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Was the “Recent Posts” section of the pre-built home page modified (since v 1.1) to provide the featured image thumbnail instead of the old Date icon?

That is fine, but the post image thumbnail in this location does not appear to be responsive and overruns the right edge on smaller devices.

Can the thumbnail size be controlled for this location, or at least turned off?

WP 3.9 / Ultra v 1.22 / Symple Shortcodes 1.6


Hum, they should be! I double checked my code for that. If it’s not for you please share the url so I can check it out!


It’s all beautiful now…thanks so much!

I’m having a strange problem with my first implementation of the [ symple_carousel ] shortcode:

The “pager” display below the carousel will show 3 icons, representing 3 page sets in my collection of 9 images. Great. But when paging the sequence to the second set of images in the collection, it initially flashes the second set after the slide animation, then immediately pages to the third set with a rapid scroll through the intervening images to arrive at the first image in the third set (#7) – completely skipping the expected display of the second set (#4,5,6).

The behavior is even more interesting when responsiveness is needed for display on a smaller device: The “pager” display below the carousel will now show 9 icons (representing all 9 images in the collection) since only one image will fit at a time.

After the first image is displayed, subsequent paging scrolls through intervening images until arriving at the same image as in the above case (the first of the third set = #7). It displays #7 with each subsequent page until the last. So, only the first, 7th and last images display correctly.

Here’s my current config of the shortcode:

“ [symple_carousel post_type=”portfolio” taxonomy_name=”portfolio_category” taxonomy_id=”91” count=”-1” lightbox_only=”true” title=”false” excerpt=”false” excerpt_length=”15” read_more=”false” img_width=”300” img_height=”225” margin=”20” min_slides=”1” max_slides=”3” pager=”true” controls=”true” mode=”horizontal”] “

My full boxed width is 1020px. I have tried with different images, quantities, min/max slides, size and margin settings – with no luck (change in the behavior). You can witness this for yourself – I’ll send you the URL (via PM thru your profile page) if you request it.

I’m wondering if this is an offset problem or mismatch between the WP_Query and jQuery function?

WP 3.9 / Ultra v 1.22 / Symple Shortcodes 1.6


Will resolve via email.


Thank you!


Sure thing ;)

AviGil Purchased

Hey AJ, I just saw you guys updated the theme to 1.22, since I’ve modified the theme, I was wondering which files should I specifically replace? I was looking at the change log and nothing’s there.

Thank you ! Avi.


Hi Avi,

You should be using a child theme for all your modifications. This way you can always update and never have to worry about wasting time replacing specific code/files.

The changelog is here: http://www.wpexplorer.com/changelogs/ultra/

AviGil Purchased

Hey, I use a child theme already. I can switch the files without any problem, but what if I changed files that you guys updated?

Maybe I didn’t understand well that child theme concept :)

Can you please supply the name of the files that have changed? I will appreciate it much ! just to make sure. thanks a lot !


To be honest I can’t remember what files I changed. Plus its also going to depend on what version you are upgrading from.

Just a dumb question…I started developing a site using Ultra, especially using the “portfolio” section. The client insists on using another common theme (suffusion) instead. My questions is: Is there a plugin that can be added to suffusion (or any other theme) to incorporate the portfolio function? I tried a few, but none has the shortcode capability…so I’m assuming this is proprietary to Ultra. Any advice is welcomed. TIA!


solved this one myself – just converted all portfolio entries to posts and bought the showbiz teaser plugin – works great, lasts long time.


Great ;)

Yes that plugin is very nice!

Visual editor does not work all the time. It appears sometimes, but not all the time. I activated twenty-fourteen theme and the visual editor works fine. Please help


Very strange. The theme has been updated for WP 3.9 and there aren’t any issues I can see on my end.

Is your theme up to date? And also all your plugins?

This is something I would have to log in and look at to help. Please send me a private message with the site URL and temp admin logins so I can see what might be wrong. Use the contact form on my profile page – http://themeforest.net/user/WPExplorer

When I add a link tag in a gallery item’s caption area, it does not display below the item. It gets all distorted. <a href=""></a> in the caption. Is this theme capable of using links in the caption?


Not by default because the theme uses wptexturize() for the excerpt – http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/wptexturize

I can remove that though…Just send me a private message for the update ;)

Back with another question…one I asked before but never resolved. With the responsive layout enabled, as I drag the right side of the page smaller, the first resizing step removes the menu, replacing it with a drop down. Is there some relatively easy way to hold off on the drop down menu switch until after the SECOND resize step? TIA!


Please see css/responsive.css. You would have to move the code under the first media query for the navigation – lines 50-85 into the next media query that starts at line 117.

I would recommend you use a child theme and dequeue this stylesheet then add the CSS into your child theme, this way you won’t need to worry about your settings being overwritten when updating the parent theme ;)


I’ll try it and let you know how it goes. Thanks!

I have a great situation for wanting to use a shortcode in the feature image overlay of a page. I have set the feature image and have used [symple_carousel] for the overlay code.

After some tweaking, it works!

I don’t care that it is not shown on smaller displays (because of the responsive limitations for overlays).

