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Can you please go to globetrekkerchallenge.com and let me know why this page slows scrolling down to a halt after clicking on buttons or links.

My observations: 1) This only happens in a Firefox internet browser (I’m using version 33.0) 2) This issue occurs even with the newly improved theme. (where you replaced/removed waypoint.js) 3) Optimized page and tested with W3TC and WP Super Cache one at a time. The issue is still clearly seen with or without optimization.


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Hi, I just found out that search icon is missing in header V2, and no any setting for search icon in Theme Option. Where can I enable the search icon?




Please go to Appearance -> Widgets

Then just drag the search widget you want (shop, default or forum) and drop it into the search position.

The custom blog grid doesn’t seem to be working.


If possible please use the private message form and send us an access to your admin panel so that I can check it for you.

I apologize for the poor instructions and my weak english. Please bare with me and I will guide you through step by step.


What private message form?



There is a private message form in every authors profile page on themeforest


Nice theme!

Presale question : Can we use any shortcode(Full width parallax etc ) in Product Desc. Tab in woocommerce product page.?

Can we extend the woocommerce product page as here: http://blaszok.mpcthemes.com/default/product/sexy-black-shorts/

Thank you very much :)

I am glad you like Une Boutique


I tried registering for your support Forum but didn’t get any password!?(Edited : Received the password) I am having problem with these: 1. I install all demo content wrt documentation but at the end Custom shop 1 page is missing product grid. 2. I couldn’t find that header in which logo is in center?



You have successfully registered on our forum, I just checked it.

1) You need to import the ess grids and the slide shows if you want. They have separate files because they belong to their own plugins. You can find all the relevant plugin import files in the essential imports folder in the files you download from TF along with the theme.

2) It’s header version 1, but you need a widget on left header and one on the right header widget position to force the logo to be centered. It could also be centered via custom css, we can help you with that.

Just post a topic on the forum and we’ll help you as soon as we can.

They are Fast, Professionnal and really kind, I highly recommand. Thank you


You are absolutely welcome :)

Please also consider rating Une Boutique theme from your download page.

where do you get edit or get rid of the Footer Credits?



Just add your own widget to the Colophon left widget position.

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I attempted to import the demo content most of it failed, any suggestions?


The timeout time on your server is too low, either ask the support crew of your host to increase the timeout for you, or you can keep importing (repeat it again after each failure) until all the images and then pages are imported into your wordpress installation.

This is a big demo with lots of images, so it takes between 5 to 12 minutes to import all the images and other files.

i am trying to replace the products from the demo content but when i go to content products don’t show up do you have any idea whats going on?


Make sure the product you add is published.


thats not what i am talking about there are a lot of products published, please look at the screen shot


Ok, have you upgraded from an older version of Une Boutique theme to it’s recent version? which version of Une Boutique, wordpress and WooCommerce are you using?

Thank you for this new update :D ! So tell me more about language modification… to po file?


You are most welcome.

It was a typo error fixed, the toolabar right and roolbar left were spelled wrong, tooba(t right and toolba(t) left, I just fixed them. If you have already translated them you should not worry about them, just make sure your translation is still there and matching the new strings.

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On the homepage the content seems to go left… Is there a side bar on the front page template that I am just not seeing in Widgets?


There was no sidebars there, turns out the 4 columns product categories grid was not fitting the page, so I have added line of code to your theme options panel’s custom CSS field to make them fit alternatively you could set the number of columns to 3 columns.

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5 stars for great support and help! thanks!


You are most welcome.

And thank you for the rating. Really appreciate it :)

Hello. Is this theme compatible with the Plugin below?


Thank you!



I have never tested the theme with that plugin.

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Hello! Nice to meet you here :)

I have a problem with uploading images with this theme… I can´t upload images and either open media files (remain loading… but nothing appears)

I think is the same problem than this one I found over here:

” Hi,

I can’t add images from the admin.

I am using the last version of Wordpress and theme.

“An error occurred in the upload. Please try again later.”

