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jshiller Purchased

I bought the theme :) It’s awesome!

Some of the pages in my site will be used as landing pages. For those specific pages I don’t want to show the blog name or the logo. How can I do that?


Great, glad you like it!

There isn’t an option built-in for this. The best would be to create a template for this then in header.php you can use the conditional is_page_template() to exclude anything from that template – http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/is_page_template

I think it could be nice having a built-in landing page template – that removes the whole header/footer basically. If you open a ticket at the support site and add (Feature Request) to the title I’ll see about doing this – might take a few days. In the process of migrating 40+ Wp installs to a new server.


When I use the landing page template for the theme, then view my page, no content is visible. It works fine with the default template. Any idea why I’m not able to get the landing page template to display content?


Sorry I made a small mistake on the landing page template!

Please send me a message via my profile page – http://themeforest.net/user/WPExplorer – and i’ll send you the updated theme with the landing page fix and also some WP 3.8 fixes ;)

Just a quick question, it it possible at all to get any kind of ecommerce on this awesome theme? I literally need to sell only 2 items both paypal only is there anyway before i buy? Thanks


There are many e-commerce plugins out there you could use for this. Or if its only 2 products from Paypal, I would say to not even bother with all that bloat. Paypal has the ability to create custom purchase buttons and then they give you a button code to paste on your site. You could use regular pages or the portfolio to show the products on the front end.


Thank you so much!

pddw Purchased

Hi there, so far the theme I purchased is pretty comfortable. Thnx. I keep running into a small problem though. Maybe this is not the place to ask nor included in the after sale service but upon deciding to go for this theme I actually was expecting to be able to simply create a home page just like in the demo with a full width slider on top of the page that fills out over the total width. Can you help me out with what to do where to get this going?


Hi there,

Actually we do have a dedicated support site at www.wpexplorer.org which is best for asking questions regarding theme usage.

Anyway, you can setup the homepage in 2 ways.

1. There is a built-in pre-built homepage style. You create this by adding a new regular page and selecting the pre-buil homepage template. Then in your theme options under the homepage tab you can edit your layout, add your slider, etc.

2. The other way is to just create a regular page and use the shortcodes to create the layout of your choice.

Open a ticket at our support site if still confused. I will be adding a couple videos for the homepage setup to the Ultra youtube channel that should be helpful as well.

Thank you for the purchase!

pddw Purchased

Thnx again for the swift reply. Much appreciated. Now I know where to go for dedicated support. No more of that here.

I found the solution for the issue y’day which was there all around all the time but I missed the little lay-out options box under the content area. I guess I need to take a little break from Wordpressing so every now and then.

“Anyone thinking of buying a theme from this author should know that customer service is great.”


Great, I will see you there then ;)

Thanks for the kind words!


I plan to buy this theme but I’d like to know before if I can add other languages easily, chose the “title”, “h1”, “h2” on all the pages, and if I can change some things into it (html and css) without having problems with the updates ?

Thank you so much !


Hi Maybeme,

I would be glad to answer your question I just really don’t quite understand your question. Do you want to be able to choose if the main title is an h1 or h2? If so, there isn’t a built-in option for this…

However, if you want to add custom titles and code, you can disable the main title and add your headings at the top right in the post editor like on this page:


OK for the titles I wanted to add custom titles and code, thank you. Sorry if I’m not really clear, I’m french and my english is not fluent :s. Can I add languages to the theme and change html and css ? Do I need a child theme to do this ? Thank you very much !


The theme includes .po and .mo files for changing languages. For multiple languages you need a plugin such as WPML.

You should always use a child theme – in my opinion. If you edit the theme manually I suggest you keep a changelog of your edits for future reference.

Love the theme and thinking of purchasing for a small business. Is it possible to add color to the header in Wide layout? Thanks.


Of course, but you would do so via CSS, there isn’t a built-in option for this.

Couple more questions re the title bar.

1) Can the title bars be customized (e.g. height, color, etc.)? 2) If so, can custom images be added to the title bars?



I’m not sure what you mean by “title bars”.


Sorry, I am referring to the individual Page Headings which contain the Page Name (i.e. Services) and Bread Crumbs (i.e. Home – Services).



Yes the title bars can be customized of course. But only via CSS. There aren’t any magical built-in options to change all that, would just be added bloat.

kemrich Purchased

Is there a demo of the new landing page template. I tried it out but just got a blank page with an inch tall box after installing it and setting an existing page to use the template

By the way – thanks again for making the update. Anyone thinking of buying a theme from this author should know that customer service is fantastic.


The landing page is essentially that…It’s just the main container – no header, no footer.

Here is an example of one of my homepage styles set to use the landing page template:


Thanks for the kind words ;)

Hi, i asked you for a problem in the editor with font awesome in wpexplorer.org but my ticket was deleted without having an answer. A beug in your site ?

