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Hi, how would i go about hiding related products and brand info for responsive layout only??


There are some very useful CSS classes to hide elements below specific screen resolution.

For example, add class hide-below-768 to the HTML element which needs to be hidden if the screen is less than 768 pixels wide:

<div class="hide-below-768">
    This is just a sample text...

Please refer to the user guide for more details:
6.5.1.A Hide elements for specific screen resolution

Kind regards

Hi – I found some javascript documents which need some defer parsing of JavaScript. I tested my website with Gtmetrix and there I found this. Any recommendations?


Things like this are related to the structure of Magento. Magento loads javascript in the header, to change it you would need to modify Magento.

Kind regards

I am having an issue on the responsive version. It will only display page 1 button and the button for next page on the bottom of my pages. For visitors it then looks like that category only has one page.

I know that this needs to be changes in a css file but I cannot find out where. I have looked at the style.css for the .pages li class but I am unsure of exactly what to change to get it a few more pages at the bottom instead of just Page 1 and the Next buttons.

I would greatly appreciate any help with this.


Please add this CSS to you custom.css file:

.pager .pages li {
   display: block !important;

Kind regards

1) Am interested in having a sticky nav bar anchored to top of page. Are there any solutions for this that you have seen work properly? That you’d recommend?

2) Since this theme uses jQuery, what elements of the Prototype/Scriptaculous script are not necessary? Would love to speed up page load times.


1. This would require some customization, unfortunately we don’t have any ready solution for that. It’s something that we’re planning to add:

2. Prototype/Scriptaculous is part of Magento and shouldn’t be removed.

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Is there any way to make it go to the PayPal mobile site when the user is viewing the site on a mobile?


I’m sorry but I’m not sure, this is not theme related, PayPal and other payment settings are not part of the theme.

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hi there, We just upgraded to the latest version and a strange thing happened with the “mini cart”. When you add a simple product to the cart, it shows up in the drop down as being part of the cart in the “Recently Added items”. But, when you add a grouped product to the cart, the drop down in the mini cart says: “You have no items in your shopping cart.” Any ideas?

This clearly shows that you have some errors in your Magento or something still overrides default functionality. Please see the demo, grouped products work without problems:

I know it works if you don’t upgrade, that’s not the issue. As mentioned, when we upgraded one site from 1.5 to 1.7 (Ultimo version) it worked. But when working off the same exact code base, when we upgraded Ultimo from 1.4 to 1.7 (we deleted every single old Ultimo file in every directory to be safe – we did this 5 times), it doesn’t work. It’s not an issue with our subtheme because we’ve disabled this, and it still doesn’t work. We have never changed anything in Magento Core, and we have the same exact extensions working on both.

It’s simply impossible to figure out what is overriding the default functionality.

OK, I understand, but I’m repeating this because your comments are misleading for other users. There is no problems with the cart if you make clean installation of the latest version. The issue is in your specific installation.

We’ve made upgrades many times, also other users upgraded (even from older versions than 1.4.x) and nobody reported any problems like this. So you must have overlooked something during the upgrade or you have some modifications which you forgot about.

Please send us the link to your site via contact form on our profile page and provide access to admin if it’s possible.

hello I want to ask there is a brand logo slider at home page, how can I change the logos?

sorry, u didn’t answer my question, this is my website: at the bottom of home page, I want to change the logos in the Our Partners. How can I do it?

i know where is the logo image folder, but i dont know how to link the new images with the logo slider

And that block “Our Partners” is a Brand Slider. All the configuration details of brand logo display and brand sliders are described in that chapter of the user guide: 12. Brands

Want to add new brand – follow the instructions in the user guide. Don’t want the old image – then replace it with new image.

Hi! We still love your theme. But there is a Question.

Is there a possibility to only show the current root-category (expanded) with all siblings (expanded) and the current category higlighted in the category-sidenav?

We want the accordions to be expanded all the time if it’s not mobile. In mobile view it could be collapsed.

For understanding my question: We have the root categories Shaving and Fashion. I’m in category-view of Shaving > Shave > Shaving Brushes > Wood.

Now my vertnav side should be: Shaving
  • Pre-Shave
    • some sub-category
    • some sub-category
    • some sub-category
  • Shave
    • some sub-category
      • some sub-sub-category
      • some sub-sub-category
      • some sub-sub-category
    • Shaving-Brushes
      • some sub-sub-category
      • Wood
instead of:
  • Shaving
    • Pre-Shave +
    • Shave
      • some sub-category +
      • Shaving-Brushes
        • some sub-sub-category
        • Wood
  • Fashion +

Hope you can help us again.

