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Hi, live preview is not working.

Thanks for letting me know.

Demo: Page Not Found.

Hi, thanks for letting me know.

Congratulations Wow, Awesome work, Good Luck bro :)

I really like this theme looks great! I’d like to purchase it however it seems to be a bit ‘jumpy’ in Safari :(

Thanks. I will investigate this issue.


Very nice theme, good luck with your sales.

Whoa! Very nice theme

Thank you

I only have one word for this… “FRESH!”

Whooa a like so much this theme, this will be a hard

Thank you

Live preview not working. When activated, site disappears.

Only seems to happen when a static page is chosen as the home page. Is there a way to fix this remotely?


Email send.


WhoThemes fixed it! Thanks guys!!

just request for support, please check your email.


Email send.


Nice job! Are you going to put some sample of SHOP in this theme? You’re saying it is WooCommerce compatible, but without content in the demo here, is difficult to judge if buy or not ;)


I will set a shop today.


Please accept my thanks for your help and resolving issues.

Thanks for the rating

I was about to buy this theme but there is a responsiveness isue on iPad vertical http://postimg.org/image/leo9luhob/

Hello, Thank you for the “responsive” support. I will buy it as soon as you’ll update the files. A question of principles here. Too many themes are posted plenty of bugs and author get money and we have to fix them by ourselves. It’s obviously not your case as you replied accordingly and immediately. Envato should check better on all devices (real devices and not online testers) the self claimed responsive themes. Once again, fantastic theme. I’ll buy it. I stay tuned for the update. Regards.

Hello, just checked. Still an issue on ipad vertical. The logo disappears and the menu pad is just not at its place. http://postimg.org/image/68lh45d1v/


You can check my other themes and you can see that if a bug it’s found I release an update. Also, you can see that I’ve give suport for my themes.

I’ve uploaded the update. In a few hours should be accepted.

Many thanks,


Hi, pre-buy question and comment.

I love your theme because it wouldn’t “scale down” the slider’s size which is hard to get from other responsive theme, good work! (I also like your menu in mobile device, very clever!)

I just notice that when I open another page which has no slider, the slider’s photo blinked up for a while, then disappear. Please feel free to take a look on my screenshot (https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zj24jbxd1sn9iar/C4lGwEmGMq), it happened with smartphone and tablet, both Android and iOS.

I will wait for the patch before decide to buy your theme. But I think you’re walking on the right way. So please comment this back when you fix these problem.

Can you update the documentation also, please? Lots of stuff isn’t valid anymore with the released version.


Thanks for letting me know. I’ve made some changes in this update, too. I will search on support messages and I will try to improve the documentation.


Can you put a list of updates on the sales page, please? Would be really helpful to now what’s been updated and when. Thanks.

Hi !

Great theme by the way !

I know that it does not say anywhere that the theme is translation ready but I gave it a try anyway by using a copy of the default.mo and .po files that I renamed fr_FR (for french) and used Poedit to translate. My goal is to get a french contact form but all that it is using from my translations is the “Envoyer” for the “Submit” button.

Am I using the right approach or is it just not doable right now ?



Can you give me, in private, ftp details to check?

Yes, just give me an email address to send it to.




Some pre-sales questions for you….the theme looks tight…the shortcodes look good….

1) Child theme friendly? 2) Is it easy to change the overall theme color? Do you have an admin box for like 3 core colors? 3) On your sampled blog posts…there is a colored square with a pencil icon…..Does the theme allow us to assign an icon to different types of category posts?

Great job!


1. Child theme it’s included in the theme package. 2. It’s available only the main color. However, you can change from admin link, text colors and background colors… I will consider to add more colors skins into the future if there are many requests from customers. 3. Not by default, sorry.



I went through the documentation but couldn’t find any option to change the height of the main slideshow – the one on which it states Welcome to Underground. How can I change the main slideshow height? I would like to have that option in case I want to use images with lesser height.


I’m using 1200×600px. I’ve checked in Firefox, Chrome and IE and I don’t see any difference if I don’t have a extra toolbar activated.

For example, if I have a toolbar activated in Firefox, , the space between “Discover more” and the screen bottom is smaller but the at the top of the image it’s the same.

Regards, Whoathemes

Ok, I’ll try to use the same dimensions. Can you also let me know why the shortcode for image is not working.

Thank you for the support provided.

I’ve noticed the issue it’s only when you generate the shortcode in Text, in Visual it’s ok.

The shortcode should look like this:

[image title="Image title" align="left"] image src [/image]


[image title="Image title" align="left"] 
image src