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hi there How do I block the upper cms products? http://i.hizliresim.com/zQYD4g.jpg
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Again: My Product Detail Page ist broken after updating the Theme to 1.9.3. The long Description and the Tabs are missing. Also the Ad to Cart Button isnĀ“t working and the hole footer disapears. http://2014.bs-racing.eu/index.php/modelle/elektro-modelle/rb-e-one-1-8-rtr-4wd-buggy-gelb.html



Product page wasn’t modified since long time ago, all these elements work “out of the box” so most likely something overrides the theme in your Magento and changes theme’s default behavior or causes some conflicts:
- third-party extensions,
- some custom modifications,
- custom sub-theme,
- some elements that left from previous theme
- some modifications of the Magento “base” theme

Please refer to the “Troubleshooting” chapter in the user guide, check the list of possible sources of problems in chapter 14.1.1. You can test it in a clean fresh Magento installation, all will work fine.

Kind regards

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Hi, I would like to know when are you guys updating with sticky menu and rich snippets features.