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Just to say hello ! Keep up :)

Hey thanks man, you too :)

Thank you for this new update mon ami!

You are absolutely welcome mon ami :)

I think I’m getting it. Disregard the last comment

Glad to hear that.

Please let me know if you need more help.

Thanks again :) I’ll buy another copy of your theme this week.

You are welcome and thank you very much :)

If you are interested, I recommend taking a look at our newer theme:

It’s done in collaboration with and has the same high quality support plus new features and a better design.

If you have more questions about the new theme send me a direct private message.

Hi, I intend to create a wordpress site with the layout similar to Can I check if your template can be customized easily for this, and if you would be able to assist me with this?


If you are looking for a more customizable theme done by our theme, I would recommend checking out Cosmix theme: You can get it here:

This new theme is created in collaboration with

For more info on this theme contact us directly from our profile page.

Thank you for this new update mon ami!

Sure thing man :)


kasperh Purchased

Just bought the theme today, and i love it so far, but when i try to register the theme and the plugins with my Username, Purchase code and Api, it says that my Purchase code is invalid!

I can’t log in your forum support without a correct purchase code, so i’m writing you here. Please contact me so we can find a solution, i can’t do much with a non activated theme.

I have bought many items here on themeforest, so i know where to find the right purchase code, but im this case, it doesn’t work correct.

Please dont hesitate to contact me since i have a webshop that should be live in 15 days!


The purchase code you get after purchasing a theme is used only for activating the theme in Envato WordPress toolkit to get automatic updates, verifying your purchase and therefore being able to register on the forum.

You can not use this code for activating plugins like Visual Composer etc. that ships with the theme for free. Just ignore the plugin messages regarding their activation, I will provide you with new version whenever they are released and once I make sure the new version is fully compatible with the theme.

If you wish to get an activation code for the plugins, you should purchase your own separate license, since the Envato policy does not allow theme authors to share the 1time plugin purchase keys.

I am sorry if this causes you any inconveniences, but this is the Envato company’s policy.


kasperh Purchased

I can’t find the place to change the footer text ‘Proudly powered by WordPress | Theme: Une Boutique by’

I have looked in the theme options and widgets, but can’t seem to find it anywhere. Do i really have to change in the source code?


Just add a text widget with your own copyright text, or any other widget to the Colophon widget position, and it will simply replace the default copyright text.

To completely hide it, add an empty text widget

Hey there. I cannot access the support website and I will write my problem here. I don’t find where to translate the Product Tabs (more information, product specification…) and the Popup Cart buttons (view cart, or, checkout). Thanks!! Great theme!


1) Solved, I managed to login in the support website.

2) I managed to translate the tabs title too, thanks. But you did not tell me from where to manually translate the Popup Cart buttons (“view cart”, “or”, “checkout”). Thanks!

Sorry for the late answer.

2) you can find the strings under THEME-ROOT/woocommerce/cart/mini-cart.php

After changing those values, just empty your cart and add new products to your cart to see the changes.

Thank you!! Have a nice day!

Hi, We are looking for a Bottom Fixed Menu that uses a widgitized Mega Menu? Does the Une Boutique have this header configuration? If not can you be contracted to make these customizations? Thanks