link removed per request]

I appreciate a prompt response.



This theme can work with any extension which was correctly integrated with Magento. Unfortunately we’re unable to test third-party extensions since there are thousands of available Magento modules. The best option is to ask about details authors of those extensions, they should provide detailed instruction about how to integrate the extension with custom themes.

There are no settings for the background image for menu, this would require some customization.

Kind regards

Thank you for the prompt and detailed response. What do you estimate the customization cost on your end would be for making the top menu background transparent?

Would this code edit work: removing the topMenu childhtml php code from the column phtml template file and placing the following code in the column phtml template file, mainbody div:

<?php echo $this->getLayout()>getBlock(‘topMenu’)>toHtml()?>

Also, I was testing the theme on a mobile safari browser on iPad Air and at check out received a screen about enabling cookies in the browser. Can you please confirm that this is only a limitation with the demo site and not with the theme in general?


Just discovered an issue with the menu flickering when hovering over it in Safari. You can see it the demos too, hoover over the classic menu. Hoping for quick fix – over 40% of my traffic is using Safari.

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Hi! Awesome theme! Can you please tell me how can I add other images near the logo? Also, how can I change the layout to make the Logo in the middle? Thanks