Regards, Alex


Theme customization is beyond the scope of our support. But you can do it with a little bit of custom CSS:

Show all submenus:

.vertnav-side ul {
    display: block !important;

Hide all [+] icons:

.vertnav-side .opener {
    display: none;

If you only want this to be applied if it’s not mobile (e.g., if screen width is larger than 960px), then you would need to put this CSS inside
CSS media queries.

You can add that CSS code to the file custom.css in which you can override or extend the default styles of the theme. All the CSS styles placed in this file will not be lost after upgrading the theme in the future. Enable that file in theme admin panel. For more details about theme customization please refer to the user guide, chapter 5. Customization and 5.1.2 Override default CSS styles.

To display all categories, configure your sidebar menu properly (set “Parent Category” to “Root”, set “Maximum Depth” to “0”). All details about available options can be found in the user guide.

Kind regards

Hi, We have upgraded Ultimo theme to version 1.6.1 (magento version After upgrade the Navigation button have disappeared for “New Products” & “Brand Slider” on home page. How can we make them display ? Thanks


There were big changes in sliders in version 1.6, please refer to the Update Guide to see the details.

Kind regards

Dear support,

is there a way to load your left static blocks just on certian categories pages?

Example your left-static-block-category-1 just on categories 1,2,3,4 and your left-static-block-category-2 on categories 5,6,7,8


You can do something like this through CMS > Widgets


Best regards

Hi there,

I have a problem with the Mini Cart block (in the header).

The Mini Cart – drop down list – displays products and prices just as expected. PROBLEM: In the main link the items sums up well but the money amount is allways “0,00 kr” / ”$0,00”... Cart (1) 0,00 kr

I heavyly expect it to be a Setting/database related problem (since I have rolled back my filesystem to the state where Magento+Ultimo just got installed).

I have compared files such as mini.phtml with other sites that use Magento+Ultimo where this problem does NOT exist. No diff. though.

echo Mage::helper(‘checkout’)>formatPrice($this>getSubtotal());

I found that this line – in mini.phtml – is what fails me on deliver/display a Subtotal…

I have also disabled all extensions installed that are not standard or ultimo-related.

Any ideas are very much appreciated!


This code is Magento code (you can find the same line in “base” theme), it’s not theme related. So it may indicates some errors in your Magento.

Also, if you’re using Magneto, remember to install the theme patch for Magento

Kind regards

Well, sorry for confusing, my point about the Mage:helper code was to remove focus from the Magento core code, as I said, I rolled the code back to ‘Factory state’.. And I have compared it against working systems. SUM OF THIS: I do not think it is Magento core related. Do you see my point?

The Magento patch was installed all time so that is not it.

Any other thought about Ultimos prefs?

That line (it refers to Magento core files) of code gets the subtotal and displays it in the mini-cart. So if you get there 0,00 then it is caused by some issues in Magento. It’s not theme related, this line and the checkout/cart calculations are not part of the theme. Theme just displays what it gets from Magento.

Or maybe you just rolled back your filesystem to the state when the theme patch for magento was not yet installed.

Awesome theme but i am really struggling with the browser width in relation to the theme width….

For some reason you can scroll along the X axis as well?



It’s caused by the content of your block with 3 small banners for Slideshow. You must have there some incorrect HTML – probably broken by WYSIWYG. You need to disable Magento’s WYSIWYG so that it doesn’t process the code before you start editing the code. Turn it on only when it is needed. Go to System > Configuration > Content Management and set it as Disabled by Default.

Best regards

WYSIWYG was disabled…. if i disabled the block would it sort this problem?

Yes, but you don’t need to disable. Just restore the default content of that block.

Hello again,

Is there any possibility of displaying the block custom tab1 and custom tab2 on CMS pages?



The thing is that if I embed them as widgets, only the content shows but they don´t work as tabs.

Is there any shortcut like <block …. > that I can paste into the CMS pages to use the tabs exactly the same as in the product pages? Regards.

No, tabs will not work, there’s no such feature in Magento, I thought you were talking about blocks.

OK, thanks for the help. Regards.


I am trying to enable additional “store views” for my site, however, I am receiving the following error:

Failed generating CSS file: grid_nz_en.css in /home/slidefin/public_html/skin/frontend/ultimo/default/css/_config/ Message: Failed generating CSS file: layout_nz_en.css in /home/slidefin/public_html/skin/frontend/ultimo/default/css/_config/ Message: Failed generating CSS file: design_nz_en.css in /home/slidefin/public_html/skin/frontend/ultimo/default/css/_config/

I notice that a number of others have also had the same issue with this theme. Do you have a solution to this problem? This a very urgent request as we are taking a site live in 2 days.

