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@anthonyberry: a dark and light color scheme are provided. On top of that each section can be assigned its own color via a simple class. Have a look the source if you want, more particularly in the CSS file there is a section called “content color schemes” with the following classes provided: green, yellow, orange, red, purple. You can easily add your own. Hope that helps.

Thanks for the quick response.

Also, is it possible to build in a sort of sub nav? Ie Under services, i would have 3 sub-pages for services? Is this possible?

Building a subnavigation should be possible. However, you will need some CSS and jQuery skills to pull it off.

Great design and GeertDD is VERY quick to respond to inquiries. Keep up the great work.

can i use this site for my client .? and can i write design and develop by my company name ? plz clear me. i wan to buy this site template

This should be a Wordpress theme. Let me know when it is, mate! :-)

Nice design! very clean

unagi Purchased
I LOVE THIS ! My only problem is the contact form. Is there anything else that needs to be modified for the contact form to work besides the email? When I click send message on the contact form-the button just changes to sending message and thats it. The page does not load or anything.

What am I doing wrong and what can I do to fix it

Same problem here. I’ve changed the email adress, like you said. Nonetheless, it still stops at “sending message” (which is, by the way, invisible with the dark theme…). And the email is really sent. But the page supposed to appear after does not appear… Any idea, boss ?


Hi unagi, sorry to hear about your problems. I just tried again in the live demo, no problems there? Which browser are you using? A simple thank you message should appear after sending (not really a whole new page). The “sending message” status text appears as the text on the submit button which is also disabled after clicking. I guess some browser make it very gray when disabling. In that case you maybe could delete .attr('disabled', 'disabled') in the jQuery script.

Please contact me via email for any further specific support, if needed. Thanks!

I would like to buy this template but before i would like to know if its easy to add some thinks. 1. if it easy to add more buttons and pages? 2. i want to be able to have something slide or extra menu in when you choose projects to give you the option to choose which projects to look at and photo viewer.? 3. if it easy to add more buttons and pages can i put and one page for 5 videos? 4. can i put a photo slider at background. 5. and last i want to ask you if it easy to change languages and not colors the same way you change color

I love the template and i want to know before i buy it if you can do those changes (and how much does they cost)?


I answered your email. Thank you.

When you click the last link “Contact”, it completely hides the first one “Welcome” even when you scroll up in the browser window.

I’m using Firefox 3.6.3


That’s not the case here… Either way, you can easily define the amount of navbars you want to keep visible by changing the padding-top of the body via CSS .

great very cool

For those of you having problems with the contact form, try this.

Error messages for ajax were not sending working becuase json_encode function in mail.php requires php 5. Check your php on your server and if it’s older then you can use the following sript to replace the following line of code: “ echo json_encode($errors); “


$x = 1;
foreach($errors as $key => $value){
if ($x == 1){
$msg = ''.$key.'
$msg .= ','.$key.'
echo '{'.$msg.'}';
echo 'null';


There’s a strange behavior of the accordion in IE8 which shows the headers of following chapters within the current chapter.

Will there be a solution to fix this.


I’m sorry but I’m unable to test in IE8 . Did you find a solution already? Could you provide a screenshot of the problem?

Is this site localizable?


Sure. All the HTML and other source codes are freely editable.

I keep receiving error Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Please help – :) I’d love to get this working


This is not a WordPress theme …