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AJ Its Amazing theme, good luck with sales



does it work with woocommerce plugin?


There isn’t any custom CSS added for WooCommerce, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t “work”. WooCommerce is just a plugin ;)

Hey AJ,

First off, great job on the theme – amazing work :-).

I did notice that when entering “disable” into the Testimonial text field it doesn’t actually disable it like it does with other sections; instead, it just replaces “Testimonials” with “disable” – all others seem to work just fine.

Also when choosing to extend the recent posts to 2 columns, it seems to stick with a single column.

- Jonathan

  • We are working on a premium version of symple shortcodes to bundle with our themes. Hopefully soon. I do think though they should be really straight forward though how they sit.
  • Ok I’ll have a look. The updates are already in the queue on TF.

From what I can see, the short-codes will do exactly what we need once the updates are in place. I had disabled the editor which is why I didn’t notice them before – normally I don’t use it, though you may sway me to use it with the extra functionality.

I’m all for less code to manage :-).


Oh gotcha ;)

I find keeping the editor enabled and just switching back and forth from the HTML tab is the best way to go. It’s quick anyway. Having access to the editor is very nice and due to restrictions on the HTML editor it’s not a good idea to have the shortcode inserters on there.

AJ, Theme looks great! Will a child theme work with this, I noticed it didn’t come with one?

- Thanks in advance


It should work with a child theme – any WP should work with child themes. If you have any problems with that let me know.

I’ll see about adding a dummy child theme included with the download ;)

Thank you for the purchase!

Sweet looking theme! I like the functionality!


Thanks ;)


Noticed I had hotlinking disabled on our server, this may have prevented you from downloading the dummy image with your sample data. I’ve enabled hotlinking to ensure this problem won’t hapen

Is it possible to have the main menu display on iPad in landscape but still have responsive turned on. (Especially for a small number of menu items)?


It is possible, but there isn’t an option built in for that because it’s just CSS. You would have cut out the lines in the CSS to make the menu like this on the landscape and move into another media query.

If you have very few items I see why you might want to do this. I can point you to the lines in responsive.css if you can’t find them.

Very nice theme! Good Luck With Sales!


Thanks dude!

Hey AJ, Theme’s nicely done. Good luck with the sales :)


Thanks dude!

Great theme, good luck!



fantafaboulus job!!! i am willing to buy it just please add product custom post I definately will buy it Need custom post PRODUCT options.


Thanks ;)

I think you’ll get a much better experience using an e-commerce plugin for your products then any sort of built-in product post type.


No, they don’t are too much off what i am looking Product Post / Showcase Like RT themes at TF you already had a promise with me once that you will create Product SHowcase theme soon :(


The thing is you don’t have to have a post type called product, when you can simply change the post type labels:


So if you aren’t using the portfolio as a portfolio, simply rename it to “products” ;) win!

I just buy it but not used it for the moment. I wish it will respond to my needs :)

A question : Is it posible to use shortcodes or editor in the excerpt ? If not please tell me how to do ;p

Thanks a lot.


Thanks for the answer. i did this in my function.php file of my child theme but nothing change. No shortcode in excerpt.

Can you have a look to my code please ?

Thanks a lot :


function tinymce_excerpt_js(){ ?> <script type=”text/javascript”> jQuery(document).ready( tinymce_excerpt ); function tinymce_excerpt() { jQuery(”#excerpt”).addClass(“mceEditor”); tinyMCE.execCommand(“mceAddControl”, false, “excerpt”); } </script> <?php } add_action( ‘admin_head-post.php’, ‘tinymce_excerpt_js’); add_action( ‘admin_head-post-new.php’, ‘tinymce_excerpt_js’); function tinymce_css(){ ?> <style type=’text/css’> #postexcerpt .inside{margin:0;padding:0;background:#fff;} #postexcerpt .inside p{padding:0px 0px 5px 10px;} #postexcerpt #excerpteditorcontainer { border-style: solid; padding: 0; } </style> <?php } add_action( ‘admin_head-post.php’, ‘tinymce_css’); add_action( ‘admin_head-post-new.php’, ‘tinymce_css’);

add_filter(‘the_excerpt’, ‘do_shortcode’);



And you are using the custom excerpt fields? If you want to open a ticket at wpthemehelp.com that would be great, so we don’t bloat the comments with all the code ;)

Also please let me know exactly where you are trying to use them and also make sure you are using the actual excerpt field.

Thanks bud!


Thank you very much. I didn’t know the support site. I’m gonna use this support and give you all details.

Hi, I am interested in your theme, but I need to figure out:

1) If there is a demo xml that can be imported and setup a demo site exactly as yours? also the theme settings; 2) Can the dimension of the pictures as shown in the “recent work” be changed?



1. There is a .xml file included. It will upload the entire demo, however, stock photos will become 1 dummy image because I can’t legally give you the stock photos.

2. You can choose between 1,2,3,4 columns for all your post type archives as well as for the ones with images – portfolio and staff – you can choose your height right in the admin. Also, if using the portfolio shortcode you can select your image height and width on a per-shortcode basis. There isn’t though a specific option just for the pre-built homepage recent work – the portfolio setting would change all portfolio archives. However, I think I should add an option for this. So we can definitely update the theme with such a request.