Only one issue left…

I can’t seem to get it to start on the correct position over the image initially. However…and this is weird…selecting another tab in the IE browser and then returning to this page – the carousel now properly aligns as intended near the top of the image. (I am using the spacing shortcode above and below the carousel shortcode). Yup, cleared the cache to test.

I can live with it the way it is, because the carousel overlay is such a nice effect.

(btw Google Chrome 34.x doesn’t like it at all – haha)


Working like a charm now. I STILL love this theme!


Thanks for all your great support!

ivavsys Purchased

How to restore hyperlink of logo image?

My website home page link when clicked on logo is broken…now a blank pop up window is shown Please let me know, how to add hyperlink to logo image.


Double check your site URL settings in WordPress at Settings->General

xzulien Purchased

Hello again, I’m pretty sure I’ve already asked you this issue, but since the support system changed, I cannot find the answer again. I need to display a carrousel with symple shortcode. Problem = Tag number and Portfolio Name does not work : I need to narrow down the carrousel to a Portfolio tag (not portfolio category) id “33”, it has a name “Artworks”, I tried both, number and name, name only, number only and nothing works. can you remind me the trick here ? thanks. Ju

how do i change the colour of the menu?

gefuso2 Purchased


Thank you for the theme! I am happy for it!

I would like a small help! I tried to import the xml data and I am getting the follow bellow:

Import WordPress Failed to import Media “envato-vimeo” Failed to import Media “app-design” Failed to import Media “Man Watering a Plant” Failed to import Media “fall-scarf” Failed to import Media “happy-guy” Failed to import Media “mid adult woman using a computer” Failed to import Media “business-boss” Failed to import Media “Trams, Lisbon, Portugal” etc

How to fix it, please?



Headers. I purchased Ultra Responsive MultiPurpose Wordpress theme and it said it had multiple header options. I have only found one. I was interested in something like Homepage version 3 in the live preview. How do I achieve that?? Thanks


The settings are here: http://cl.ly/image/2b3W2j0F3i18 – this is under the “General” tab in the theme options


I have a testimonial shortcode on the front page and another dedicated testimonial page, and for some reason, a “page view” graph is showing up under the actual testimonial. www.creepycrawly.com.au

I do have an SEO by Yoast installed – not sure if that is affecting it? Can you help?




Hi Darren,

I’m not seeing anything under the testimonial – http://cl.ly/image/090C1Q281A17


Sorry … All good. I must have fixed it.


I also have an urgent request … all my paragraph text has disappeared. www.creepycrawly.com.au. Please could you assist urgently.

Much appreciated.



For the portfolio items?

The excerpt is empty, make sure the post has content or at least the custom excerpt field isn’t empty. I’m not sure why it’s removed, but the only reason I can think of is that the content was actually deleted.

Hi I am using header version 3 and I need the main nav to be orange on hover/click I have tried various custom css lines but nothing seems to work please help me out!

URL http://cordel.swmediahosting21.com/


Hi again, I would like to increase the size of the custom copyright text could you please help with a little custom css for us dummies!


sorry just tried : #copyright { font-size: 16px; } and it worked!



Hi AJ,

I have a couple questions.

First, I’d like to add a Font Awesome “fa-caret-down” to my drop-down menu items in my main navigation. Would there be an easy way to do that?

I notice you use the CSS after selector. So it seems like I could use something like: .menu-item-has-children:after {content: “?”;}

However, I don’t know how to input the necessary content symbol.

Second, I’m wondering if there is a way to add introductory copy above the symple_services and symple_portfolio pages. The copy would appear between the page title and the teaser posts. Is there a shortcode I could use? Would I have to hardcode it into the appropriate archives page?

Hope you are doing well! Thanks in advance for your help. :)



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Hello AJ,

Thanks for the theme and all the time you put into it.

I have a question, the testimonials slider thumbnail image is very small… 80×80. I would like it to be 150×150 and I have uploaded images at that size, but somewhere in the theme it is messing with the thumbnail image on the homepage. Keeps putting “80×80” after the image name so it is being resized to that when I want it 150×150. Even told the Css to be that. The theme is taking my 150×150 image, making it 80×80, then resizing it to 150×150 and loses all quality. looks really fuzzy. http://bikerscare4kids.org/ if I inspect the element and delete the 80×80, the images look great and align properly again. Thanks!

Hey AJ,

I asked you on Twitter if you could upload the last Slider Revolution version with the theme to get some bugs fixed and better compatibility with lasts WordPress versions and you said you would do it that same day. It’s been more than a week and I’m stil waiting…

Plus there’s a problem with Symple Shortcodes. The symple_divider shortcode it’s not working as it should. Top margin gets ignored because things on top are floated (that’s what makes your symple_columns work.

Is there any way to fix that? And, when do you think you can push the new package version?



I did do that, did you never receive it?


No. I’ve just checked everything and it’s not there :S Maybe a link to Dropbox or WeTransfer?


By now, you propably should have just purchased your own copy of the plugin, would have been faster ;)

I am submitting an update right now of the theme with the latest version of the plugin!

Vladi75 Purchased

Hi, how I can update “Awesome Font Icon” to change and put an icon of the sun? Thank you!