When we switch in the editor between html editor to create a icon linke and go back to the editor to add a shortcode with your shortcode menu, it erases the icon :(

It’s a problem when developper and writer work in the same time :(

Please do you know how to force the editor to keep the icon visible ?

Thanks a lot


I remember answering your ticket almost as soon as it was submitted. It’s still pending, it should show up on your homepage when you log into the site. The direct URL is here:


Hello, thanks a lot. I think it was a bug. I give you an answer in your support site. All is perfect. Your theme is amazing and your support is very good !


Thanks ;)

Hey AJ,

The revolution slider doesn’t appear to show image layers in Firefox, it does in Chrome.. I’m now using version 2.3.4, any idea how I could fix this? Maybe by updating the plugin?

Cheers, Mark


There was a small bug in the CSS which was fixed actually within a day of release of the release. If you haven’t made any changes to the template files I suggest updating the theme to test.



Otherwise if you want to open a ticket I can point to you the exact lines to fix on your site.


Updated and working properly know! Thank you :)


Sure thing! Thank you for your patience.

Nice theme friend ;)


Thanks friend!

Hello, one question before buying your very complete theme:

Are the Custom Post Type (portfolio, staff, service, ...) included in a plugin within your theme in order to be able to export them in a future to a different theme without loosing my data, or they belong exclusively to your theme?

Thank you.


Hi there,

Actually I have a pretty cool system here. What I’ve done is I’ve got the post types built-in by default, but I also have the plugins included in the theme’s plugins folder.

This means if you have the plugins active the theme will use the register_post_type function from the plugin, if not it will use the function from within the theme. Of course that would be a bit pointless to do since they are built-in ;)

If you move your site over to another theme, simply locate the post type plugins from within the theme and upload them to your site and activate them, then switch over to your new theme and you’ll keep your post types.

Does this make sense?


Thank you for your answer. Even if I’m not a developer of WordPress, it seems to be a clever way of working.

I suppose that if one day I switch to another WPexplorer theme I will not have any problems but if I change to a different one, do you think I may encounter some troubles when installing your plugins even if the other theme is coded with WordPress standards? (I´m really afraid of wasting my numerous data if I begin to create them into Custom Post Types)

I would also like to clarify one silly thing with the way of working, did you mean that I can begin to use your theme without activating the plugins because they are also built in?


- I do code themes differently sometimes. But lets say I have one theme with a portfolio and another with a portfolio, the general data/featured images should port over just fine.

- If you switch to another theme you won’t lose your data, ever, everything is always going to be in your database. It’s a matter of whether the theme you switch to supports the same post types / custom fields.

- Correct when you use this theme you won’t have to install any post type plugins.

hi how to enable breadcrumbs, which i see in the demo in themeforest, but when i load the sample data it is not available


The theme includes breadcrumbs support for the “WordPress SEO” plugin by Yoast and it’s the one we recommend. It’s the best SEO plugin ;)

Thanks for the purchase!


Oh ok thanks

AviGil Purchased

Hi there ! I just bought the Ultra theme and I have to say I’m in love ! You did a great job and I want to thank you for it.

I’ve installed the theme and then I’ve noticed that there is a bug with the Search bar in the top-right area. I got back to your demo and it’s the same there, I double checked with Chrome and IE, and on IE it’s perfect.

here’s an example: Chrome:


Do you familiar with this bug? Thanks in advance :) Avi.


Thanks glad you like it!

This is strange…I code my themes using chrome and I’m not seeing this error at all. Are you maybe on an older version of Chrome or something so I can check?

Here is what I see: http://cl.ly/image/043V2g1x1h0R

Tested in Windows and same result.

AviGil Purchased

Hey again, thanks for the quick response. It was strange indeed.

So I checked everything around me and I solved the problem by disabling all my Chrome extensions and enabling one at a time, found that the extensions “Search All” is bugging the search bar.

Sorry and thanks again :)


That’s weird. Thanks for letting me know!

Is there any short codes for UL or OL


You mean for different list styles?

Not at the moment, but it is something I’ve been considering updating for my shortcodes plugin.

However, you could easily add some nice icons because the font awesome is built-into the theme. here is an example:

<li><span class="icon-ok" />This is a checkmark item</li> <li><span class="icon-plus" />This is a checkmark item</li>

Of course done in HTML mode.

You can find a list of all font awesome icons here: http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/

Hope that’s of help!

If not there are list shortcode plugins out there ;)

I don’t know how many people are experiencing it.

Whenever editing a page, additional texts are appended at the bottom. Takes so much time to modify a page.

i have added a background gradient image, eventhough if i set to repeat-x in css, it repeats both x and y


Hi there,

There shouldnt be anything appended to the bottom of your editor. I’ve never even heard about this happening on any theme/wp install. What sort of text?