Great Work! Like the logo ;)


Thanks. We didn’t actually make the logo though, got that on gr ;)

Cool theme!

1. Does the theme come with its own icons like you have displayed throughout the site.

2. Can I remove / replace the purchase button with different text/icons?

3. Any suggestions for adding a mega menu? And if I do add it will it replace the header layout style you made.


1. Actually the icons for the services are font awesome icons, you simply select your icon of choice from a drop-down ;) However, there is an option if you want to upload your own custom image icon instead. And there is also a theme option to change your theme’s color scheme which will change the default blue on the icons in the services if you do use the font icon.

2. To be honest I’m not quite sure. I’ve never used a mega menu plugin. I wouldn’t mind testing one out to see how it would work. However, I don’t think the mega menu would look very good with anything but maybe the second header style, no?

The “Portfolio 1 Column” page has a small problem. Each of the items descriptions goes slightly past the edge of the boxed page. I noticed this problem on ipad as well as when I re-size my browser (Firefox) to a similar size.


Thanks for that. It’s actually just a small bug with the masonry/images without fixed height crop. Super easy fix. Should look all good now!

Thanks for letting me know.

The theme looks great and clearly a lot of work has been put into it …congrats ! :)

However I was interested in your comment about testing with WPML and other language switcher plugins… shame the WPML tester plugin wasn’t working properly …

I have spent the last seven days looking for suitable new themes for my clients who MUST have their content in at least two languages.

Living in Europe this is extremely common and almost ESSENTIAL for business sites.

Yet in many leading themes I have looked at , including new one page themes the feature of being WPML compatible is almost ignored ..or only considered once requested …

It seems super dooper sliders etc are more important than being able to communicate in more than one language.

None of my clients are really interested in having thousands of colour options or state of art sliders ..they want to reach as many clients through their businesses as possible and that means MULTIPLE language content options.

I mean even in a city like LA and New York people read website content in English,Spanish etc and I read 874 million in China speak Mandarin Chinese so websites there have content in at least two languages.I have colleagues in Brazil who often make content in Portuguese and Spanish and often struggle to quickly find themes that are WPML or qtranslate compatible. Food for thought !!

It is great that themes themselves are available in different languages but content has to be too and that relies on theme compatibility.

Buyers at the moment often cannot make a purchase decision because that information is not as easily available as a super dooper slider !!

Anyway, great work and you have a great website too !

...and I do hope that you can check the WPML/qtranslate/polylang/xililanguage plugins compatibility as I am sure you would get good sales as a result…. at least from those of us in Europe !!


Thanks ;)

Yes the WPML plugin tested was giving me some error logs and I couldnt get in contact with WPML. That said, the theme should be fully localized and work fine.

I totally agree with you. This is why I always try and make my themes well localized. For example there are options in the theme panel to change some tiles lets say on the homepage, well a lot of times theme options can’t be translated with WPML, so what I do is if the setting is blank it shows a localized string which can be managed via your language plugin. Also I try and avoid get_posts() function which causes issues with WPML.

I’ll have another go at the plugin tonight. Either way if you purchase the theme and have an issue I will of course patch it up so there shouldn’t be a need to worry ;)

Glad you like my theme & thanks for stopping by!

Hi. Very nice theme. Is it possible to change the “Portfolio Options” titles to any custom word from admin panel? I need not standard titles. Thanks.


Glad you like it ;)

You can actually change the name of any post type – you can see the admin screenshots by clicking on screenshots on the theme page.

Here is an example of the portfolio settings -> http://0.s3.envato.com/files/52183284/screenshots/07_ultra_portfolio_options.png

As you can see you can change the labels and all the slugs. When changed it will also rename all the names in the theme panel, breadcrumbs, etc to match your new name.


Super! Thanks!)

Cool Ultra Fact

Did you know you can easily change the image sizes of your portfolio items and portfolio shortcodes. See an example of a landscape style portfolio here -> http://www.wpexplorer.me/premium-ultra/portfolio-lightbox-only/

NZwirld Purchased

Hi There, nice theme, thank you! Quick question – trying to add my own logo but I must be missing something: In theme options, ‘Branding’ section there’s a field for Logo…it has an upload button, but no means of selecting the file? Do I need to put in a path / url etc? Tried putting in test and clicking upload hoping it would error…but nothing doing. Thank you Grant


Did you see my comment above? I’m pretty sure its a javascript issue in your WP install.

It wouldn’t be a browser issue. Also I use the same browser and OSX ;)

If you recently updated to WP3.5 I would also recommend clearing any site/browser cache as I had a similar issue when I first upgraded.

NZwirld Purchased

I did yep – but it’s a brand new install of WP (d/loaded and setup locally on MAMP this eve) and the only plugins I have active are the ones that I d/loaded when I activated the theme…

No biggy at the moment – I’ll create the ticket! Grant


Oh strange!

Alright I’ll take a look at the ticket. We should get this figured out. For now you should be able to just enter the URL like you said in the field and to override you can always select the text and then delete and paste a new URL ;)