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Hello AJ,

Is there a way to obtain the full file with documentation and sample data once I’ve already downloaded simply the theme file itself? At first I only wanted the install file for WP, but now would like that extra information to help learn more about how the theme works. There is a lot to it and I’m very excited to have found it!



What are the errors you are getting? I can’t really help without knowing at least a few of them.

You can actually search the comments here: http://searchinvato.com/index.php?link=http://themeforest.net/item/ultra-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/discussion/4371217


I have tried to re-import, so that many of the other objects already exist, but it seems that the media items are the problem. Here are some of the errors:

Failed to create new user for WPExplorer. Their posts will be attributed to the current user. Failed to import Media “envato-vimeo” Failed to import Media “app-design” Failed to import Media “Man Watering a Plant” Failed to import Media “fall-scarf” Failed to import Media “happy-guy” Failed to import Media “mid adult woman using a computer” Failed to import Media “business-boss” Failed to import Media “Trams, Lisbon, Portugal” Failed to import Media “Cable Car in Street in Lisbon Portugal” Failed to import Media “Architect Thinking” Failed to import Media “CB012351” Failed to import Media “portrait of a businessman sitting in an office” Failed to import Media “Thoughtful woman” Failed to import Media “Montreal Skyline at Dusk” Failed to import Media “Mount Fuji Seen from Tokyo” Failed to import Media “Skyline of New York City” Failed to import Media “Skyscrapers and Mount Fuji” Failed to import Media “New York City Manhattan” Failed to import Media “Sydney, Australia aerial.” Failed to import Media “Sydney, Australia skyline.”

Thanks, Tim


Hi Tim,

Yes it looks like you are having issues importing the images. This is generally an issue with your server permissions or with your server setting a limit on your PHP memory usage.

I double checked to make sure it’s not the sample data and its not. For example the first one “envato-vimeo” is perfectly fine: http://wpexplorer-demos.com/premium-ultra-full/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2012/11/envato-vimeo.png

Unfortunately WordPress doesn’t really provide useful errors in this regard. I would recommend you double check your server permissions to make sure you can download the images and save them as well as maybe increase your memory.


If you can’t figure out how to fix the server, might be faster to just spend 5 minutes uploading your own images, no?

Upgraded to theme 1.2 and latest Wordpress 3.6.1, but the symple shortcodes is at the latest v1.3 but with the plugin activated in the edit post I am unable to type in the visual or text box. If I disable the plugin it all works. So i have to disable plugin write post and enable to add shortcode capability. How can I fix this? thanks

pddw Purchased

Hi AJ,

Could you help me with some basic stuff? I want the background to be white in the website I purchased this theme for. Now I run into this little problem of not being able to find where to alter the color for the menu items. Their font is by default white and the boxes for header style one are for example grey, which I would like them to be greenish..

Any push forward would be much appreciated.

many thanks in advance


Good luck!

pddw Purchased

Succes! (even without full instructions where to edit ;) ) I guess the css is put together that sophisticated. Well done :)



Hi, We love your themes. We are using Ultra on one of our websites: photosynthesisnh.com. The problem we are having is that none of the menus show up on the home page. We just had one menu in the main nav section but the gray bar where it should be is blank. I changed the menu location to see if that worked but no luck. All the menus in all the locations show up on the interior pages. Can you please help?


I’m glad!

This is very strange. I don’t even see any of the code in the source. By any change have you tried de-activating any active plugins to make sure it isn’t a plugin causing the issue?


It was a plugin conflict. I thought I had already checked all of them but must have missed that one. Thanks.

Hi there, really enjoying your theme. very simple to use. I just upgraded to WP 3.6.1 and my visual editor is no longer working.

I deactivated all the plugins and the problem persisted.

I then switched to the Twenty Eleven theme, and the visual editor worked perfectly.

Can you help me please?


by the way, I have version 1.04… might this be the problem?


Never mind! I figured it out. Went back through the support requests and found the answer. Simple shortcodes 1.4 upgrade.

When i do a Forum search end up in a continuoous loop. Is there a fix for this.


Could you please comment using the account used to make the purchase? Support is for buyers only, thanks!

Hi AJ. Trying to add Google’s website translation html so the language selector appears in “Top Bar Left Content.” The code from Google holds true in the widgets and on posts/pages, but not in Theme Options text/html area inputs.

The Options page is stripping out the last script in the Google code. What’s odd is that it’s not removing the first script. I tried encasing the last one in a div but still no luck. Here is the code:

<div id="google_translate_element" /><script type="text/javascript">
function googleTranslateElementInit() {
  new google.translate.TranslateElement({pageLanguage: 'en', includedLanguages: 'af,en,es,fr,pt', layout: google.translate.TranslateElement.InlineLayout.SIMPLE, gaTrack: true, gaId: '(account # removed)'}, 'google_translate_element');
</script><script type="text/javascript" src="//translate.google.com/translate_a/element.js?cb=googleTranslateElementInit"></script>

Same thing happens if I try to add the code to the footer copyright area. Thanks for your help…


Hi there,

The theme panel strips out the code for security reasons. This could should be added manually in header.php or footer.php


Thank you. You’ve made my setup and site design pretty easy with this theme. Looking forward to another.