Have you tried disabling plugins?

Your background image, did you add it via the WP admin background editor at Appearance->Background?

If you want to open a ticket I’d be glad to look – http://wpexplorer.org

Hi Do you have separate menus for Mobile and Main Site? Ie, they could be exactly the same or different depending on the content you want to have on mobile. I use another theme that enables you to do this and I’d like to move on to a newer theme for my next project. Thanks.


On this particular theme the mobile menus are the same ones. That said, it should be possible to exclude items by editing the javascript accordingly.

Are you looking to have separate ones?


Yes it’s a very useful feature the bigger the site gets. Ie, not all pages are appropriate / needed for mobile viewing and I’d like to keep the mobile options separate. Another application is to use mobile landing pages, which I plan to do. If I had to, I could simply uses a “m.domainname.com” subdomain or something but that’s not ideal.


Thanks for the suggestions. I really haven’t considered it do to the extra bulk. But it does sound useful.

shayadmin Purchased
Thank you ,The site Is perfect With RTL !!!! (Temporary domain & site) only for testing the RTL: http://inbar-solar.com.networkprotected.com

Thanks so much for sharing your URL and knowledge!

Northfork Purchased

Hi AJ, Real quick, I’m using the child theme you added to the recent update (thanks!). But when doing so I lose my ”.symple-heading.lined” diagonal background image. I added the “images” folder to the child theme thinking that would solve the issue but still hasn’t. What am I missing?

- Thanks in advance


If you’ve edited the parent theme’s style.css you’ll want to replace it with the one in the child theme.

Have a look at functions.php. What I did was completely de-register the parent style.css and then register the child one.

Of course you don’t have to do any of that. It’s just my advice, most people like hacking away at style.css so having it available in the child theme is helpful for many.

You can delete everything in function.php use the default stylesheets and add your overriding css to your child style.css

Do what works best for you ;)

Northfork Purchased

I see…Thank you got it working.

dgoudy Purchased

Just bought the Ultra theme.

Is there a forum?

http://www.wpthemehelp.com is not a valid address?????

Is there an admin panel to style the font colours? I may be blind to it or do you have to use the CSS editor? If I set the background to light colour, I need to change the menu/nav text colours, etc. Thanks, DG


Hi there,

thanks for the purchase. We’ve actually just moved the support site to http://wpexplorer.org. The latest version of the theme should have the link updated in the docs. I’ll double check to confirm.

There aren’t built-in options for the menu nav colors for the following reasons..

There are 3 header styles and each would require:

- color option for nav default state - color option for nav hover state - color option for nav current state - color option for nav current hover state

- color option for dropdown default state - color option for dropdown hover state - color option for dropdown current state - color option for dropdown current hover state


You can see how the theme would start getting extremely bloated.

It’s best to use custom css via a child theme or plugin or edit style.css – will keep your theme bloat free and fast. Plus allow more control ;)

Hey there! I just had a couple of questions before purchasing: (sorry beforehand if they sound a little silly..I have to say I’m not THAT savvy with WordPress or site building for that matter)

1) is the theme suited for multi-blogs? 2) Will I (as a self-proclaimed noob) be able to work easily with this theme? 3) Is there certain code hidden within the theme that cannot be removed? (I don’t know what it’s called, but could be like spyware?)

Wow, I sound VERY informed. Thank you and I look forward to your response!


Hi there,

1. I am not sure what you mean by multi-blogs? To you mean a WordPress multi-site installation? – http://codex.wordpress.org/Glossary#Multisite

2. Its difficult to say. Anyone with basic knowledge should be able to use the theme without any problems. But like any software there is a learning curve, it’s more related to how easily will you find WordPress itself to use and if you are willing to take the time to learn the in and outs of the CMS. I try to use only core functions in my themes, so if you know WordPress you should know how to use the them.

That’s kind of like asking someone “How easy is this airplane to fly”. Yet you have never flown a plane before.

Please look through the video guides: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHWJAqf5oydSffDYS0ohMW85I8vaKq3JH&feature=mh_lolz

3. Of course there isn’t any spyware, malware in the theme. I am not a spammer, lol. Making themes is my full-time job and I take it seriously.


Hey, thank you very much!! I am currently working at a company located in Berlin, so I have a feeeling Multi-blog is a ‘denglish’ (deutsch-englisch) translation for the multisite. Also, thank you for your prompt response! Though I figured about the spyware thing, I was asked by coworkers to check with someone on these things just to be certain before purchase. Thanks again! Look forward to using this great-looking theme!


Well all my theme demos are hosted on a MultiSite install, so they should work fine.

I totally understand your concern, you want to make sure you aren’t getting a spammy product.

Hope you enjoy the theme!