To confirm, I can add “websites” and “stores”, but not “store view”. I currently have two websites running, I have previously added a “store view” (around 1 to 2 months ago when I purchased your theme) successfully, so I am unsure why I am now receiving this error.

I really hope you can assist me remedy this error.



1. Yes, all these issues were resolved.

2. Follow the instructions in that chapter, set correct permissions for files and folders. Then after creating new store views, please go to System > Configuration > Ultimo > Theme Design, select “Default Config” under Current Configuration Scope in the top left corner of this section of the admin and then click “Save Config” button.

Then go to System > Configuration > Ultimo > Theme Layout and click “Save Config” button again. Then flush all caches and clear your web browser’s cache.

This will rebuild CSS files with design settings for all your store views.

Can you please email me or suggest an expert programmer who has worked with your theme that I could contact to resolve the issue – I am willing to pay for a resolution to this issue.

Many thanks, Darren

Darren, please contact our support via the contact form on our profile page

How do I edit/change links or remove the telephone number and the 3 links (All Demos, Features, Buy Me) at the top


Found it in static blocks, Sorry for the trouble


I have used the category block code in my sidebar to display our categories. Two questions:

  1. Is it possible to include an image such as a logo with the categories in this menu? If not, is it possible to add the category name as a css class to each category menu item?
  2. Is it possible to split this single column of categories into two columns?

Thanks for the great theme, hopefully you have a solution.




1. Unfortunately there is no such feature.
2. It’s a sidebar block so there is not enough space for two columns. Probably it could be done with CSS but we don’t have any ready solution for that.

Kind regards

My website is After some recent update,the compare block functionality is lost. The problem is adding compare displays success message but the drop down block is not getting updated.


There were no changes related to “compare” block in last updates. So most likely something overrides the theme code in your Magento and changes theme’s default behavior:
- third-party extensions,
- some custom modifications,
- custom sub-theme,
- some elements that left from previous theme

Please refer to the “Troubleshooting” chapter in the user guide, check the list of possible sources of problems in chapter 14.1.1.

Kind regards

I would like to say that I have extensively customized the ultimo theme using the sub theme concept. To name a few, my website has Ajax cart, ajax compare, ajax wishlist, popup login, popup register, popup contact, one step checkout, etc.. All this modifications were done without touching any of the ultimo theme files and hence for the last one year whenever update is released, I updated my site without any problem.

I really appreciate you for the Ultimo theme structure for making this possible.

Any way, this compare problem is not related to theme or my custom modifications. I just followed the instruction given below; and emptied the tables, which resolved my problem and my ajax compare is working back. Regards Kumarna

Thanks for the info, I wasn’t aware that this can break Magento compare.


will your theme support large catalog (300.000 sku and 1.500 categories)

I meant because of the performance on:

- category page loading time - search loading time - product page loading time


If your Magento is working fast with such big catalog and your server is good then the theme should also work well, there are no restriction in the theme itself. But please note that speed is mostly related to the server and Magento optimization. Things like search performance or product loading time are not related directly to the theme, they are done by Magento core code.

With such big catalog to increase performance you may need to disable some of the theme features which are resource consuming. E.g.: 1. Alternative images for products in category view, 2. Number of products in category in sidebar menu, 3. Decrease the depth of the sidebar menu so that it shows only one or two level of sub-categories (if you show all 1500 categories at once then any theme may fail),

Kind regards

My custom block in block_header_nav_dropdown isn’t showing. I’ve ensured the setting is enabled in the theme’s config, and it’s using the default block that came with the theme – but it’s not showing up. How do I get assistance for this? Thx.


You just need to have block with this ID (block_header_nav_dropdown) activated for the store view which you are currently watching. If you don’t see the block, then most likely you didn’t activate it for proper store or you didn’t clear Magento cache.

Kind regards

Is there a setting to allow a border to surround the entire drop down boxes? We’re using the wide style menu, and I see an option for a top border, but not for the other 3 sides.


Unfortunately there is no such option in the theme admin, but we’re adding it in the next update (we’re now working on new options for the menu).

Border can be easily added with CSS, like this:

#nav .level0-wrapper2 {
    border: 5px solid #333;

Add it to your custom.css file.

Kind regards

Good to hear….thanks!