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PreSale Question
1) The hybrid landing page, can I still have a main menu along the top?
2) How easy are shortcodes manipulated?
3) Can we customize the forum login? The look of it.
4) Do we have social icon for Linked In?

Looking forward to talking with you.



1) Yes you can, the demo has a main menu right now http://uneboutique.capital-themes.net/creative-home-page-1/ You can choose to have it as a transparent or regular menu

2) It depends on what you mean by manipulation. Many of the shortcodes come with the Visual Composer and it’s ultimate addons plugin. If you mean customizing the styles, well you can simply use CSS to do so, if you mean changing the php codes of the shortcodes, well demands a little bit of php and html coding skills

3) Yes you can use custom CSS to customize any part of the theme, we can help you with that to some extent.


Thanks for the quick response :)

4) Can you add in linked in within the top where the social icons are? ie http://themeforest.net/item/une-boutique-ultimate-ecommerce-corporate-theme/full_screen_preview/6647456. All of the inside pages would have that top navigation

5) Can I take out the my account and wish list?

Please advise,


4) Yes, I just added linkedIn for you, check the demo theme. Here is a list of all the social icons you can add via this shortcode: http://docs.capital-themes.net/knowledgebase/social-icons-shortcode/

5) These are just widgets, added to the toolbar right widget position, yes you can remove the widgets. If you don’t want wishlist at all, just do not install it’s plugin :)


Thanks so much for your help! Great quick responses.

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Additional question before sale, we have a variety of projects (reports) that we have that I would like to have on the back end collected. I would like to be able to connect to it and just see a list of my reports. I would inturn want to be able to add these to a variety of pages that I am building. Do you have a shortcode to achieve this OR would you suggest a plug in?

For example (rough images)
1) To show how I want my projects to show on side bar: http://screencast.com/t/x26cfYdT (image from somewhere online) 2) To add in projects using ids ANYWHERE on the site: http://screencast.com/t/ARE5yeL0 this is using your FAQ page. It could be our About, or staff page.

Please advise, SPC


Hello SPC

To display custom items in a grid format I have included this plugin with the theme: http://themepunch.com/essential/

You can create any type of grids, for any type of posts, including the plugin’s built-in custom post type or maybe even a post type named projects created by a custom post type creator plugin.


Thats GREAT!!! so that would be this page on your demo site http://themeforest.net/item/une-boutique-ultimate-ecommerce-corporate-theme/full_screen_preview/6647456 and I can categories it using categories from the post section?

Take this page as your example http://uneboutique.capital-themes.net/ecommerce-home-new-2/

The recent products, and the recents posts are created with ess grid plugins.

Also these pages are created with the same method: http://uneboutique.capital-themes.net/custom-shop-1/ http://uneboutique.capital-themes.net/custom-blog-grid-1/

And yes you can filter the posts using categories, tags, meta infos, taxonomies etc. The possibilities are almost unlimited.


That is amazing!! Thank you very much!! I will be putting this pass my team and I will have someone on the team purchase that.

Thanks again!


Glad you liked it.

Une Boutique theme features 120$ worth premium plugins.

-Visual Composer

-Revolution Slier

-Master Slider

-Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer

-Essential Grids

-iLightbox jQuery plugin