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Hello before I purchase will this theme work in WordPress 4.0.1? Thanks.

Hi, yes it work on v4 too. good luck


MinnaHE Purchased

I have two issues:

  1. The Stunning title shortcode Works with default settings for short titles. Longer titles transcends the submit button, and hereby mess up the design. Somewhat shorter titles Work ok on large-screen PCs. Also on 10” Android tablets in portrait mode where the button jumps below the text. But in landscape mode, the text transcends the button and messes up the design.
  2. The widget area too gets messed up in 10” Android tablets if, say, some address information in the first widget column is “longer” than the “menu” column. As if some formatting is based on a wrong column length criteria.

This looks like a “responsive” issue, but I have a hard time locating it. Do you have any idea of what is going on, and how to remedy it?

hi, if you can please send me screenshot. but for stunning you need use text that seems good

Hi, There is something strange happening about the footer area. f.e. look here: There is only one widget area showing. But there are widgets added to 3 areas. In admin panel in section Elements > Footer Widget the Footer status is OFF, and there is marked the four columns style. Each time i change the status to ON, and style to 3 columns after clicking UPDATE i get “Safe Options completed” but if i refresh the option panel it’s back OFF and four columns. But it used to be everything correctly! On the specific page edition options If i switch the “Page footer widgets status” on or OFF it works, i mean, the whole Footer area is showed or is hided. But as i wrote earlier- it shows/hides only one widget area, instead of three.

it was ok, and i have just noticed that

I disabled for a moment all the plugins nothing changed….

hi, for test you need remove them

Hi, the pagination on front page don’t work. I deactivated all plugins, but it still show the last articles on page 2, 3, 4, ... The pagination only work on tag and archive pages. What shall i do?

for test plugin conflict, needs remove them.

When I updated my site with the new theme the code for: Service 1

it worked but the image is not appearing anymore. thoughts?

please consider from version 2 you need use image ID instead image url any where on site. are you consider it.


MinnaHE Purchased

Hi :-) The Client bar is in two versions. A static one and a slider one. But would it be possible to make a “slider” with a button (arrow), so that when I push the arrow, it slides one at a time? Kind regards

Hi, this is very easy and you can do this by jquery by yourself. I do not plan to work on this theme now.

good luck


MinnaHE Purchased

Thanks :-) I know what to write, but I dont know where to put the code. Can you please tell me where I shall write the jquery command? Kind regards Minna

Hi, in js/jquery.custom.js


niclas Purchased


I noticed that in your answer above to MinnaHE you said that ”...I do not plan to work on this theme now…”

So there will be no more updates of the theme?

Hi, for what you ask this question? please consider support and updates is optional in themeforest but I try to do it when really needs.


niclas Purchased

Why I ask? Yes I do understand that support and updates are optional but as a customer it is nice to know when an author stop supporting its customers. The whole idea of themeforest is to have people that knows how to make a theme (like you) make them so that people that don’t know (like me) how to make the theme can buy that theme. Then it is very important that the theme maker is supporting its theme and customers, otherwise the customer needs to buy from a theme maker that values its customers and keep on developing the themes they sold. Thank you for making it clear how you see it.

Good luck and have nice time

Hello PersianArt,
i am trying to change the look of the Testimonals. forexample when viewing your test page at
my client would like to use the listed Version with out the slider. what would you sudgest would be the best way to accomplish that?

the client’s testimonal page is site is
thank you so much for your time and help.

Hi, only needs put “Display Carousel” on disable when use visual shortcode or add showcarousel=”off” in the shortcode. then you can see them listed.

good luck

Awesome!. Thank you so very much.


nvms Purchased

Hi, how do I add Instagram icon/link in the social media icons section in header? Is that possible?

Hi, if you have php,html knowledge then you can do it, otherwise it is not possible.

Hi! Great theme! Only one problem. Recentrly, I try to make changes in the persianArt Panel, but but doesnt apply the changes, what could be happening? I deactivate all te plugins but still happen. Thanks! (Ive got 2.0.2 version)

Hi Sorry, still doesnt work!

please send me your url and username and password from my profile page form, I will check it

Hi! did you receive my email? Thanks!

This theme works on WP 4.1.2?

Hi, yes, are you had founnd problem on 4.1.2?

hey, updated to the latest version, and now it wont show images used in shorcodes, even if the url etc is correct, i can view the image by entering the url, so i know its the correct path. but wordpress just generates an empty img src tag, so images is not displayed… i am using the latest version of both wordpress and the theme…

suggestions on how to fix this issue…?

Hi, use image id instead url

that works, thanks :)

Another question, on the contact page… how do i get the correct google maps url…? seems like they hva changed their api / url structure…

Hi, you need src of embed map url (iframe)

good luck


How can I have a static image instead of slider on some pages?


yes open header.php and move desired codes

Thank you. Can you tell me the the lines I need to move, and to where?

Thank again.

I comment every section, please see again for examlpe

<?php // get breadcrumb
                        if (is_page() || (class_exists('Woocommerce') && is_woocommerce())) {
                            $pagebreadcrumbonoff = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'pagebreadcrumbonoff', true);
                            if (class_exists('Woocommerce') && is_woocommerce()) {
                                $pagebreadcrumbonoff = get_post_meta(woocommerce_get_page_id('shop'), 'pagebreadcrumbonoff', true);
                        if (get_option('mytheme_breadcrumbonoff')=='true') { if (empty($pagebreadcrumbonoff) || ($pagebreadcrumbonoff!='false')) { ?>

                        <!-- Breadcrumb
                        ================================================== -->
                        <div id="breadcrumb-wrapper">
                            <div id="breadcrumb" class="container_12">
                            <?php if (class_exists('Woocommerce')) do_action( 'my_woocommerce_breadcrumb'); elseif (function_exists('dimox_breadcrumbs')) dimox_breadcrumbs(); ?>
                        <?php } } ?>

i have installed your theme but the short-codes don’t work it seem they haven’t installed with the theme or the plugin is missing? the error i get is Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ’/www/sites/2de/717/www.domainname/web/*/themes/unique/includes/shortcode/shortcodes.class.php/wp-load.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear’) in /www/sites/2de/717/www.domainname/web/*/themes/unique/includes/shortcode/shortcodes.class.php on line 9

yes send me from my profile page form

i have emailed you the details thank you

Dear Persian Art, I would like to eliminate the date in the Post / Article as for example in As we use the blog as a plattform for upcoming lectures in the futere, we urgenttly have to get rid of the date from the post. Can you please help us? Is it to change in single.php ? But where and how? Thank you for your answer.


in the single.php line 368-375
<div class="date-wrapper">
    <div class="date-wrap">
        <span><?php the_time('j'); ?></span>
        <span><?php the_time('M'); ?></span>
        <span><?php the_time('Y'); ?></span>
    <span class="triangle" />

Boggit Purchased

Hi there,

The images for both (single) post pages and portfolio pages don’t load…although the main blog page displays them…see here:

Can you help?

Best wishes Boggit

Hi, recently you change anythings? please send for me username and password from my profile page form to check it.