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Is this a WordPress plugin?

No, it is not. The package contains two version of the item – a HTML template and a WordPress theme (which is a free bonus).

Contact form is not working (HTML template). I get the following message – “We are sorry, but an internal error has occurred. Please wait a bit and try again.”. What should I do?

1. Make sure that your web server has PHP version 4+ installed.
2. Make sure that PHP mail() function is enabled.

Also, many hosting providers have strict no-spam policies, so there might be “additional tweaks” that you need to do to make the contact form work. Please, contact your hosting provider support for help.

Contact the author

This author provides limited support for this item through email contact form.

Additional information from Cepreu:

  1. Support is not required of Themeforest authors, but I do offer limited support for my customers. I only provide support for my templates, themes and their core features and functionality. I cannot assist with general HTML, CSS, PHP, WordPress support or help with modifications in any capacity.

  2. Support requests are handled via email, which should be sent from Themeforest contact form. You can also post support requests on item’s message board.

  3. I am not a full-time Themeforester so there may be some delays with the support.