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Nice work WPExplorer! ;) GLWS



Looks awesome :) Good luck


Thank you.

Awesome Theme


Thanks dude ;)

Awesome theme AJ, best of sales! ;)


Thanks I appreciate it!

Very beautiful and well done theme, if you live in America and I buy there a salary but that live in Romania, $ 45 means to me some money … good luck on sales.


Thank you for the kind words & yes I understand.

Congrats AJ, i love this one, great work :)


Thank you!

Great! Good luck with sales, congrats.


Thank you!

Amazing , good luck


Thank you!

Nice work. Good luck with sales my friend! :)


Thank you!


I’m planning to purchase this theme. I have a question about theme.

We have 9 product category and approximately 10 products each. I’m planning sidebar option for that feature.

Please check out the sample page I got your demo,


In the sidebar, may I add sub menus under main categories?If so how is it look like, drop-down or default open sidebar?

For example

Unlimited Colors> Google Font> Google font 1 Google font 2 Google font 2 Header Style>

Thanks Nilay


Cool ;)

Hi Nilay,

Currently the drop-downs on the custom menu widget should just look like the parents. There are plugins out there if you want a toggle style or drop-down design for the sidebar menu widget.

However, we are open to ideas for our theme. And suggestions?

Super awesome theme! I was actually about to purchase another copy of The Professional for my own website, after using it for a client, but, after seeing this one, my choice is definitely made!

Great work :)


Hey, don’t worry you can always purchase that second copy for fun ;)

Thanks for the continued support!


Haha, that’s true ;) But now I’m actually going to get two copies of this Ultra theme, one for me, and one for another client! So happy with your work, thanks a lot!


Ha, nice!

Themeish Purchased

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. Just what I have been looking for.

Two questions…

I imported the sample data, but cant get the dropdowns to show up in the menu?

Anyway to get the sample data for the revolution slider?


Hey, thanks for the purchase. Glad you like it ;)

I had trouble re-creating the dropdown issue. I could only get it break on my girlfriends computer. Strange. Anyway, I changed superfish.js and got it working. If you have any of my older themes you can get the version of superfish from one of them and replace with the one in ultra in the js folder.

Or open up a ticket at wpthemehelp.com and I’ll attach the file for you.

I’ve updated the theme – it’s pending review. I’ve also included the sliver revolution export file.

This looks AWESOME! I wish I would have waited just a little bit longer before I bought the Impact theme. Don’t get me wrong though, Impact is an awesome theme as well but there are a couple of things that I see in this theme that would be cool to have.

On that note – since I have a site set up using the Impact theme, if I bought this theme would everything transfer over automatically? Such as portfolio, staff, faq, slider revolution, etc.

Thanks, and once again very nice work!


Oh I totally understand, I’ve added a lot of nice features to this one that Impact didn’t have.

All your post types – portfolio, staff, faq…etc. Should transfer correctly. Also I setup Ultra so you can de-activate those post-type plugins and the post types will then work with a built-in system ;) And the shortcodes are all basically the same, except for some have a few new options.

I am not 100% sure with the Slider. I think it should be fine. However, this theme does have different slider “elements” so you will likely have to do some updating there.


Good deal! I’m probably posting on the wrong page but is it possible for me to get that top Call us today and social icons bar to add to our impact theme?


Technically I guess you can rip the code from my live demo, I’m not saying you should, but no one can stop you. I won’t be updating Impact with the top-bar because it’s not the look I was going for, sorry.

IF you want a top bar you could also consider this: http://codecanyon.net/item/foobar-wordpress-notification-bars/411466

great work! lot of features ;)




We noticed there is a small bug on select computers…If you are having any issues with the drop-downs on your specific computer the fix is already pending review. But you can download the file for the fix in the link below. Simply extract and replace with your file at js/superfish.js – sorry for the troubles! This is an issue we didn’t see on the computers we tested it on.

File: http://wpexplorer-downloads.s3.amazonaws.com/superfish.js.zip

Thank you for your patience & your purchase!



Update has been accepted and is now the default download – v1.01

I’ve been needing a theme for a project in the works, and been holding up for the right theme to pop up. I think I just found it. Thanks, I am repeat customer and knowing the quality of your work I’ll be happy to get this one.


Awesome! I think if you liked my prior work, you’ll be very happy with this one ;)

All the video guides going up in the next few minutes!

Great job on this theme :)

The first admin image on the themeforest screenshot is missing


Thanks ;)

Hum, that’s strange. All that is done on the TF end, ill try maybe re-uploading the screenshots to see if it fixes itself.

Is Ultra WPML compatible? Thanks.


I have not actually been able to test it because I ran into issues with the WPML tester plugin and couldn’t get a hold of the full copy.

However, the theme is fully localized, it comes with .po and .mo files and I have made sure to use WP_Query for all the shortcodes to avoid the common get_posts conflict with WPML. And in the cases where I used get_posts() I’ve added the suppress_filters=>false parameter.

If you encounter any theme related issues when using WPML just let me know so I can patch them up!

Great thanks for answer about WPML. What about qTranslate plugin? I imagine it would be comnpatible.

Also, 1. To be clear about the sliders, can I place a slider on any page and in any location on the page, not just the header area?

2. Are there limitations to what I can put above the nav menu where the phone number and social widgets are? I would need to put a language selector there (with WMPL hopefully).

Thanks. DG


It should be. You pretty much just need the theme to be localized, no?

1. This is correct. Slider revolution has a shortcode you can use anywhere ;) Also you can use the top part for other things, such as the contact page where we added a google map ;)

2. Nope, this is a field in the theme panel so it accepts HTML. Also the yellow links on the right is a custom WP, menu. Not sure if that would be useful. maybe?


Awesome about the custom WP menu at the top.

I need not just localized but French/English selector. I’m sure it will be fine. I don’t need bilingual admin and dashboard, just menus and content.

I will present this to a customer tomorrow. Thanks.

OK last questions: I like Header Style 2 in the demo.

1. Can you move the serch box around to other parts of the page via shortcode?

2. Can I add other HTML above the nav menu (not the dark thin area but the area where the logo is), either in place or or in addition to the search field. Perhaps the custom WP menu mentioned above?



1. There isn’t a built-in function for a search shortcode. But I’m sure there is likely a plugin out there for that.

2. You can, but this would have to be added to header.php manually.