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bghydro Purchased

Hello, I couldn’t find where to post suggestions for future updates so I figured I would post here. I really like the fact that you can now click on the logos in the brand slider to be taken to a search page. However, the search feature isn’t very accurate so it pulls in a lot of products that aren’t related to the chosen brand. If there was a way to have the search also filter by the brand attribute then the results page would only include products of that brand, which I think was probably the original intention of this feature.



You can change it in the admin panel – brand logo can also redirect to the “advanced search” results. Results will be 100% accurate.

Kind regards

vinicim206 Purchased

my menu is presenting the categories as list and not as submenu with different images and products displayed in the menu demo. the site is http://www.celcases.com.br

How do I set for it to appear like the demo?

edit: i found reply on page 188 to manual. thanks.


I have duplicated my footer static blocks (block_footer_column1,...) and assigned them to the new store view (English) but they do not appear. I have saved config several times in Design and Layout and refresh cache but they do not appear. I am probably missing something else, right? They are enabled… as well as the original static blocks that still work perfectly in the main store view.

Thanks!! Angel


:) I always find the solution as soon as I decide to post the questions hehehe… you responded something similar two years ago.

Block IDs need to be the same as the duplicated ones but assigned to a different store. Now it works!!! Thanks. GREAT THEME BTW.

Cant wait for the coming update with the “sticky menu” :)

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Any chance you will be including a vertical mega menu option in a future update like the following theme – http://www.plazathemes.com/demo/ma_motoro/index.php/?___store=en

Great theme. Thanks!

bbstyl Purchased

Do you have an theme update/fix yet on the owl slider transition effect problem in google chrome?

Hello, thanks for the responses, I just have 2 more questions. When I do a preview on the mobile device, it hides the categories menu. Is this something that can be enabled? Also, the sidebar has the option to do mega-menu?


Sorry just saw that you do have option to do hide on phones for sidebar or to keep it. I just wish there was a mega menu on the sidebar at all times or at least on homepage. I have like 35 categories to display in home.

Hello, I can’t change the word “Categories” to spanish. I’ve changed it in the language pack, I changed it in translate.csv (even though it shouldn’t matter because I’m using spanish language) and still the same. Here’s an example: http://sensacional.cl/ropa/hombres/

Any ideas? Thanks

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I have deactivated the Footer Links of Magento through Sistem > Configuration > Ultimo > Theme settings > Default Magento Blocks > Footer links https://www.dropbox.com/s/2j1wtehaqua2stj/Captura%20de%20pantalla%202014-08-26%2021.35.34.png?dl=0 But they still appear… https://www.dropbox.com/s/33c2s9wwmg005pu/Captura%20de%20pantalla%202014-08-26%2021.35.51.png?dl=0

And also I would like to remove these two lines https://www.dropbox.com/s/kvpb9szbpk899a2/remove%20lines.png?dl=0


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Dear Ultimo Team,

is it possible, to display in MegaMenu only directories with active products? So, to hide directories with no products?

Regards, Denis

Thanks for your other responses.

I’m really struggling to find how to make the home page slideshow show up automatically so that we can have the wide, full page version. Any idea how to get it back working or even where the code may have been deleted from or commented out?