With theme Ultra when one creates a page using shortcode [bbpress-forum-index] from the plugin BBPress and you view the page and then do a search on the forums a result is not displayed. Rather an inifinite loop results (see attachment Search2.jpg). If you switch to the theme Twenty-Eleven it works (see attechment Search3.jpg)

From: Thinesh Paramalingam [mailto:support@envato.com] Sent: October 2, 2013 11:06 AM To: PCTransfer Subject: [#DQG-324-62568]: BBPress Search Error

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your email. Could you please provide some more details about your inquiry as it is not quite clear what you would like help with. Thanks very much.

Regards, Thinesh P


My question is. Is there a fix for search error? Thanks


Hi Thinesh,

This is because of how the plugins works its conflicting with the theme.

1. Create a folder in the theme called bbpress.
2. Then open the bbPress plugin and locate the content-search.php file.
3. Copy/paste it in the bbpress folder you created in your theme.
4. Alter it to fit your needs.

Hi AJ -

I just moved site to a new directory on the server, and one problem: “icon” images are not showing up on pages like this – http://susanmonserud.com/structures/

The full images are there (click on “broken image” and they will come up), and can scroll through, but “icon” image grids on the pages not working: http://susanmonserud.com/stones-and-water/ http://susanmonserud.com/grasses-and-moss/ http://susanmonserud.com/stripeslines/ http://susanmonserud.com/other-landscapes/ http://susanmonserud.com/chantingpassage/

Hope you can help – many thanks as always!

David R.


Hi David,

It’s a bit hard to know whats going on just from looking at the site. But I’, thinking maybe the GD library isn’t running on your server (WP uses it to crop images). Can you double check? Or ask your webhost to?


Hi AJ – Thanks for the reply.

GD is installed and enabled, but that led to further investigating, and I figured it out… Here is info, in case this happens to anyone else:

In the Media Settings, under “Store uploads in this folder,” the pathway was still set to the url of the development site. Once I corrected this to the new path of the production site, everything was good.

As always, many many thanks for your terrific themes and great support!

— your big fan in new haven!


Ah, that would do it ;)

Glad it’s all sorted out now!


I’m using this theme for an opticians website. I want to use the portfolio to display glasses and sunglasses. I want one page to have a menu to the left, showing all brands of glasses and one page for sunglasses. As shown here:

Glasses: http://ofvre.se/glasogon-information/bagar/

Sunglasses: http://ofvre.se/solglasogon-information/marken/

However, when I click on a brand on the sunglasses page; the glasses menu is shown. I guess this is beacuses they are using the same category (custom category name is “glasogon” instead of standard “portfolio”).

Is there any way around this?



I am using WooSidebars. To clarify, I am currently using two “landing pages”. Each landing page says “use the sidebar menu to show a category”. Both pages has different menues, pointing to different categories. When I click on a category, I am redirected to the portofolio page where the items for the chosen category is shown.

The problem is that I only have one portfolio, so I can only select one menu to be displayed in the sidebar (I could put two menues there, but I only want to show one at a time).

You can recreate the problem by going to this page: http://ofvre.se/solglasogon-information/marken/ and then click on any category in the sidebar menu.

Any other pointers on how one could solve this issue?



Hi Joakim,

Its like I said, what you need to do is figure out how to have custom sidebars on the custom taxonomy pages (portfolio categories). WooSidebars doesn’t allow this. Have you tried finding another sidebar management plugin that allows you to select sidebars depending on your taxonomy?

The other option (if you don’t have too many categories) is to use the grid shortcode and create different standard pages for categories instead of linking directly to the taxonomy archives.


I couldn’t find a good sidebar plugin which met my requirements, so what I finally decided to do was to create a separate page for each category and then use the portfolio shortcode to display the items for that category.

AviGil Purchased

Hey AJ, I’m trying to edit the responsive.css file and every change that I make I see no changes over the iPad/iPhone or any other device that is no my PC.

Any idea why?
  • I’m using a child theme over the original theme, located the responsive.css file at the folder [Child Theme/css/responsive.css].

Thanks in advance, Avi.

AviGil Purchased

Yup, changing the right settings at the right queries, That what is so weird. :S

There is a chance to get a further help? the responsive funcation is automatically enabled, right? the only file that responsible for it is located at the CSS folder?

Thanks AJ :)


That is correct. If you right click and choose to view source can you locate the responsive.css file? If so, click on it and see if you can spot your edits to make sure they are taking affect.

If you can show me the URL and an example of the CSS you are trying to alter I can help, but right now I don’t have much to work with.

AviGil Purchased

Yeah I can see the changes.

Ok, I will upload the website to my hosting server and I’ll share a link with you ASAP.