How can I fix it ? “

I got that “warnings” in “php_errors.log”

PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /usr/home/veronicasastre.com/web/wp-content/themes/Une-Boutique/functions.php on line 546

[24-Nov-2014 13:25:42 UTC] PHP Warning: array_merge(): Argument #2 is not an array in /usr/home/veronicasastre.com/web/wp-content/themes/Une-Boutique/functions.php on line 550

[24-Nov-2014 13:25:42 UTC] PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /usr/home/veronicasastre.com/web/wp-includes/media-template.php on line 680

[24-Nov-2014 13:25:42 UTC] PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /usr/home/veronicasastre.com/web/wp-includes/media-template.php on line 904

[24-Nov-2014 14:27:55 UTC] PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /usr/home/veronicasastre.com/web/wp-includes/media.php on line 2694

Can you help please?


Hi :)

Thanks for bringing this my attention. May I ask you to move this conversation to the theme’s dedicated forum so that other users could benefit from it? http://capital-themes.net/forums/forum/une-boutique-theme-support/

It’s optional and we can continue discussing it here.

If you decide to talk about it here anyhow, try this. Open functions.php and delete all the codes from line 502 right up to 552 (that is 50 lines of code)

Refresh your browser and then try again to upload an image using the media manager and see if you can do it or not. If not check your php_errors.log to see if another error occurs or not.

beontop Purchased

Ok CapitalH! I wrote already in the forum you told me.

But I did the changes and properlys works ;) ... I hope theme works fine from now! Don´t wanna disturb u again hehehe

many thanks for you FAST answer!


Thank you very much, you feedback is certainly helpful for me to make the theme better.

Please let me know if you still need my help :)

Thank you H for this new update! Keep up your great job.. and keep your nice professional attitude!


You are 100% absolutely welcome, and thank you for the rating and the kind review words :)


You deserve it :D

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Hi Support,

Une boutique is a great theme and we’re almost finished making a site with it but have a couple of issues with the mobile theme.

On some pages logo is on top of the menu icon so you can’t navigate and generally it’s not in the same place on each page type. Compare these (on mobile) and you’ll see what I mean:

https://www.yoake.lu/contact/ http://www.yoake.lu/about/ http://www.yoake.lu/news/

Can you help me to fix that?

Also I uploaded the retina logo but if doesn’t appear on mobile. If you scroll up and down the blog or about page you’ll see it disappears. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

Thanks so much for your help!



Please set the default menu to Corporate Header Style and all the menus would start to look the same. (the transparent menu is using corporate header style). After we make all the menus the same it’s easier to trigger the issue. (let me know when it’s set)

Also I checked and you do not have the retina logo http://www.yoake.lu/spafiles/uploads/2014/08/YK@2x.png

It should be named YK@2x.png

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Hello. Thank you for your great theme.

I have a problem today.

I have completed update version for 2.5.2, but in WP dashboard, it still show 2.5.1..


Resubmitting them right now. Will be available in a couple of hours.

nagadju Purchased

Thank you for your action!



2.5.2 is now released and you can now upgrade. Remember always that safety is sexy ;) so please make sure to make a backe before each theme update

Hey! :D



Perhaps I should work on my Turkish these days having a hard time in the magical town of Istanbul ;)


Hoo vilain garçon! Take a look at Gulcin : http://tr.wikipedia.org/wiki/G%C3%BCl%C3%A7in_Erg%C3%BCl


YAY! ;)

Hi guys! I’m here again with a question. Fist to all, thank you for your previous support!

I’m having an issue with my https…

Some content was blocked on the browser. Look this message: This page includes script from unauthenticated sources.

Using the developer tools from Google Chrome I found the error:

Using the Mixed Content: The page at ‘https://mysite.com/' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure stylesheet ‘http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans:400,800,300,700'. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS.

How can I eliminate this ‘http’ or force it to change to https from the theme?

Thank you for your help!


Hi there and welcome back :)

All the fonts called via our theme are being called over https when the site is on https.

This is coming from a plugin and since it’s Open Sans I suspect Rev Slider is calling it (it does that by default) TO make sure, deactivate the plugin, if resolved find for which slide/s the font is being called, then either change it to https or remove it completely.

If it wasn’t caused by Rev Slider, deactivate the rest of the plugins one by one to see which one is causing the issue.


Thank you for your reply! You are right, it’s an issue from the Rev Slider plugin!

I have only one slide on my site (I just modified your demo!) and I can’t find where to change it to https. I tried deleting the Open Sans font on the Punch Fonts but it’s not working… I’m using the version 4.6.3 that comes with your theme.

Can you help me with one step to step? Please!!