Thanks AJ. (:

It’s been a while since I’m running the site now, but I did not noticed that the archive pages portfolio category buttons are over the breadcrumb of Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin (a plug that is recommended for that theme). And it is pretty hugly. Is there a way to fix this ? Thanks for the help.


hum nope I did not change anything at all… http://www.lovemyvod.fr/VOD-genres/drame/ still same : buttons over breadcrumbs


Oh sorry, I was looking at this page: http://www.lovemyvod.fr/nouveautes-vod/

If you have a look at the screenshot below you can see that removing the absolute positioning, adding a top margin and removing the fixed height already gets you in a better position:


So the custom css would be something like this:

ul.tax-archives-filter { position: inherit; height: auto; top: auto; margin-top: 20px; right: auto; }

You can take it further maybe by giving some space between the links and maybe even styling then to match your other page.


It works like a charm ! thanks again for the great support, and care !

Hi AJ -

I’ve been having the problem with the visual editor not showing up after upgrading to WP3.6.1, and I followed instructions from posts above regarding updating the theme and Simple Shortcodes to 1.4…. also have tried deactivating all plugins – but still, cannot get the visual editor back.

here is the site: http://www.sbautostereo.com/

I figure you can’t do much without looking under the hood a little – could i make you a user so you could take a look? Or if you have any other suggestion(s) for me, I will try those first…

Many thanks as always!

- David R


Hi David,

Did you clear your site/browser cache after updating your shortcodes plugin? Generally that’s the issue people have.

Of course if you want to PM me your logins & URL we’ll be glad to have a look, just be sure to mention the issue in your message so we know what the problem is – thanks!

AviGil Purchased

Hey AJ, I’ve tried to create a pagination in the home page but no success. My homepage includes only Portfolio entries, without the other options. when I enable a pagination on other pages it works well but on the Pre-Built Homepage template the pagination doesn’t work.

It is possible?

Thanks, Avi.


Hi Avi,

This is an issue with WordPress, you can’t have pagination on the homepage unless your code has been manually added to index.php and you are overriding the default query like this – http://justintadlock.com/archives/2010/02/02/showing-custom-post-types-on-your-home-blog-page

I am assuming you are using the shortcode? If so, it won’t be possible. Unfortunately because its an issue with WordPress there isn’t anything I can do to help. If you required paginated portfolio items on the homepage you need to create your own query in index.php or in a new file front-page.php as I mentioned above.

AviGil Purchased

Thanks, I’ll look for it. If I’ll come up with something useful, I’ll share it here.

Is there not a custom CSS panel in theme options? I can’t find one anywhere. Please advise. (One of the best themes ever!) Thanks a lot


Hi there,

I didn’t add one to this theme. If you PM me I can update it really quickly though and send it to you. But basically I didn’t add it because the options panel was already large enough.

You could also use a plugin such as this: http://wordpress.org/plugins/my-custom-css/


no probs

hey AJ,

one question. i want to set the portfolio also on the sidebars of the portfolio-elements. in woo-sidebar i cant select portfolio, only sides. when i set a custom sidebar, where do i find the shortcode for the portfolio?

thx sebas


To be honest I don’t understand what you are trying to do. You are trying to insert the portfolio into the sidebar?

I’d like to set a Google font that doesnt appear on the list in theme options. Please could you point me in the right direction for achieving this? Thanks a lot


You could add the font to the list in functions/typography.php on line 36 in the function wpex_typography_get_google_fonts() then it should show up in your theme panel.

If you let us know the name of the font we can also add it to make sure its available in the next update.



My only problem with this theme is the poor hover appearance when using header style 2 and a darker colored background. The hover color is so dark that is cannot be seen. The buttons should POP out when you mouse over them. I’m assuming this is a manual CSS fix, but where? Also, the “custom skin top color” gradient setting do not appear to do anything.


You should never edit style.css because if you ever update your theme you would lose your changes. You should add your custom CSS to a child theme or via a custom css plugin.

So for example to change the menu background for heading style two you would add something like:

/*make the navigation in header style 2 gray*/
#site-wrap.header-two #navigation { background: #444; }

Thanks! that works, but now what is needed is a little more contrast between the hover and non hover states….can you help with that? Change was applied using “My Custom CSS” plugin.


Generally we don’t assist with modifications, but if you want to share the URl you are working on I would be glad to give you some tips ;)

AviGil Purchased

Hey AJ, I want to change the “Portfolio” items to be: http://domain.com/%postname%/

and not: http://domain.com/portfolio/%postname%

It happens on pages but not with portfolio items.

Is there any way to easily remove it and make it still work?

Thanks, Avi. :nerdy:


What did you end up doing (curious) ?

AviGil Purchased
I’ve found this buddy: http://ryansechrest.com/2013/04/remove-post-type-slug-in-custom-post-type-url-and-move-subpages-to-website-root-in-wordpress/ (and you there :P)

And I tried to modify the code by myself but no success, I didn’t found (for the first time) which code do I need to modify exactly.

So I goolged it and I found a cool plugin that does it automatically without a problem.




Thanks for the link, looks cool!

I have changed the portfolio order to ‘title’ in content-portfolio.php so my portfolio is in alphabetical order. It is, however, it is from Z-A… how do I get it A-Z ?


Is this for the images?

What you would change is where it says ‘order’ => ‘ASC’, to ‘order’ => ‘DESC’,